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    ArrowTalk Podcast - Episode 76 - S 4 Ep 7 BROTHERHOOD

    in Television

    H.I.V.E. continues to attack parts of the city, most recently destroying money meant for the city bank. Diggle gives Oliver information that H.I.V.E. murdered his brother Andy because he was criminal competition. The team heads to the research lab to locate a chemical they believe is being used by H.I.V.E. The team is attacked by Darhk's group, and Diggle discovers that Andy is still alive and working for H.I.V.E. The team tries to get Diggle to recognize the positive, but he refuses to see Andy as anything more than a traitor and unworthy of saving. The team believes Andy is being mind-controlled and locate him and the rest of H.I.V.E. The team successfully extracts Andy with help from Ray and his ATOM suit. After an encounter with Darhk, Thea learns that his powers may help cure her bloodlust permanently, after Darhk failed to drain the lifeforce from Thea.

  • 411 Ground and Pound Radio Show: UFC Fight Night 76 Review

    in MMA

    The haggard card of UFC Fight Night 76 finally crossed the proverbial finish line, and the 411 expert panel is here to review all of the action.  How much was this card hurt by losing not one but two fights in the closing days before it took place?

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    "The Urban Wire" Ep. 76 EXCLUSIVE France Attack Coverage, News, Entertainment

    in Current Events

    Join us as we discuss the latest developments in the terrorist attacks in France and how it relates to the US as well. We will also have open dialogue about religion as it relates to terrorism and extremism. Starring Senica Harris, Michael Snyder, Cie Johnson, Deandra Burrange, and JR Vasquez.  Call in number 646-915-8200. We will also discuss:

    Indianapolis Pastor's pregnant wife shot and killed after home invasion

    Young 9 yr old boy Tyshawn Lee shot and killed in Chicago

    Supreme Court Discusses Affirmative Action in 2015

    "Pattie Pies"....have you tried them?

    Reality TV/Entertaiment News

    IU Bloomington student sexually assaulted

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    DBS 76

    in Comedy

    Happy 28th birthday to Lilly Kaaos! Jello shots and beer galore! Now, here's a 30-minute-long talk show with only one song break where you can hardly understand what is being said (that is, if the hosts are doing their job right)... drink up, chugglebugs!

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    76 - KATE WALSH - PT. 2

    in Comedy

    We couldn’t get enough Kate Walsh! Part 2 covers shame spirals, Anya's black out, the ups and downs of fame, Private Practice, Phil's audition for Bad Judge, pilots that didn’t go, Kate’s wedding, ensembles, paparazzi, more crying on planes, the Pill & the great female quandary, stumping for Obama, the Puss Train, cats and listeners’ questions re: dating a celeb, waiting to see if your partner will change his / her mind on kids, and therapy.

    Follow @katewalsh @anyamarina @sammorril @philmhanley @standupnylabs

    Email weknownothingpod@gmail.com or call 347-467-1240

    Visit http://StandUpNY.com to see when Phil and Sam are performing live at Stand Up NY and AnyaMarina.com for Anya’s tour dates.

    Listen to all our other great podcasts at http://StandUpNYLabs.com

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    Nov. 18, 2015, 10pm (PST) - Presidents and UFOs with the legendary Grant Cameron

    in Paranormal

    Tonight we have a special guest. Grant Cameron is a Canadian UFOlogist, who's career looking into the stars in the sky and wondering what was out there, started back in the late 1960's with a run in with the red orb. It was so fascinating and unknown, that it became Grant's mantra to find out what exactly what was "Charlie Red Star".  

    In the past few years Cameron has turned his research interests to the involvement and actions of the President of the United States in the UFO problem. He has made 25+ trips to the National Archives in Washington D.C.,and most of the various Presidential archives around the country looking for presidential UFO material. One highlight his presidential UFO research was the chance to question Vice-president Dick Cheney on his knowledge of the UFO subject.

    He has produced a CD-Rom which includes "Tales of Charlie-Red-Star" a manuscript that was prepared in the late 70s about a flap of UFO sightings that occurred in Manitoba Canada in 1975-76. This is a flap of sightings that was immense in size, but generally unknown outside of Canada. A second item on the CD is "UFOs, MJ-12, and The Government," a book published in 1990 by MUFON. The disc contains the paper "Presidential UFO Audio Story" which is an article that contains 60+ embedded UFO audio clips of the presidents, their aides, or people talking about the presidents and UFOs.

    Cameron was instrumental in recovering all the UFO files inside the Clinton files at the Clinton Library in Little Rock Arkansas. Over 10,000 pages were processed in the requests. They show that the Clinton administration was very interested in the pheneomena and actually tried to force out some of the hidden infomation to the public.

    He lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where he works full time on the UFO mystery.

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    Episode 76 "Keys to Removing Evil" Pastor John Kyle

    in Religion

    Live deliverance on air, deliverance from demons, spiritual warfare, news and views, overcoming the powers of darkness, Keys of and to the kingdom, learning to remove evil, to stand in the evil day, recognizing personal attacks, stopping the works of darkness, binding and loosing

  • Sim Standard Radio Episode 76- Community developers and 10 Must Haves

    in Video Games

    Welcome back Sim Gamers. We are excited to bring another show to you guys this week. Tonight's show will have limited topics and the rest of the show will be dictated by the callers. Our goal for the show is to have our topics driven by the audience. Sim Standard Radio is all about the community and we want to do our best to provide a platform where your voices can be heard. Listed below are the 2 main topics we will cover before opening up the line for callers. See you guys at 8pm EST. 


    Community Game Creation - This topic should spark some good conversation from the listeners. We will be discussing what would happen if it was up to the community to make these sports games? What type of effort would be put forth? 


    Bleacher Report Article -10 features every sports game must have to be successful - We will give our thoughts on the 10 features listed. Do you agree? Is there anything missing from the list? Are there things on the list of 10 that isn't important to you?


    Open the line to callers

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    in Entertainment

    Dale Comstock is a security consultant, He was featured on Discovery Channel's One Man Army Season 1 Epi 9 and he was featured on NBC's Stars Earn Stripes.Dr. Dale Comstock is the president for Comstock Enterprises and Zulu-7 Productions. Dale regularly works as a contract security specialist applying his skills and knowledge on myriad of security challenges around the world for various clients.He is the Author of American Badass and has appeared in numerous TV and radio show productions.Dale retired from the U.S. Army in August of 2001, after serving 5 years in the 3rd Special Forces Group(Green Beret)as the Senior NCO on an A-Team;10 years with the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta The Delta Force as an assault Team Leader and Explosives Expert; and, he served 4 years with the 82nd Airborne Division as an Airborne Infantryman in a Long Range Reconnaissance Platoon; and he served 9 years as a Freelance Paramilitary operative.He has a Master of Arts Degree in Business and Organizational Security Management and a Post Graduate Degree in Alternative Medicines and Therapies. Since his retirement he has started several security companies specializing in nuclear, petrochemical, personal, and K-9 security.Additionally he was a professor for Henley-Putnam University in San Jose, California where he teaches Psychology of Violence,Technical Surveillance, Area Study Analysis, and Special Weapons; he is the Military Tactical Advisor for Falchion Enterprises,Inc.

    Jessica Stith is a typical American gal who loves horses and Elvis.She grew up on the thoroughbred racetracks in Kentucky.After high school she went to work for some of the biggest names in the horse racing industry as well as in television production with the TVG network. In 2002 she left the University of New Orleans to enlist in the Navy where she served as an Aviation Ordnanceman aboard CVN 76 USS Ronald Reagan. After the Navy she returned to her racing roots.

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    TV Nation #76

    in Entertainment

    Join THE NERD HERD every Sunday night as they journey to the untamed shores of the TV NATION and talk the TV they love... and loathe.


    Get Sick-Nick's Pick and find out what got his attention this week!


    Mr. Winning Bay Ragni's letting us know "What Bay's Watching?"


    The Nerd Herd looks out into the multiverse and finds out what's going on in the world of MEN IN TIGHTS, when we talk all the latest comics to movies & TV!


    Supreme Whovian & the Moondog has all the News for the Who's every week. He's talking Dr. Who updates, trivia, questions, and episode recaps! Email your topics or questions to him at JImmyJannetty@gmail.com or Twitter @JimmyJannetty


    Plus, every week we'll give you are Top 5 of the week! This week is Top 5 movies we'd like to see as TV shows!


    Every Sunday at 9pm Eastern on the Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network.


    Follow us on Twitter @TotallyTVNation & @TotallyDrivenTV


    Follow us on Facebook:



    Twitter @TotallyTVNation


    Don't forget to check out all the amazing videos, blogs & interviews and stay up to date on all things TOTALLY DRIVEN! www.TotallyDrivenEntertainment.com

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Stephanie Wood of Body Awe

    in Health

    Mountainside, NJ – We often find ourselves making sacrifices at the expense of our physical health, but we don’t need to be in conflict with ourselves. Our bodies are dancing partners on the journey of life.

    "Your body only wants the best for both of you," says Stephanie Wood, ICF certified coach and the founder of Body Awe, a body and business coaching practice for entrepreneurial women struggling with body insecurity to walk proud and share their talents with the world. "The magic of motion opens the way to share emotions between you and your body."

    Stephanie has been coaching for more than 14 years, having combined her experience as a professional dancer and choreographer with her desire to help women interested in exploring their physicality.

    “People have such difficulty seeing their body as someone they can communicate with,” says Stephanie. “They’ve been so estranged from their bodies so long, the mindset to reframe it can be difficult, but it is possible. I make it a fun environment for that rediscovery.”

    Today, Stephanie is the creator of the Body Knowledge System®, An Awesome Intelligence, which offers a sustainable solution to her clients’ challenges. With the Body Knowledge System® you will learn everything you need to know to end the estrangement from your body, become fully alive with your body, and access your body’s knowledge, guidance and wisdom. Wellness professionals and coaches are welcome to license the material for use with their own clients.

    “People I coach are jazzed with the practical techniques they can implement quickly,” says Stephanie. “I’m looking forward to hearing from you.”

    For more information on Stephanie Wood, visit http://www.bodyawe.com or call (866) 76-COACH.