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    Talking with Charisma

    in Women

    Charisma vision is to unite all in the bond of sincere and lasting friendship and stimulate one another in the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and to promote the moral and social culture to develop plans for guidance and unity. Charimsa want to provide a network of friends and lifelong development for collegiate and alumnae members.

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    3 Struts to More Confidence and Charisma

    in Self Help

    If you'd ask almost any man he'd say confidence is the sexiest thing a woman could "wear." Women too say a man's swag, which is just another word for confidence, is the first thing that attracts them to a man. 

    Confidence, what precisely is it? And why is it critical to your success in work, love, and even health and wellbeing? 

    So, how confident are you? Do you avoid some situations because you lack confidence? Would you like to ramp up your confidence so that you can attract and create more of the stuff you really want? 

    Did you know that there's a confidence crisis among today's women? Yes, that's right. Even some of the most accomplished women secretly doubt their abilities and worth. Thankfully, we can grow our confidence. 

    Patsy J. Cannon, author of Forgiveness is Bliss, Inspirational Speaker, Bliss Coach and Science of Mind Practitioner, joins me on She Struts Radio to have a transparent conversation about confidence.  We'll explore what hurts women's confidence and, more significantly, what we can do to strut our way to greater confidence and charisma. 

    Please join me, your host, DeBora M. Ricks, Thursday, January 29, 2015, 6:30pm ET on She Struts Radio. 


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    Dr. Edward Slingerland: Why the key to charisma and success is not "over-trying"

    in Psychology

    Amy Alkon's Advice Goddess Radio: "Nerd Your Way To A Better Life!" with the best brains in science.

    *"Best Of" replay (Oscars night). On tonight’s show, science gets together with ancient Chinese philosophy and it likes what it finds. 

    Dr. Edward Slingerland, an internationally renowned expert in Chinese philosophy, draws on both cutting-edge science and ancient Chinese strategies to show how our modern Western approach of striving our guts out doesn’t seem to be the way to success or happiness.

    In fact, to give one example from his book, it seems that getting practiced enough in something that it comes naturally is the way to avoid forcing things in the moment -- which is actually counterproductive to succeeding.

    Dr. Slingerland will talk about this, how achieving that sort of effortlessness is the way to personal charisma, and much more on tonight’s show. His book he’ll be discussing is “Trying Not To Try: The Art And Science of Spontaneity.” Join us and see how we can better our work, relationships, and lives -- if we can just get out of our own way.

    Join me and all my fascinating guests every Sunday, 7-8 p.m. PT, 10-11 p.m. Eastern Time, at blogtalkradio.com/amyalkon or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.

    Please order my new book, the science-based and funny "Good Manners For Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck" -- only about $12 at Amazon. Orders help support my writing and the work I do to put out this show and are much appreciated!

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    Charisma, Attraction, Connection

    in Relationships

    World renowned dating coach, Sandy Weiner of Last First Date, interviews Jordan Harbinger about the purpose of a first date: charisma, attraction and connection. Tune in for a great show!

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    The Big Lie! Charisma! Slippery Slope! - The Language of Persuasion - Part 2

    in Youth

    Join the Young Media Critics...voices of the future as they continue to learn the Language of Persuasion, Part 2. Learning the language of persuasion is an important media literacy skill. Once you know how media messages try to persuade you to believe or do something, you’ll be better able to make your own decisions.

    Advertising is the easiest starting point: most ads are relatively simple in structure, easily available, and in their original format. Media literacy beginners are encouraged to learn the language of persuasion by examining ads. Keep in mind that many media messages, such as television commercials, use several techniques simultaneously. Others selectively employ one or two. 

    The Young Media Critics will share the next group of techniques classified as intermediate:   The Big Lie, Charisma, Euphemism, Flattery, Name Calling, Slippery Slope just to name a few.  

    Tune in Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 5 pm. (EST) and catch up on The Language of Persuasion! 


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    Charisma: Cultic, Occultic or Christian?

    in Christianity

    Tackling a controversial subject with grace and truth, Walter Martin take a close, biblical look at the supernatural power of God as revealed in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  What are the gifts of God?  Why do people fight over what the Bible says about them?  Are they even needed today?  A fascinating, balanced view...on Night Watch.

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    A Boost of Confidence - Develop your charisma and own the stage

    in Motivation

    There is a wealth of benefits that come from healthy self-confidence. Self-confidence is a tool that can help you manage your fears, tackle life's challenges with more certainty and maintain a positive mental attitude. Self-confidence is typically based on past experience, and improves as you build up a repertoire of success on which to rely.

    Increased Performance

    Athletes, entrepreneurs, public speakers and actors all realize the importance of self-confidence. Lack of confidence can impede you from achieving your peak performance, while self-confidence can help you overcome obstacles and pursue and use those skills you own to succeed.


    Instructors at Confidence Building Courses report that people with healthy self-confidence are generally happier and more satisfied with their lives than people who lack self-confidence. Confidence can help you to take on the world with more energy and determination, resulting in better relationships, quality work and a feeling of being connected with your surroundings. Self-confident people usually can influence others more easily, as well as control their own emotions and behaviors more responsibly. A positive attitude results from feeling good about yourself and knowing that your place in the world is important and meaningful.

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    Video Charisma: Secrets to Using Video to Get Seen, Get Known & Get Business!

    in Legal

    As a lawyer, you’ve been taught, “the work speaks for itself,” as if clients will just find you in the vast sea of competition. The truth is, you’re running a business and you must find ways to distinguish and market yourself, to let prospective clients know you’re out there, to persuade them to give you a chance.

    One of the most powerful tools you have at your fingertips is video.

    Video builds know, like, and trust faster than just about anything else. And there is more good news: Few businesses – and even fewer lawyers – have exploited this proven medium. They think video isn’t for them, or they dislike the idea of being on-camera, or the technology seems overwhelming, or they think they don’t have the budget.

    Over 20 years ago, “Speech & Media Trainer to the Stars,” Ruth Sherman, M.A., set out to fix that by using skills and training learned as a successful New York City performer to teach business professionals to perform on-stage and on-camera, what Ruth calls Platform and VideoCharisma.

    Ruth is certain about two things: First, everyone has a unique Charisma (presence) and can uncover it, enabling them to eliminate barriers, connect deeply with audiences, and convert them into high-paying customers. Second, most people won't do what it takes, so if you do, you have a default competitive advantage. Instead of boring, you become a magnet.

    Ruth’s clients include top global CEOs, Oscar-winning movie stars and international celebrities.

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    Sensual Charm and Sexual Charisma w/ Spirit Halima

    in Romance

    In this episode of HoneySoul Radio we are joined by our special guest Spirit Halima Chancellor. We will discuss how to tap into your power, purpose, passion, and discover your own juicy flow. We will explore sensuality and relationships by reconnecting with the mystery and magic of our wombs, and gain deeper understanding of our innate sensual and sexual power as it relates to sensual charm and sexual charisma.

    Spirit Halima is the creator of the Sensual Snapper Training and Sensual Charm courses with the intention of supporting women in retrieving their power from external sources and re-fueling their passions, desires, sensuality, relationships and well being. Spirit Halima lectures on ancient restorative practices that offer women tools to ignite a deep awareness of their sexuality, sensuality and creativity. She is passionate about sharing the importance of what she terms " Yoni Consciousness", heart-centered sexuality, the total well being of women and the organic unfolding of our greatest potential, and the re-uniting of Sisterhood.

     Learm more about Spirit Halima Chancellor at Cosmic Womb.


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    Take Action Get Profits learn Professional Charisma while Doubling Your Profits

    in Entrepreneur

    Take Action Get Profits with Michele Scism with Her guest Rodney S. Jones & Carl Loop.

    Rodney S. Jones, President & CEO of Adjustment Bureau Consulting, is a captivating and engaging coach, consultant, speaker, and trainer. He believes emerging leaders can transition into high performance executives by leveraging their content knowledge and the professional charisma necessary to separate themselves from their peers. Occasionally, a business or personal career may veer off of a presumably pre-determined path of success. In times like this, a simple adjustment can make a world of difference. For that reason, Rodney, with the help of his wife, Enna, established Adjustment Bureau Consulting. The core function of Adjustment Bureau Consulting is to develop emerging leaders into high performance executives. Human capital is said to be the most valuable commodity in the business world today. adjustmentbureauconsulting.com

    Carl Loop, Founder and CEO of Global Business Builders, is a highly sought after marketing consultant, speaker and author. His award-winning career is a unique combination of technical and marketing experiences that span Fortune 100 companies and multiple businesses he has built. Now, he shares his passion and his expertise by helping others to achieve significant results. Carl’s keynote presentation and marketing seminars are based on personal stories which build a warm connection with the audience while delivering powerful insights. His presentation style is authentic,energetic and memorable. http://www.gbizbuilders.com/

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    10 Steps on How to Build Confidence and Charisma

    in Motivation

    Do you dream of being more confident? Do you want to build charisma? Do you want to shine at work, in your business, in your relationships and in all that you do? Are you bored of blending in the background and want to truly learn what you can do to move to the next level of prosperity!
    If your answer is yes, yes, yes and yes then I think your ready!!! 
    Today I will teach you how to develop Confidence and Charisma. This broadcast will help you get ahead and move forwards to new levels of success and promotion.
    I look forward to being back online with you all! Pls share this broadcast with all your friends on twitter, facebook and on  e-mail!
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