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    Colossians Chapter 2.

    in The Bible

    A Bible study with John. Colossians Chapter 2

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    Willowbower Volume II, Chapter 2

    in Spirituality

    Willowbower Volume II, Chapter 2 finds Luke and Annelise with Anya in her lands, finally understanding what is happening and the bargain they must strike to get home. Annelise learns something new about herself and her child.  Luke learns something new about his map, and all consider the importance of thwarting the unknown plans of the human mercenaries on the border.

    To listen to all earlier portions of the story, you may find them here in the show menu, or download them for free on iTunes at "The In Between."  

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    Sacred Sunday~ Ephesians Chapter 2/Saved By Grace

    in Christianity

    Ephesians Chapter 2~Once Dead to God, Now Alive

    Okay, so these Christians are good now, but it wasn't so long ago that they were living pretty sin-filled lives. As far as anyone knew, they were dead to God because they didn't know about him or his laws or promises. Basically, these folks just followed everyone else in the world and did whatever it was they wanted. They ate what they wanted. They had sex with who they wanted. And they didn't even feel guilty about it the next morning. Okay, so they were dead to God, but he's apparently a forgiving guy, because he went and made them come to life again. It's a miracle! By sin they had died (metaphorically), but through Jesus they started living again. Now these believers have risen up to hang with Jesus. He does have that pretty sweet seat up there in Heaven. God saved them. These Christians didn't "earn" salvation by being good people or something, it is a gift. They also didn't know anything about all the promises that God made to his people way back in the Hebrew Bible. Gentiles weren't part of that stuff, so they clearly weren't going to be saved. But now, because Jesus lived and died. There aren't two groups anymore—Gentiles and Jews. There's just one group. Everyone believes in Jesus, so everyone gets to benefit from God's promises. Back in the Hebrew Bible, God also gave his people all kinds of laws to follow. Gentiles aren't on the outside looking in anymore. They're citizens of Heaven. They've got the keys to God's house. And this is the house that Jesus built…along with some help from the apostles and prophets. Sure, Jesus is the most important brick in the wall, but all believers—whether they're Gentiles or Jews—are there too. Thanks to www.shmoop.co

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    Think and Grow Rich [Chapter 2] by Napoleon Hill

    in Business

    Tonight Taurea Avant is going to be discussing the Number One sold self-help book in the world which is Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich". Make sure you have joined the Visionary Book Club by going to www.VisionaryBookClub.com

    On tonight's review, we are reviewing Chapter 2 of this top World Selling Book

    Think and Grow Rich is a 1937 motivational personal development and self-help book by Napoleon Hill inspired by a suggestion from Scottish-American businessman Andrew Carnegie. While the title implies that this book deals with how to get rich, the author explains that the philosophy taught in the book can be used to help people succeed in all lines of work and to do or be almost anything they want.[2] Jim Murray wrote that Think and Grow Rich was credited for Ken Norton's boxing upset of Muhammad Ali in 1973. The Reverend Charles Stanley writes, "I began to apply the principles of (Think and Grow Rich) to my endeavors as a pastor, and I discovered they worked!" The book was first published during the Great Depression. At the time of Hill's death in 1970, Think and Grow Rich had sold more than 20 million copies and by 2011 over 70 million copies had been sold worldwide. It remains the biggest seller of Napoleon Hill's books. BusinessWeek Magazine's Best-Seller List ranked it the sixth best-selling paperback business book 70 years after it was published.[9] Think and Grow Rich is listed in John C. Maxwell's A Lifetime "Must Read" Books List.

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    Teacher Shane: Book of Hebrews- Chapter 2 Embracing Death

    in Spirituality

    Tune in to get teaching, understanding, and fellowship the Hebrew Israelite way!

    Welcome to the University of the Painful Truth!!!

    We will fellowship again in Hebrews chapter 2 concerning how our Messiah embraced death and how we should percieve this very thing in our walk and daily living in truth.

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    The Book of Colossians Chapter 2

    in Christianity

    Being a part of various committees and organizations can ruin our relationship with God because, it's the paramount by-product and fabric which grasp the ties that bind. Yet it is easily swayed by new gained knowledge and ideas.

    Paul's address to the church of Laodicea was due to the widespread heresies that had been feared would succumb the mindset of Christian truths as it had imposed in the church of Colosse.

    Join me today on blogtalkradio.com/ajourneyintheword as we continue in our study The book of Colossians - Chapter 2; "Freedom from bondage, New life with Jesus Christ."

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    Sacred Sunday~Colossians, Chapter 2/Pauline Prison Blues

    in Paranormal

    Pauline Prison Blues

    Prison is fine, but it's not a total cakewalk. Go figure. It's mostly a bummer because Paul can't get out to see any of his fellow Christians. He has to settle for writing letters. Luckily, he's pretty good at that. Paul wants all his Christian friends to know that the key is Jesus. He's the source of all God's wisdom and knowledge. He might not be physically present, but Paul's there with them in spirit. Time for a Clean Slate Just keep living lives in Christ and everyone will be fine, says Paul. Paul warns them not to be swayed by false teachers who swoop in with their fancy theories and lead nice Christians astray. Human traditions and ideas don't mean anything. It's the stuff that God tells us that really matters. The Christians in Colossae used to be non-believing Gentiles. That means they weren't circumcised like Jewish guys. They knew and understood God through Jesus, not through thousands of years of Jewish law, scripture, and traditions. After Jesus died, God didn't worry so much about all the laws and traditions that he had made such a big deal about starting way back in Exodus. God took those rules and the sins of the world and he nailed them to that cross with Jesus. Watch Out for False Teachers. They also shouldn't panic about what foods they eat, or which festivals they celebrate or what they should and shouldn't be doing on the Sabbath. God  just wants everyone to put their faith in Jesus.  Besides, if Christians are dead to the world, then why would they need to worry so much about all the worldly things they're doing? No bacon? No work on the Sabbath? No touching unclean things. They think they're being holy when they do these things, but in reality, following these rules doesn't have any effect on a person's heart, says Paul. Sorry, law-lovers.

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    The Sower

    in Christianity

    Today episode we will be decerning the Book of Titus Chapter 2. All that is right and good for a self-proclaimed Christian to do. That's right folks, WISDOM for today's living.

    Be sure to join us at 6:00 PM (EST) every Monday evening right here in Studio A, your protestant internet radio broadcast of the Christian Warrior Network.

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    Is Freedom from Fear Possible? Is it Healing? A Course in Miracles Chapter 2

    in Self Help

    Is it possible to live fear free? What if it is completely possible, and the experience of healing the result of releasing fear? 

    Today with Eloisa Ramos we explore these questions wanting to understand what healing is and why A Course in Miracles says,

    “Sickness or ‘not-right-mindedness’ is the result of level confusion, because it always entails the belief that what is amiss on one level can adversely affect another. We have referred to miracles as the means of correcting level confusion, for all mistakes must be corrected at the level on which they occur.” Page 23.

    We will focus on what level confusion is, why it results in miscreation and why physical illness represents a “belief in magic” from Chapter 2 of ACIM.

    “Physical illness represents a belief in magic. The whole distortion that made magic rests on the belief that there is a creative ability in matter which the mind cannot control. This error can take two forms; it can be believed that the mind can miscreate in the body, or that the body can miscreate in the mind.” Page 23.

    For more information about Eloisa Ramos, her book Beyond Self-esteem: Discovering Your Boundless Self-worth, EFT and to download a free flowchart of the Ramos Clearing Technique; visit www.healing-with-eft.com.

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    Study of the Book of Revelation (Chapter 2 - 3)

    in Religion

    We are looking at the book of Revelation.  We laid the foundation in the first program and we continue with Chapter 2 and 3. Both chapters deals with 7 churches in Asia Minor, present-day Turkey.

    We look at what each Church represent and the word given to each one by our Lord.

    Ephesus - The Church that left its First love - Rev 2:4

    Smyrna - The persecuted Church Rev 2:10

    Pergamos - The Church that needs to Repent Rev 2:16

    Thyatira - The church with the false Prophetess Rev 2:20

    Sardis The church which had fallen asleep Rev 3:2

    Philadelphia - The Church of brotherly love; The church that had endured patiently Rev 3:10

    Laodicea - The Lukewarm Church Rev 3:16


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