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    "The Muhammad Ali I Knew" featuring Chap Oscar

    in Self Help

    Chap Oscar has a number of mementos of an illustrious past in the fast lanes of New York City as a limo driver to the stars.

    He pulls a book off his bookshelf, one that Little Richard gave out at all his concerts. It’s testimony; and it has a signed picture of Little Richard inside.

    Chap speaks reverently of Gladiator Ali. He says Ali’s genius and prowess extend outside the ring, calling him the “Knockout King of Branding and Promotion.”

    And, irony of ironies, if there’s one arena that best illustrates the character of Chap Oscar, it’s big time prize fighting. And Chap has the proof to show it…

    The legends of the enmity between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier goes far deeper and is far colder even than the exaggerated theatrics of media reporting make it out to be.

    The photo you see of Joe Frazeir and Muhammad Ali TOGETHER, SMILING, and with understanding - taken on Chap’s own camera - is a monumental, unique moment in the relationship between the two men.


    Look at those smiles! That’s the effect this man, Chap Oscar, has on others… There’s a reason why they call him “America’s Most-Loved Minister.”

    Tune in as Chap Oscar shares a LOT of illustrious insights that you’ve never heard before.

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    Warm Up and Stay Safe - Chap. Oscar Smith

    in Fun

    With record levels of cold and record levels of snow all over America, what can you do to keep warm and stay safe?  Chap Oscar Smith address this cold issue as our hot topic today.  You will hear suggestions and get ideas on how to have this cold weather leave you warm and cuddly.

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    Gladiator Ali's Million Dollar Mindset - Featuring Chap Oscar

    in Pop Culture

    Chap Oscars says, “Muhammad has earned the right to walk anywhere in this world and be recognized as a heroic figure.’

    Chap says his climb to expertise, fame and fortune was intentionally orchestrated by the man, with “Gladiator Ali's Million Dollar Mindset.”

    And he reveals the royal blood, the “Bloodline of a Champion” instilled in to him as a child by his parents.

    We discuss Islam, the name change, the reasons, the press, the misunderstandings, and the truth:

    Muhammad Ali, formerly Cassius Clay: same heart!

    Islam is a religion that provides a track to run that is wholesome and peaceful despite the politics of distortion. We will break down the walls of misunderstanding.

    And don’t forget! We are following the theme of catching a a professional writer-author at work. Chap is in the writing stages now, and is “talking it out” as we writers say. Sure to be enlightening.


    Show 3 of 3 in “The Muhammad Ali I Knew” Trilogy featuring author Chap Oscar.


    Catch more enlightening episodes with host Dr. Ted Ciuba, co-host Chap Oscar, and their wide array of topics and of guests aligned with Quantum Humanism on ThinkRichRadio.com


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    How Rude!!! - Chap Oscar Smith

    in Self Help

    Whatever happened to common courtesy?  Whatever happened to decent manners?

    Maybe you do not even realize it when you are rude or insensitive.  Maybe you don't realize it when you are being unkind and disrespectful.  Maybe you don't realize it when you are being hurtful and offensive.

    When you are not listening, when you interrupt people as they are speaking, when you are texting while people are talking to you - these all constitute RUDE behavior.

    Listen to our guest, Chap Oscar Smith, and no doubt, you will think twice about being RUDE and hurting people's feelings.


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    FIREWORKS in Your Life - Chap Oscar

    in Self Help

    What are the fireworks in your life?   Fireworks can be described as  (a) :  a display of temper or intense conflict  -- or (b) :  a spectacular display, like July 4th fireworks.    
    Today, we will discuss both kinds of FIREWORKS, with Chap Oscar.  Think about the fireworks in your life.-- Are they more negative or positive?  You want to convert the negative fireworks and create more of the positive fireworks.   

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    Universal Love and Universal Rights - Chap Oscar Smith

    in Spirituality

    The Bible  tells us to " LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF."  Imagine a world if people adhered to this.  The news is filled with anger, hatred and extremism that shows itself in wars and massive executions of innocent people.  It boggles the mind about the extent of Anti-Semitism and people denying African Americans their basic civil rights.  In many parts of the world, there  is also a denial of women's rights and gay rights, just to name a few ongoing issues.  

    Hear what Chap Oscar Smith has to say as we explore these HUGE problems.

    What can you do to make the world a better place?  I believe it starts with one person and one positive action at a time.  What positive action can you take?  What action will you take?  If not now, when?

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    "P" Successful - Chap Oscar Smith

    in Business

    Do you have what it takes to "P" Successful?  Chap Oscar Smith will guide you to do what it takes to "P' successful--VERY successful!


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    Mix 'n Match - Chap Oscar Smith

    in Relationships

    Are you saying "I DO" or "I DON'T" when it comes to relationships that are out of the box?
    Chap Oscar Smith will talk about whether it is wise to enter into a marriage where the differences might have people's eyes roll or set off a firestorm of controversy.  Examples: mixed marriages, HUGE age differences, same sex, political adversaries -- well, you get the idea... Listen in and come to your own conclusions.

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    Challenge Yourself to Win - Chap Oscar Smith

    in Motivation

    Chap Oscar Smith says it's time to get beyond doubt, fear and insecurity and challenge yourself to win.  On our March 4th show, Oscar talks about how to "P" Successful. http://www.tobtr.com/s/6151761  
    On today's show, Oscar asks if you "R" Ready.--
    Reactivate  -  Rethink  -  Reintroduce  -  Reconsturct  -  Refocus  -  Resolve  -  Redirect  -  Reconsider  -  Replenish  -  Recycle  -  Reinvent  and Reward Yourself.

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    Major World Religions - Pastor Timothy Henderson and Chap Oscar Smith

    in Religion

    Pastor Timothy Henderson and Chap Oscar Smith will discuss the major world religions.  The show is intended to be breaking barriers and building bridges to foster understanding and compassion between the different faiths.

    Judaism, Christianity (Protestants and Catholics), Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam and Hinduism will be covered.  Religion, or at least religious inquiry, is something that virtually all humans have in common. In all corners of the world and in all eras of history, people have wondered about the meaning of life, how to make the best of it, what happens afterwards, and if there is anyone or anything "out there." 

    The goal of today’s topic of Major World Religions is to provide reliable information — "just the facts" — on several Major World Religions and possibly provide answers to questions you may have. We will discuss religious rituals and customs that go along with various religious groups.

    We want to  give our audience a working knowledge of religious groups that are possibly different from us…Let us celebrate these differences and join together to make for a better world of harmony and peace.

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    The Audible Bible From Daniel Chap 6-12, Visions, Dreams, Daniel and The Lions

    in Social Networking

    As we are reading the book of Daniel, you will encounter God. As you are making that fresh encounter with God, ask the following questions: Does God seem to be absent from your daily life's actions and decisions? Does it looks like you are suffering more than ordinary? Do people who influence your life causing you to act in ways that are displeasing to God? The following questions as you are reading the book of Daniel will influence your decisions: Will you obey God no matter what it takes? Will you trust God even if everything in your life is an indication that He is absent? Will you choose to do the right things eventhough it looks like doing the wrong things seems to be personally more advantageous? Are willing to remain faithful to God even when everyone around you are not?  Think about how you would deal with persecution as you encountering God in the book of Daniel. Even when persecution tempting you to confess that God is dead in your life; it offers an easy way to stray from God, it inviting you to ignore God's word, making you thinking that perserving faith is foolishness and obeying God has no rewards, I encourage you to hold on to the Faith, keep on beleiving, trusting and relying on God; He is faithful!