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    Help 4 HD with Dr. Robert Pacifici, CHDI Foundation

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    PRE-RECORDED... December 2010, hosted by BJ Viau
    Robert Pacifici was the Site Director and Chief Scientific Officer at the Research Triangle Park Laboratories of Eli Lilly and Company. There he oversaw the company's global screening and quantitative-biology efforts. Prior to joining Lilly, Robert was Vice President of Discovery Technologies at Xencor, a pri­vately held biotechnology company that applied rational design principles to the development of protein therapeutics. At Amgen for nearly ten years, Pacifici’s responsibilities increased. He led their automation, high throughput screening, and information technologies groups. In addition, he was instrumental in forging Amgen's relationships with Caliper Technologies and The Automation Partnership as well as the acquisition of Kinetix Pharmaceuticals. Robert received a BS in Biochemistry from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Southern California. He holds an adjunct appointment at the University of Southern California's Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology. He is also Chair of the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Project's Scientific Steering Committee, which is part of the National Institute on Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). He currently sits on several additional external boards and advisory com­mittees, including the Cooperative International Neuromuscular Research Group, SMA Foundation, and TREAT ALS Steering Committee. He joined CHDI in 2004.

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    The HD View Ask Dr. Goodman Show

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    Tuesday, December 2, 2014 - 3:30 pm PST/6:30 pm EST

    Tonight we will be discussing Dr. Goodman's latest article "2014: A Yin-Yang year for HD".

    She writes: "Particularly during this past year, living with Huntington's disease (HD) has been full of its ups and downs. First there was the hope in ongoing clinical trials of both coenzyme-Q-10 and creatine. Then there was sadness and fear that came with their failures.  And now hope is springing again for new drugs coming to clinical trials now that will take a few years to complete.  No doubt this Yin-Yang cycle will continue for HD, just as it does for other diseases."

    "However, there may be reason to believe in the chance of greater success this next time around."

    Read her article: www.HDDrugworks.org
    Tune in at 3:30 pm PST/6:30 pm EST

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    HELP 4 HD Special Guest Dr. Robert Pacifici from CHDI Foundation; hosted by BJ Viau

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    Dr. Robert Pacifici, Chief Scientific Officer from CHDI Foundation will be our special guest on the show. Dr. Pacifici will talk to us about who is CHDI, what their goals are as a foundation, the future outlook in HD research and how HD families can help them achieve their goals.

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    The HD View with Dr. Kenneth P. Serbin

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    Our incredible special gues this afternoon is Kenneth P. Serbin, Ph.D., professor and chair in the USD College of Arts and Sciences,Department of History, served as vice president, president, and immediate past president of the Brazilian Studies Association (2004-2010).  He also was the co-chair of the Brazil Section of the Latin American Studies Association from 2003-2006.

    Kenneth Serbin’s mother died of Huntington’s disease in 2006 after a 20-year battle against the disease. Serbin tested positive for HD in 1999. His daughter Bianca tested negative for HD in the womb and is today a healthy 13-year-old eighth grader. Since 1998, Serbin has served as a volunteer advocate for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA). Adopting the pseudonym “Gene Veritas,” in January 2005 he started the blog “At Risk for Huntington’s Disease” (www.curehd.blogspot.com), where he has posted more than 160 articles. Starting in 2007, he initiated the effort in California to obtain funding for HD research from the state’s world-leading stem cell institute. In 2011, Serbin went public about his gene-positive status by keynoting the 6th annual HD Therapeutics Conference of the CHDI Foundation, Inc. That year he was also named the HDSA Person of the Year. Serbin lives with his wife Regina and Bianca in San Diego. He teaches history at the University of San Diego.

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    The HD View ~ Ask Dr. Goodman Show

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    Tuesday... new show time!
    Dr. Goodman will be with us tonight to talk about CHDI foundation and their role as the "collaborative enabler" with financial clout in drug development for Huntington's disease.
    Tune in for a very informative show.

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    The HD View ~ Ask Dr. Goodman

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    MONDAY, JULY 2 , 2012
    Dr. LaVonne Goodman will be here this week to talk about her new article "Enroll-HD and the Cystic Fibrosis Model for Quality Care".
    Read more... www.HDDugWorks.org

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    HELP 4 HD ~ What is Enroll-HD with Joe Giuliano

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    Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - Our incredible special guest is Joe Giuliano, Director of Clinical Operations at CHDI Foundation, Inc. He received his degrees in Chemistry and Nursing at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC and trained in the Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma methodologies. He applies these skills to develop more efficient clinical trial management processes. He joined CHDI in 2008.
    Joe has 12 years of experience in academic and pharmaceutical research and development. This experience included working with Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and covered a broad range of therapeutic areas including CNS and imaging diagnostics.
    At GE Healthcare, Joe was the Head of Clinical Project Management globally and where he led the Clinical Operations Team in North America. While at GE Healthcare, he successfully led a team that recruited and set up a global PET Investigator Network and was instrumental in formulating strategy for the development of the next generation of PET/SPECT imaging ligands for CNS and oncology.
    Visit CHDI Foundation, Inc: www.chdifoundation.org 
    Visit COHORT: www.huntington-study-group.org 
    Email Joe at: Joseph.Giuliano@CHDIFoundation.org

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