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    Guest:Carina Schulze/Producer/Book Of Life/Channing Tatum

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    Carina Schulze is one of the co-founders of Chatrone, LLC with Aaron D. Berger. A native Brazilian from Sao Paulo, she moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA. Carina began her career in entertainment working for Bridget Johnson Films witch was nominated for Best Picture for AS GOOD AS IT GETS. She honed her development skills while
    the company went on to produce JOYRIDE and RIDING IN CARS WITH BOYS. Carina then worked for writer/director John Herzfeld (TWO DAYS IN THE VALLEY, DON KING) while he was in post-production on 15 MINUTES. Carina met Aaron Berger at his management and production company Quattro Media. She began working with premiere artists in the industry. Carina and Aaron founded Chatrone, LLC in April 2007. The company has many projects in various stages of development and production, including JUACAS, a Brazilian series about the
    thrilling world of competitive surfing, LIFEGUARD ACADEMY with FremantleMedia, and a TV series based on the Jonathan Lethem novel AMNESIA MOON with Tommy Pallotta (WAKING LIFE and A SCANNER DARKLY).Through Chatrone’s Brazilian office, Carina served as executive producer, head writer, and showrunner on two seasons of GABY ESTRELLA, a Brazilian series on GLOOB. In the feature realm, Carina produced BOOK OF LIFE alongside Aaron Berger and Guillermo Del Toro with Jorge Gutierrez directing. She has recently optioned the rights to THE DEATH OF ARTEMIO CRUZ by the late Carlos Fuentes. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    The Tatum Talks Welcomes DICK GREGORY!

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    The Entertainer.  The Civil Rights Activist.  The Legend.  

    The Tatum Talks is honored to have a sit down with Dick Gregory.  Tune in as we discuss the issues closest to his heart and how Blacks are progressing through his eyes. We'll focus specifically on Black Hollywood, current events with regards to Ferguson, MO, and his legacy. 

    This discussion is made possible by The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers who are hosting a fundraiser event Friday, November 21st, 2014 at 8p featuring Mr. Gregory.  

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    The Tatum Talks: Refusing a Label

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    Many of you heard the news about Raven Symone refusing to label herself as gay or African-American, and that caused an uproar among many.  Why?  Is it so bad to refuse to identify yourself in any form shape or fashion?  What about all that's happening in Shondaland?  She has several shows with black leads, but are they "black enough"?  We will also discuss the new movie "Dear White People" and how such an in-your-face film could affect race relations?

    Tune in, and let's get it in.

    The Tatum Talks!

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    The Best of The Tatum Talks: Spotlighting Black Men and Suicide

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    Chris Lighty.  Don Cornelius.  Lee Thompson Young.  These are just a few well known names of black men that have recently committed suicide.  They are not alone.  

    The CDC reported in 2010, suicide among young black males ages 15-24 was the 3rd leading cause of death, and black men are five times more likely to take their lives than black women.  

    Join us on this upcoming episode as welcome the producing and directing team of "Face of Darkness", a documentary focused on raising the awareness of depression in black males.  Squeaky Moore and K.T. Nelson will discuss what inspired them to create this film, as well as how we can bring help to the hopeless.

    Right here, on The Tatum Talks.  

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    The Tatum Talks: Married At First Sight's Monet Bell

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    Tune in for this new episode of "The Tatum Talks" as we are joined by Monet Bell from the addictive "Married at First Sight"!  We'll chat with her about her journey being involved with the groundbreaking experiment, the lessons she learned and any regret she may have after deciding to end her 5 week marriage with Vaughn.  We will also be joined by certified relationship coach, Sadie E. Sharp.

    Here's your chance to ask her the questions you've always wanted to know.  And if you don't, I will.

    This is an exciting one, y'all.


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    "The Name Of Jesus" - Guest Host, Bishop Louis Tatum

    in Religion

    Once again join Guest Host, Bishop Louis Tatum as he will be discussing the most powerful name on earth and in heaven, the name of Jesus!!!

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    "The Power Of Love" - Guest Host, Bishop Louis Tatum

    in Religion

    Join guest host Bishop Tatum as leads this most powerful discussion on the power and importance of Love!

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    :) Mystery Babylon Has Fallen 110% Yee prisoners of HOPE .With, Johnny&Channing

    in Motivation

    Welcome Again to { The Full Fledge Show }  the call in line is , 347-826-9733 . On The Full Fledge Show, Channing and Johnny are about to burst the bubble of those that cling on to false HOPE ! There is good news though. The dreamers of real hope have real hope, while the dreamers of false hope have no idea that they are clinging on to false hope. Channing and Johnny are here to warn y'all and make sure y'all are prepared.     Sound the trumpet watchmen .

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    The Tony Tatum Story: Surviving the bittersweet memories of a fatal carjacking

    in Motivation

    Join The New Dawn Live Show, this Monday at 7:00 PM EST, as we welcome our guest, Tony Tatum. 

    Tony will share his testimony about overcoming a fatal carjacking in 1993, which ended his best friend Lance Townsel's life. Also, how he lives with the bittersweet memory of having a gun jam, as the gun was placed to his head, in a murder attempt..

    Tune in, and be encouraged as Tony gives an account on how he processed, withstood, and overcame such trauma and devastation. Tony and his friends started out as singers/performers as teenagers. Lets see how this traumatic experience has impacted Tony’s LIFE and how Tony has in turn used it to rightfully impact THE WORLD.

    Mr. Tatum is well known in the Entertainment business. However, I'm most impressed with these following statements.

    "This 6-year-old child Elijah Dillard died by the abusive hands of his father. Join me and fight against child abuse. ?#‎Nomoreabuse"  ~Tony gives back

    "Gotta support the Saginaw kids!!! Positivity does exist throughout the madness." ~Tony gives back

    ~ Tony won the St. Lucia Contest and opened up for the Jacksons in Concert. While there, he entertained at least 300 children from Dame Pearlette Primary Union School - St. Lucia

    ~ Tributes to the Memory of Lance Townsel

    Call in at (267-521-0178) OR simply click on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/newdawnministriesllc              

     Q&A  following testimony. 

    The New Dawn Live Show created by New Dawn Ministries, LLC    

    Light For Overcoming Even the Darkest Of Nights

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    Tanya Tatum of The Tatum Talks on The Authentic Woman with Shannon Fisher

    in Women

    Shannon's guest this week is Tanya Tatum, moderator and producer of The Tatum Talks.  The Tatum Talks began as a series of informal discussions on Facebook and later grew into an open forum for discussing topics affecting the African-American community. Prior to producing TTT, she was the co-Host and Producer for “Live in the Vocal Booth” on BKS1Radio, a show that focused on national headlines.  Tanya serves as a regular op/ed contributor to EURweb.com and has been featured on The Ricky Smiley Morning Show, Essence Magazine and UniteWomen.org. Tanya earned  B.B.A. in Marketing from James Madison University. 

    Tanya has a specific passion for the progression of African-Americans in this country, and tonight we will discuss issues about race that are often misunderstood.  We hope to open some eyes, educate some minds and open a dialogue that we hope will continue past this show.  The only way to understand the experience of another person is to hear it in their own words.  Tonight, the topic will be race relations and the differences in several women's issues between African Americans and Caucasians. 

    The Authentic Woman is a radio show hosted by women's rights leader, Shannon Fisher, that offers perspectives on the female experience in America. The show delves deeply into the worlds of writers, artists, celebrities and community leaders, discovering their personal inspiration and passions. This podcast is owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. Thanks to our sponsor and website professional, Michael Lowndes, at www.pmlmedia.com.

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    The Tatum Talks: News You Can Use!

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    Tonight, on The Tatum Talks, join us as we discuss headlines from the week that everyone is talking about.  

    The L.A. woman that was punched in the face repeatedly by an officer of the law.
    Apollo Nida's 8 year sentence, and whether or not it was a just penalty.
    The controversial "N*gga in the White House" newspaper article.
    Joan Rivers calls Michelle Obama a "tranny"

    And plenty more...

    We promise it will be a good time.  Tune in and chime in!

    Sponsored by Rodan and Fields Independent Owner Stephanie Goode Kelley (stephaniekelly.myrandf.com)

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