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    Endtime Mantles Are "Dominion Chasers" Pt 3

    in Spirituality

    Join the End-Time Mantles Released Roundtable Discussion Pt 3 on Friday, November 1st, 2013 @ 10:30pm EST, 9:30pm CST, 7:30pm PST by calling (347) 215-8414.
    Our special guest Troy Gibson Apostle and Senior leader of Voice Of The Spirit Ministries Intl. located in Gilbert, Arizona. With his wife Angela working alongside him in ministry, Troy has been charged with a powerful Kingdom stewardship. His passion is to see people saved, delivered, empowered and transformed to walk the specific path of their purpose in order to complete the greater course of their destiny in a spirit of excellence. In other words, his passion is to see people become "DOMINION CHASERS". Troy is also a marriage counselor, a mentor and a spiritual father. Having the call, the mandate and the anointing of a pioneer on his life, Troy preaches and teaches the gospel of the Kingdom of God with grace, passion, boldness and fire as a strong leader that models the Kingdom by personal example. You don't want to miss this join us by calling (347) 215-8414.  

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    The Demon Chaser

    in Christianity

    Demonic Spirits vs Holy Spirit

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    Tim Samaras from Storm Chasers

    in Weather

    After our spring hiatus we are back on the air with another beauty! Join the clowns as we meet up with Gentleman chaser Tim Samaras.
    As one of the featured chasers on the Discovery channel show Storm Chasers, Tim gained the reputation for being a great storm chaser and leader within the chasing community.
    Today is also the welcome to Canada episode for the newest member of the Tornado Hunter team. Chris Chittick makes his Canadian debut on the show.
    Tonites hour long program will feature an "Ask us anything" segment...so get ready to hit the skype button.

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    The Demon Chaser

    in Christianity

    How to deal with Demonic Spirits in your family today.

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    Diana Kerekes The Take Action Life Coach Talks about Excuses-Self Sabatoge & SOS

    in Social Networking

    Last week I talked about how to set goals.I gave specific guidelines. This week I want to talk about self sabatage and how people have it and don't even know it. They also can have a case of SOS(Shiny Object Syndrome) with it at the same time which makes it almost fatal to their online business success. They roam around aimlessly and wonder why they are failing in the home based business profession and why people don't take them seriously. 

    I see it all the time. They jump from one online business to another  to another like jack rabbits and they don't even have the courage to call you up to let you know they joined the next shiny object.The look like posers and don't even realize it.People look at them and call them wannabes. No one professional will ever take them serious. I am just calling it like I see it. Sad but true.They avoid you because they can't face what they have done. I just shake my head and wish them well.

    What I don't understand is if that new deal was so great why couldn't you look at me or your last sponsor in the eye and tell them that? Was there a problem? On today's show I will be talking about ways to fix that if you are willing to do what it takes an stop making excuses.

    Stay tune for this show it just might be the life support you need to salvage your business career online. 

    You can contact Diana Kerekes The Take Action Life Coach at secondincomeconsultants@gmail.com


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    Shadow Radio Days The FreeMasons

    in Paranormal

    Join hosts Justin and Wendy of Shadow Radio Days with special guest John Bright on the conspiracy theory on the secret society the Freemasons. We will be talking about the many claims that this secret society has plans for "The New World Order"

    What do you know about the Freemasons? questions?, Comments?, Call in number is 646-716-6207

    Chat will also be up and running, and we will take questions and such from there as well.

    Music by Spiderbait and The Pretty Reckless

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    Valentines Day Weekend - Bump it! or Dump it! - Bigga Black

    in Music

    Happy Valentines Day Lovers and Loved ones.. Gift of Gab Records Radio show - Bump it! or Dump it! is a show that caters to the underground, undiscovered artists in the U.S. and abroad. All songs played will be listened to and voted on by the public, giving the artist the opportunity to hear what the world is feeling about their artistry. All submissions should be sent to giftofgabrecords@yahoo.com at least 48 hours prior to the airing of the show. For further info. please contact Bigga @ 2164960242 or email us. We are also available on reverbnation.com/giftofgabrecords. Thanks for the love and support of Indie artistry. And dont forget to Google: Bigga Black... 

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    Tennessee Wraith Chasers- Ghostland Tennessee

    in Paranormal

    Meet the Tennessee Wraith Chasers from the new Animal Planet show called Ghostland Tennessee. Join David Porter and other team members as they talk about filming for television, developing their own experimental devices and other methods and ideas they've had.
    Listen in as they talk about the Devils Toybox built for the show, and then the results they experienced using it. This will be an interview you don't want to miss.
    Tune in live at 7pm Eastern on Thursday May 16th or catch the replay on 95.7 FM Cincinnati Friday May 18th at 8pm Eastern.

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    Women on the Move: Dream Chasers Prototype

    in Youth

    Tonight on 365Girl World Radio the topic is: Women on the move, the dream chasers prototype!

    We want to end Black History month with a bang and pay tribute to all the ladies making history-- past and present! 

    Call to share your fave female dream chaser with us! Listen in to be inspired! 

    Number: 858-769-4947
    Online: www.blogtalkradio.com/365girlworld 

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    Sarah Theri Show "Dream Catchers vs Dream Chasers" w/ Guest Deanne Brodi-Mends

    in Spirituality

    On the Sarah Theri Show: This week the talented Deanne Brodie- Mends will be a special guest with Sarah Theri sharing her original poems and answering calls from the audience. Along with the topic Dream Catchers vs Dream Chasers.

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