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    Author of Haters And Chasers, Kimberly Bibbs, Is my guest on Monday 08/18

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    This is a updated interview from last Friday night's  interview.  Join me tonight and chat with Kimberly,


    Kimberly Bibbs was born in Houston, TX and is the oldest of five children. As a child she was always drawn to anything that had to do with the arts: writing, music, paintings, and reading. She tried her hand at drawing, played clarinet in Junior High School, and often went to museums just to look at paintings. But it was a pencil and Big Chief tablet that won her over. She spent countless hours writing stories and plays while coercing her brothers, sisters, and neighborhood children to become actors. In addition to writing, she loves reading books, journals, and even the dictionary. She continued writing short stories all through high school. Instead of going the traditional route of looking for a publisher, her entrepreneurial spirit lead her to self-publish her first book, Haters and Chasers. This gave her a chance to start her own publishing company, Dree Publishing where she learned the ins and outs of publishing. Kimberly felt a great sense of accomplishment putting out her first book through her own publishing company and looks forward to helping others do the same. She writes to take people into another world because that’s how she feels when she is reading other people’s works. She believes a books should be able to take you somewhere. Kimberly is currently working on, Haters and Chasers, Men Do It Too, and Haters and Chasers in Training due to be released soon. Other inspirational titles and seminars in the works are, Street Women: On the Road to Happiness, and Street Women: On the Road to Success. Haters and Chasers can be purchased on www.Amazon.com or from Kimberly Bibbs by contacting her on her website www.kimberlybibbs.com. Please follow her Facebook page Dree Publishing. 

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    New Music and More!!

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    I want to thank all our faithful listeners for sticking by us all these years. We are a very busy group of musicians who, from time to time, collect all the news we can and air it. So here we are, tune in now or later, and if you want your information on our station, please get it to us asap at DreamChasersRadio@gmail.com subject line new music and news. 

    Thank you


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    Shadow Radio Days Debunking Paranormal Evidence

    in Paranormal

    Join Hosts Justin Gerald and special co-host John Bright on Shadow Radio Days as they talk about paranormal evidence. We will be talking about proper procedures in capturing unexplained evidence, and how differently this captured evidence can be viewed. We will have the Chatroom open and will be taking questions from there.  Also if you have a story, comments, questions call in and talk on the air.  The call in number is 646-716-6207

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    Michael A.V. Mitchell/Vocalist/Inspirational Artist

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    Every once in a while a formidable and extraordinary talent impacts the gospel music industry who leaves an indelible impression.  A. V. Mitchell, a compelling national recording artist, is one of those rapidly expanding artist who has done just that!  What a supersized talent the Lord has given to the industry!  His gifts and talents continue to revolutionize the gospel music.  Moreover, he has provided inevitable proof of his great talents and an even greater future especially on his current project “Dream Chasers”which features the incredible single “Breaking The Limits.” Mitchell is a native of St. Francisville, Louisiana (a town situated near Baton Rouge, Louisiana).  He was born with a keen melodic intrinsic distinctive steeped in the fertile roots of the church.  During the course ofhis developmental years he wrote poetry, yet, he did not seriouslycontemplate converting his poetry to music.  Alternatively, during hisearly twenties he decidedly converted his poetry to music.  God’s favor rested upon him in phenomenal measure during this season of his life. That was then! One will readily note, Mitchell’s vast reservoir of musical uniquenesscreates a compelling personalized harmonic blend. This influentialnational gospel artist and sensational musical virtuoso demonstrates these incredible qualities on his current authentic masterpiece “Dream Chasers.” He encountered the eerie and real world experiences in the tough terrain of the urban jungle in the state of Louisiana. 

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    Endtime Mantles Are "Dominion Chasers" Pt 3

    in Spirituality

    Join the End-Time Mantles Released Roundtable Discussion Pt 3 on Friday, November 1st, 2013 @ 10:30pm EST, 9:30pm CST, 7:30pm PST by calling (347) 215-8414.
    Our special guest Troy Gibson Apostle and Senior leader of Voice Of The Spirit Ministries Intl. located in Gilbert, Arizona. With his wife Angela working alongside him in ministry, Troy has been charged with a powerful Kingdom stewardship. His passion is to see people saved, delivered, empowered and transformed to walk the specific path of their purpose in order to complete the greater course of their destiny in a spirit of excellence. In other words, his passion is to see people become "DOMINION CHASERS". Troy is also a marriage counselor, a mentor and a spiritual father. Having the call, the mandate and the anointing of a pioneer on his life, Troy preaches and teaches the gospel of the Kingdom of God with grace, passion, boldness and fire as a strong leader that models the Kingdom by personal example. You don't want to miss this join us by calling (347) 215-8414.  

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    NBA, MLB, NHL, & Indie Music - Powered by 'I Am The F---ing Mob' on Amazon

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    #MusicMonday All Indie Music Playlist - Powered by FootSpot.com

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    Tim Samaras from Storm Chasers

    in Weather

    After our spring hiatus we are back on the air with another beauty! Join the clowns as we meet up with Gentleman chaser Tim Samaras.
    As one of the featured chasers on the Discovery channel show Storm Chasers, Tim gained the reputation for being a great storm chaser and leader within the chasing community.
    Today is also the welcome to Canada episode for the newest member of the Tornado Hunter team. Chris Chittick makes his Canadian debut on the show.
    Tonites hour long program will feature an "Ask us anything" segment...so get ready to hit the skype button.

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             All across the nation, news outlets and content chasers are talking about the South Carolina's shooting of Walter Scott.  A lot of controversial discussion due to the police officer's web cam recording, AND the recording of a bystander who witnessed the ordeal with his cell phone.  The officer in question has been charged with murder and reportedly fired from the force.  The outcome is yet to be determined and this may (JUST MAY NOW) this may determine some changes in the way police forces conduct their conduct.  Yet to be seen.

                 Today is Saturday, April 11th 2015 and it's buzzed that Hilary Clinton will announce her candidacy for PRESIDENT of the United States.  This has been the talk for the past couple of years, but it's rumored that Hilary will make her bid for President official tomorrow.  (SUNDAY APRIL 12 2015)  347-205-9366.  Who ya gonna call

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    CENSORSHIP BY DESIGN Criminalization of Child Evangelism

    in Christianity

    Bible literacy and good news are rare commodities in our postmodern world. Thankfully, light continues to shine, even in darkness. Since 1937, an interdenominational nonprofit organization, Child Evangelism Fellowship, has reached over 15.6 million children worldwide with clear, age appropriate presentation of the Gospel (“Good News”) of Jesus Christ. CEF has supported 62,393 Good News Clubs while helping 609 national missionaries in 93 countries stay in children's ministry through the Sponsor-A-National program. Through CEF, 190 countries have received nearly 12 million pieces of literature. Remarkably changed lives testify to its value, and the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability attests to the ministry’s integrity. Nonetheless, CEF faces opposition, especially from atheists and humanists. Join Debra and her broad spectrum of guests as together they celebrate victories in the lives of children through after school clubs while, at the same time, exposing censorship by design in efforts to criminalize child evangelism.