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    Show #17-Featured Artist this Week Charetta

    in Music

    This week on The Mo and Bek Show we will be featuring Charetta at the end of the show today. We will also be playing D'Amato, Matt Steel, Shadows Lie, Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor...and more! Be sure to tune in as we announce a fun contest! Join us in the chat room for the most fun you will have in 2 hours.

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    Interview with Ms. Charetta Clark. Child ready for school!

    in Entertainment

    For the 1st half of our show we will be interviewing Shreveport's own Charetta Clark, the author of the newly released book,"Rings of Marriage". Also are your children ready for the upcoming school year and tips to help them have a successfully year.

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    Show #15-New Unsigned Artists Charetta

    in Music

    Week 2 of our Tuesday show. Today we will be featuring one new band Charetta at the top of the hour. Join us, we will be playing more of your favorites during this hour...if you know of any unsigned artists please send them our way! We can't play new music unless we have it!

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    Living Hope presents: Author:Charletta Tibbs

    in History

    Charletta Tibbs was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, IL by her two parents who were jazz musicians. She resides in the Hyde Park area just two blocks down from President Barak Obama’s house.

    More information listed under extras.

    She served as judge of Elections in her ward for several years. She was featured in the New York Times with the then U. S. Senator Barak Obama on Election Day, November 2008.

    Charletta Tibbs is a retired nurse, an accomplished vocalist, and a former member of the Rainbow Coalition Push Choir, founded by Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. Ms Tibbs is a divorcé and has two sons, Marcus and Tyrone

    Book Summary, Play Betty, Play

    The reason for publishing this book, ‘Play Betty Play,’ is to give tribute to my mother.

    She was an extremely talented musician. She was a strong African- American woman whose devotion to her music was namely her ‘breath of air’. I believe this story will relate to all ages. It tells about the struggles as well as the accomplishments she received. The challenges she faced while performing a so called male instrument in a male-dominated field.

    Finally, I want to show what positive impact music can have on and individual’s life.

    Betty Overton was an accomplished jazz bassist and performed in variously places around the Chicago area. She also performed many background sessions with Ms. Ella Jenkins at the PBS television station in Chicago.

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    Show #19-Another great week this week!

    in Music

    This week is full of great music, fun and laughter in the chat room! We do not have a featured artist this week but we have all your favorites uploaded and ready to go! Including: Jack Greene, The New Fender Benders, The Sanders/Field Project, Matt Steel, Shadows Lie, Hating Hollywood, Charetta, Henry Turner Jr and Flavor and J Right plus many more of your favorites. So tune in, call in and join in the fun and craziness! Next Friday we will be doing an interview with Kira from Shadows Lie at the end of the show, so be sure to tune in!

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    Show #26-Interview with Tom Lang

    in Music

    Due to technical problems last week we have invited Tom Lang back for an interview today from 2:30-3:00 pm est. From 1:00-2:30 we will be playing more of your favorites, we have some new bands and artists coming up in the next couple weeks so be sure to sign up for our newsletter at www.themoandbekshow.com so you can be advised of contests, new music and more! Don't worry we don't spam! Just a taste of some of the artists we will be featuring today: Tom Lang, Jack Greene, Matt Steel, Billy Green, Rickie Lee Tanner, Diablo Royale, Charetta, D'Amato, Tom Fisch and more so be sure to tune in and join us in the chatroom!

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    Episode #24 New artists

    in Music

    Another great week of your favorites as well as a couple more new artists! We will be featuring more rock and heavy metal this week from your favorite groups like Ghosts of Eden, Hating Hollywood, Charetta, Borgo Pass & Diablo Royale. PLUS all your other favorites like Henry Turner Jr & Flavor, The New Fender Benders, Matt Steel, Billy Green, Brad Bradbury, King Solomon, 13th Floor and so many more! Join us in the chat room for more fun online! Keep sending us those unsigned artists from all genres so we can get out more music to all of you our listeners!

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    Show #21-Kira Leigh from Shadows Lie will be on today

    in Music

    Thanks for all those who tuned in last week to hear Kira Leigh and understood that we had to reschedule. Well your patience has been rewarded! Kira will be on the show today from 2:30-3:00 pm est, it is confirmed!

    During the rest of the show we will be featuring all of your favorites from past shows, including all generes from Country, Blue Grass, Heavy Metal, Rock, Rap, Reggae and more! Your favorites such as Henry Turner Jr & Flavor, Rickie Lee Tanner, Matt Steel, The New Fender Benders, Sanders & Fields Project, D'Amato, Charetta, Hating Hollywood, Borgo Pass and many more....we are looking for more new and unsigned bands and artists please send them to us so we can keep rocking and rolling each week. www.themoandbekshow.com

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