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    * Day 2 | 40 Day Journey | Prayer! Praise! Power!-7 Characteristics of Noah *

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    The God of Noah, Creator of the Earth and All There-In.

    I Praise Your name Oh LORD. I Thank You Dear Heavenly

    Father for waking us up to see a Brand New Day. New Opportunities.

    Father, as I come I humble myself before You and I ask for forgiveness

    from secret faults and presumptious sins. Forgive me when I expect more

    from man than e is able to give. Cause us to walk uprightly looking to You

    for "Deliverance"; Looking to You for "Protection"; Looking to You for "Wisdom"

    for "Knowledge" for "Understanding" Father as I come before Your Throne today,

    Father remember us in our low estate. Father we Praise You according to Your 

    Word...You are from Everlasting to Everlasting and Your Kingdom is Forever. There

    is no one like You. No one like Our Savior Jesus Christ. No one like Your Precious Holy

    Spirit. Father we Praise You, We Honor You, We Glorify Your Most Precious & Awesome

    Name for You Oh LORD are Worthy to Be Praised. Beloved today is Day 1 of 40 Day Journey...

    Prayer! Praise! Power! Father I Thank You for Your Word that's a Lamp unto our feet and a Light

    unto our Path. Psalm 119:19. Father in the name of Jesus I praise Your name for you Oh LORD are

    worthy to be Praised. Father I commit this Prayer into the hands of your Precious Holy Spirit. That 

    Your will may be done through me. Father I Praise You Oh LORD for Your Word showed us on Day

    1 of the 40 Day Journey-NOAH. Beloved as we Pray together may we examine the Characteristics of 

    Noah Together. For this next ___ minutes Beloved...let us together Explore at least 7 Characteristics

    of NOAH. A Faithful, Righteous Servant of the Most High God. Father I Praise Your name for Your Name

    is Worthy to be Praised!

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    Reincarnation and Aliens

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    Souls can only incarnate into bodies with DNA responsive to and compatible with that soul. Because souls are shaped by experiences and thoughts, different soul types will reincarnate into different body types of the same species. As humans, their personality is influenced and restricted by the characteristics of their soul. Spiritual evolution is limited by one's biological, genetic, and physical composition. For instance, adam (blacks) cannot grow emotionally as we do because their brains are biologically incapable of perceiving the same range of emotions. Blacks also do not feel equal self sacrifice and devotion to truth that some of us humans enjoy, and we are therefore superior to them. Lastly, since all souls, once out of the physical body and deep into the stages of the afterlife, are essentially the same being, there is no place for evolution in the spiritual realm; all evolution occurs on the physical plane of existence. This is why planet earth is so valued by the powers that be. It is the perfect training, evolving, and learning grounds for positive souls with the privilege of physical presence. In this region of the solar system, without an earth, there is no evolution, and whatever pain a soul is in continues indefinitely until that soul can reincarnate to evolve out of its pain. Because souls evolve by earthly hardships, new types of souls can only develop by modification of the older ones over millions of years of evolution. Thus, if a sudden jump occurred in the genetic sophistication of a species, a spiritual void would be left as the older souls would be outdated and incompatible with the newly created species.


    The new species would be born as still births unless some source of soul were available that is suitable with the DNA of that species.

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    The ROAD TO RECOVERY hosted by Dan Czuba - I'm NOT embaressed to say - I ...

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    .... Couldn't handle my drinking (of Alcohol - that is) ... What a FREEDOM I now enjoy admitting that Alcohol had kicked my ass! And what about life is different now for me? Why not tune in every Sunday evening from 7 to 9 PM Central Standard Time and listen to our LIVE Call-in Talk Show - as we WELCOME ALL CALLS / CALLERS either sharing their own stories of Experience / Strength / and Hope or...feel free to ASK QUESTIONS as they relate to any type of Addiction and what one can do to either help the individual caught up in the addicition or the individual / s who are either directly or indriectly affected by the afflicted ones disease. Yes it is a disease of the mind, a sort of mental disease - one that most people do not want to address or accept for that matter. But those of us who have faced our addicitions and found recovery recognize that this is no easy task to find recovery - accept recovery and thus live our lives daily in recovery.

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    GODTalk: De-Constructing America w/ Wesley Smith Discovery Institute

    in Christianity

    Collectivism, Universalism, Pluralism - how are these and other worldviews being promoted in order to de-construct American society...and the Church? What arenas are targeted and how can you tell the authentic from the counterfeit? Who are the promoters and what are the 10 common 'false prophet' or 'wolves in sheep's clothing' characteristics? Part 1 in a three part series on De-Constructionism, Universalism and Mysticism.

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    Author Phillip Berrian- "Testimonials of One's True Greatness"

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    Ever ponder about what your "true greatness" may be? Join us this evening, as Author Phillip Berrian shares his thoughts behind his own greatness, what bought him to identifying these characteristics, as well as what it was like to be a preacher's kid, as well as being part of a sibling set of 10.

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    Understanding Your Life Through Numerology

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    Join us as we demonstrate the life science known as numerology. Numerology is a science based on numbers and their incredible affect on our lives.  It is believed to have been studied as far back as 11,000.  Numbers have been in existence since the beginning of time and predates all alphabets. Numerology is a tool used to investigate our own very being, and to bring light our highest potential on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes.  Numerology tells of our potential destiny, our natural talents and helps us gain a better understanding of ourselves and others.  It shows us the pathway we need to take in our lives to fulfill this potential, and also, tells us one of the many reasons why each one has different traits and characteristics. Each number is influenced by a different planet in our Solar System. Each letter of the alphabet vibrates to a given number, 1 – 9, which is also the span of our life cycles.  These numbers under which we were born, plus the numbers in our names, are the tools we are given in order that we may accomplish our mission in life, and enable us to work through all our Way Lessons.  Numbers are also keyed to letters of the alphabet, so words and names can be analyzed. Numerology brings insight, wisdom and the ability to understand ourselves and others.



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    Join the WSCIRO Media Missionary team as they continue the conversation pertaining to the meaning of the prophetic word  that the Lord had given concerning "Transition".  They will also examine what it is, what it looks like & what it means for the average believer in Christ in 2015 and beyond. At the top of the hour, Dr Shirley will share with the listening audience a few dreams that the Lord showed her regarding the season of transition and the insight that the Holy Spirit had given to her regarding "Transition Houses".  Then she will revisit, a dream vision that her oldest son, Jean-Pierre had  approximately a year ago describing a kind of transition that he witnessed describing the characteristics of a kind of rapture. Do you want to know what season we have entered into?  Well at the bottom of the hour, Evangelist Timothy F. O'leary will share his compelling insight on the different elements and levels of transition pertaining to "Replacement Theology vs. Covenantal Promise" and its role as a type of prophetic time clock in the end times. Got you curious?  Well then tune in and join the  conversation on this most intriguing topic that effects the very essence of who you are as a believer on a daily basis.  The worship artist in this broadcast are:  Josh Young: "Cover the Earth",  "I Lay It Down", ""Take Me Higher", and "Abandon";  and JoAnn McFatter:  "Come Holy Spirit".  Dr Shirley will share the late John Paul Jackson, founder of Streams Ministries teaching on Transition from 2008.   WSCIRO PROMO " MEET THE MEDIA MISSIONARIES OF WSCIRO:  https://www.facebook.com/DrShirlWSTK.ITV/videos/10207213000785642/

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    Facts and Myths: The School to Prison Pipeline

    in Education

    In February 2013, NCEBC launched NCEBCTalkRadio with a weekly radio show as a resource for urban educators, parents, and members of the "Community Faculty". The worldly insights of Host, Dr. Eric Cooper meshed with the culturally-astute and melodious tone of co-host, Dr. Nicole McZeal Waters in what became somewhat of an instant hit! Early shows welcomed the likes of Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond (Stanford University), Dr. Yvette Jackson (National Urban Alliance), Dr. Raymond Winbush (Morgan State University), and a 6 weeks series with experts from the Annenberg Institute.  Today NCEBCTalkRadio offers two regular radio programs and is considered a primary component of the NCEBC "tool-kit" geared toward urban educators. 

    On Monday, May 11, 2015, we return to the airwaves with a conversation on "Derailing the School to Prison Pipeline (STPP) for Black Males" providing effective interventions that address both academics and behavior issues. The Equity Project in Indiana represented by Director, Dr. Russell Skiba, Dr. Gwen Kelley and Ms. Chrystal Gray will join our hosts along with Principal and Author, Mr. Roy Dobbs to engage listeners in an open dialogue on myths and facts on how and why black boys end up in School-to-Prison-Pipeline.They will share characteristics of effective black male programs while welcoming callers with questions and comments.

    NCEBC will host this conversation with an "Open Mic" approach. We want to hear the voices of our emerging new leadership.....Voices of The Next Millennium. Education, Social Justice, Mass Incarcerations, Health Care, Voting Rights and Labor are topics to be explored. We invite our entire listening audience to participate in the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, text, phone call and email.  

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    The DNA Of An Unfriendly Church & 9 Characteristics of a Leaderless Church

    in Christianity

    Join us Friday 5/8/2015 for a great discussion on topics including 

    The DNA of An Unfriendly Church  and then  9 Characteristics of a Leaderless Church.

    You can follow along with the discussion using the links below.




    "Taking The Limits Off Radio", A non-traditional radio show with a vision to spread the Truth of God's Word; that inspires and encourages you to have a meaningful relationship with Christ, through biblical teaching and relevant information. A talk show that "breaks the chains off the norm" to promote a realistic conversation with God and his people.

    You can also watch the simulcast on Ustream at


    Live from the Brand New "Taking The Limits OFF Studios"

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    A Mother's Day Prayer

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    If you are a Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Foster Mother, Female Guardian, or a Female Caregiver, this prayer is especially designed for you.  You can repeat this prayer as many times as necessary.  Repetition is good especially if you are praying for an individual that is not operating in one of these characteristics.  Remember what the Bible says, that "We call those things that be not as though they were."  For the best results, follow the manner of this spoken prayer and expect results.

    If you are a mom experiencing any type of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE please do not stay in the house continuing to be a target.  You must try to obtain safety.  To call a toll free national number for confidential help please dial 1.800.799.7233 to speak with a live person. If you live in the state of Massachusets call 1.877.785.2020.  You may also e-mail gechristianchurch@gmail.com.  Happy Mother's Day.  I Love You.  Rev. Diane 





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    How to recognize Human/Sex Trafficking Victims

    in Entertainment

    Have you ever watched movies on Lifetime about sex trafficking? What about Dateline NBC or those other news shows where sex trafficking victims tell their stories. Have you ever wondered how to identify victims or what to look for? Well on the next Nite Talks with Sasha we will discuss not sex trafficiked victims but those that are also slaves or indentured servants! We will discuss

    Visable Indications of trafficking
    Health Characteristics of a trafficked person
    How to report suspected trafficking
    Vocab that a sex trafficked worker may use

    Tune in this Friday, May 8th at 11:30pm est/8:30pm pst as delve deep inside the world of Sex and Human trafficking! Log on www.blogtalkradio.com/nitetalkswithsasha to hear the show LIVE on your PC,Tablet, or Phone. Call in at (215)383-3929 to hear the show LIVE but to also ask questions and voice your opinion on our topic!

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