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    Red River Radio's No Limits with Barbara M. Hodges

    in Books

    Hello all and happy spring, although it's been a wild one so far for most of the United States.

    My two guests for April are Richard Palinelli and Kait Carson.

    Along with being a mystery author, Richard is an award-wining sportswriter and editor. We will be talking with him about his latest murder mystery, Reservations, set in Gallup, New Mexico.

    Kait Carson says she has led a charmed life.  I know from her bio she has led an interesting one.  I love that she says, and I quote, 'I wrote five novels....honing voice and characterization, learning scene and setting. The books, some masterpieces of head-hopping, live under my bead. I love them all.'

    She will be talking with us about her latest, Hayden Kent mystery, Death by Sunken Treasure.

    Hope you can drop by and join us.

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    Remembering Thomas Jefferson On His Birthday and SCOTUS' Executive Amnesty

    in Politics

    Searching for the truth, no matter where it leads and committed to help getting our country back on track.  Bill Martinez Live airs Monday thru Friday 9-12a (ET).  Welcome to a very independent and powerful three hours of talk radio.  

    This morning we're remembering our history as we celebrate Thomas Jefferson's birthday.  Our favorite historian Bruce Kauffmann shares some little know facts including that the Declaration of Independence changed forever our past understanding of the nature of government.  And that back in 1776 it wasn’t the “We hold these truths to be self evident …” passage that grabbed the attention of the Congress, but the list of complaints Jefferson included against the misbehavior of King George III (and, by extension, the British Parliament).

    David French on the Supreme Court's Executive Amnesty Challenge and James Hirsen on HBO's Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas Hit piece of a movie.  

    Plus should Bill Clinton apologize and the story of KICK KENNEDY: The Charmed Life and Tragic Death of the Favorite Kennedy Daughter.  

    And remember to join us for our after show, "Mucho Más Martinez" 12:15p (ET) at www.facebook.com/martinezlive. We'll summarize the highlights of the show and look for your comments.  

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    in Music

    Barbara Evans' career started when she worked on the set of the CBS soap opera "The Guiding Light" where she met Meg Ryan and Marisa Tomei and was immediately bitten by the Hollywood bug. She took off to Europe and succeeded as a professional runway model. While in Europe, she picked up several languages and toured as a vocalist, hosted talk shows, and appeared as an actress on popular TV networks. However, real opportunity knocked at her door when she was offered a once in a lifetime chance to perform for the great tenor Pavarotti. She moved back to the United States and turned music into a full time passion. Barbara charmed legendary producer Quincy Jones with her signature vocals and has shared the stage with Mariah Carey, Michael Bolton, and the Blues Brothers. Her song list consists of a variety of singing styles and languages, including Jazz, Pop, Disco, Motown. and Top 40, all performed with a select group of talented musicians.




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    How to Live a Charmed Life with guest Tom Evans on Empowered Living Radio

    in Self Help

    Empowered Living Radio host Tori Eldridge invites Tom Evans--author of New Magic for a New Era, temporal alchemist, and mapper of minds--to share secrets for How to Live a Charmed Life. It's going to be an enlightening conversation! http://www.tomevans.co/

    Learn more about author and empowerment specialist Tori Eldridge on her website http://torieldridge.com 

    Music by Jim Kimo West http://jimkimowest.com
    This podcast is trademarked and copyrighted by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC http://authorsontheair.com

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    Interview with Blyss

    in Lifestyle

    This is an interview with Charmed Blyss. It will be used for my interview and project for OPSE.

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    TCT Discuss: Witches In Television!!

    in Spirituality

    Tonight we switch it up! we will be having a discussion base show on the many different Television series that showcase witches or the craft, we will talk about the many shows that influenced us all growing up and even the more modern ones today!

    We hope you join us Live for tonights Discussion: Hosting Is Aluna Odette

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    Small Changes Big Shifts Living a Charmed Life

    in Self Help

    We all know-and envy-women who appear to live "charmed" lives. They seem to unhurriedly and effortlessly manage the whirlwind of their busy lives with grace and poise. Good things happen to them, and their lives are filled with serendipity, joy, and prosperity. But it's not a matter of luck, according to Victoria Moran; a charmed life isn't something that happens to you-it's something you create!
    Joining Dr. Robin is Victoria Moran, author of, Creating a Charmed Life:  Sensible, Spiritual Secrets Every Busy Woman Should Know.

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    Full Moon Esbat Ritual for January 2016

    in Spirituality

    Lady Tara Morgan, High Priestess of The Temple of 13 Moons in Maynard Massachusetts, has recorded this Esbat ritual for all those who could not attend ritual at Charmed, 60 Main Street, Maynard,MA this evening, January 23, 2016 because of the snowstorm.

    Believing in Safety first, Lady Tara cancelled ritual this evening, and decided to record this ritual for all who had planned to worship together, on this night, the first Full Moon of January 2016.

    This special ritual for The January Esbat contains: Ritual purpose, altar tools description, and a the full ritual.

    For a full schedule of all Esbat and Sabbat Rituals for Temple of The 13 Moons, please visit:





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    Cheesehead Radio: Shattered Dreams with ESPNWisconsin's Bill Johnson

    in Football

    It all could have been so beautiful...another Hail Mary, another amazing win, another charmed playoff season on the road....until Larry Fitzgerald single-handedly stole the Packers' mojo and ended their season, leading Packer fans to turn on the nearest available targets to take out their frustration: Aaron Rodgers, Mike McCarthy, Ted Thompson, Eddie Lacy, fellow Packer fans.... But one person is clearly free of any blame for anything: JEFF JANIS. Janis Truthers, you were right.

    Someone else who is always right is the amazing Bill Johnson of ESPN Wisconsin,back to talk all things Packers as we head into an uncertain offseason. Don't miss a minute of this week's Cheesehead Radio!

    Cheesehead Radio is brought to you by PackersTalk, featuring Jersey Al Bracco, CD Angeli, Jayme Snowden, and John Rehor. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, and YouTube.

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    Such An Amateur Fear For Human Kind!

    in Entertainment

    Imagine. This teenager and child are afraid of a simple system. They think they'll be separated? Oh, things couldn't be more complicated. But then a simple human emotion is created in Rick. Oh, boy!

    While the teenager and his sister handle being homeless and orphans, Enrique and Cadence discover they have natural talents. He uses his control over people’s will, living or dead, to their advantage and disadvantage. During their adventures, the couple who helped them, Devon and Anna, deal with their baby’s new talent – an advanced stage of telepathy. It is only a matter of time before The Others find the orphans and capture them. Join me as we learn more secrets of the Nesis World in The Leather Gloves of Death.

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    Live a Charmed & Magical Life- Emotional health & your body

    in Self Help

    Giving you Inspired advice that may change your life, today!  If you are ready to step into your greatness, and Live your Best LIfe, then tune in to Ask intuitive Angela, and call  713-955-0555 to ask your question live.

    During this episode, I will talk about the connection between your emotions and how they may be influencing  your physical health and overall well~being. I will share the knowlege that I have learned over the years studying alternative healing techniques along with my personal healing experiences in understanding health & happiness.  

    Sign up for Angela's free monthly tips to live a charmed life at =--> http://angelalenhardt.com

    Get "A Charmed Journey: An Inspired Guide to Personal Transformation"  endorsed by Dr. Wayne Dyer at -> http://amzn.to/16WdWOu

    Connect with me on Utube--> http://bit.ly/1mTooPF

    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/liveextraordinarynow

    Twitter https://twitter.com/charmtheworld