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    Martha Hazzard Decker~Author/Paranormal Profiler

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    Martha Hazzard Decker

    Decker's been involved in investigating paranormal actively since 1999.  As a child Decker experienced a number of unexplained occurrences which triggered her long time interest in the unknown.  She retired in 2007 from law enforcement as assistant chief of police, negotiator, detective and instructor.  She founded East Texas Paranormal (ETP) in 2007. ETP often investigates private homes and businesses.  Decker has professional experience as an investigator; criminally and civilly, also as a writer and photographer. She had several of her photographs included in The Big Click coffee table photo book. Then in 1995, Decker received a first place award for specialty reporting from Associated Press. She decided to delve back into writing and photography and is working another nonfiction book along with writing for examiner.com as Dallas Paranormal.  She has articles in The Realm Paranormal Magazine and on other websites. Decker has two blogs, one on the paranormal and the other on life after 50. She has interviewed for newspaper and magazine articles.  Decker is commissioned through the Texas Supreme Court as a process server and serves documents for court appearances to individuals. She has been a guest on numerous paranormal radio shows and accepts speaking engagements for paranormal conferences. From the author, "After speaking on numerous radio shows and talking about investigations, Paranormal Profiling was born.  I added an assortment of information that includes interview questions, safety issues, a forensic kit and photographs from actual cases". Her book is available at Amazon: Paranormal Profiling

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    Played in all 52 of the Rebels’ games during his four-year career.

    2015: Played in every game with four starts at DE, while also serving as a standout on special teams ... Finished the season with 35 tackles, 6.5 tackles for loss, 3.0 sacks and three passes defended, all career highs

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    Prenatal Bonding with Barbara Decker CAPPA Faculty/Senior Advisor

    in Women

    On this episode of CAPPA Radio, Barbara Decker joins us to share her expertise regarding prenatal bonding.  Barbara is a Senior Advisor for CAPPA, and a member of the Faculty.  She has been a childbirth educator for 40+ years, a doula for 20 years, a HypnoBirthing Practitioner for 12+ years, and is a Registered Hypnotherapist.  Learn more about Barbara Decker's classes and training on her website Soul of Birthing.

    When considering how prenatal bonding can empower parents, Barbara believes, "We must educate them, support them, and acknowledge them by giving them the tools to recognize what strength they have in loving that baby in the womb.  The outcomes are healthier pregnancies, better birth experiences, and a child that is attached and loved from the womb to adult life."

    Learn more -




    Become a Prenatal Bonding Facilitator -


    Buy the books -

    The Greatest Pregnancy Ever

    The Attachment Pregnancy


    Shout Out - Adair McDonald is a newly certified Childbirth Educator (CCCE) with CAPPA.  She teaches childbirth education in South Bend, IN. Learn more www.blueheronbirth.com.

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    Bears 2016 Draft Breakdown, What Did the Other NFC North Teams Do?

    in Sports

    The 2016 NFL Draft is complete! The Chicago Bears filled many needs with their nine total picks, some of which came courtesy of GM Ryan Pace's draft day dealings. What should fans expect from each pick in their rookie season? Who will be a starter? Is there anything they should've done differently? Plus, I welcome in a special guest to talk about the other NFC North teams and how their drafts could affect the upcoming season! Call in at 347.327.9183! BECAUSE CHICAGO LOVES SPORTS. 

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    The PODcast #33: Reviewing the NFL Draft, recap from Chicago

    in Football

    A massive crew across the nation checks in as Chris, Jeremy, Jerry, Kyle, Ryan and Alex all chime in on the 2016 NFL Draft and the Pride Of Detroit invasion in Chicago. The guys break down their favorite moments from the draft and talk about every pick the Detroit Lions made, from Taylor Decker to Jake Rudock to A'Shawn Robinson to Jimmy Landes. They break down each guy, what it means for the Lions moving into 2016 and if the pick can start right now or if they'll need some time, or if they're a project. For the first time, the PODcast also features the calls from Pride Of Detroit readers and Lions fans who left reactions to the draft.

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    in Higher Education

    Frank McManus has been taking care of his penis for well over 40 years and he encourages everyone to eat at least AN OUNCE OF SALT PER DAY to stay in OPTIMUM HEALTH! Frank's "highly skeptical world view," simply a form of having a DEEPLY CONSPIRATORIAL MIND, is laid out here at his webpage (https://howtotakecareofyourpenis.wordpress.com/) 

    "One of the symptoms of being a well balanced man is to have a fully functioning penis; one that is capable of engaging in sex, reproduction, urination and controlling urine flow.  From this thought comes the title of this blog." 

    "So important is salt to humans that our taste buds are specifically designed to detect its presence in our food...Unlike sodium, however, the importance of chloride to the human is far less well documented.  In fact, at the time of typing this note, 12 July 2015, there has NEVER been a medical study undertaken to establish the optimum levels of chloride intake for maximising human health...The covenant between man and The Creator, according to the Old Testament, is sealed with salt.  That same text tells us that God specifically requested that offerings to The Almighty be well seasoned with salt...Despite our total dependence upon adequate levels of salt in our bodies to maintain our life function, we are told by the various public health authorities that salt is bad for us and that we should restrict our salt intake to as low 5gms per day (WHO and VicHealth for example)." 

    "The readers are given notice that I have had no medical training, and nothing written here shall be construed as medical advice." ~Frank McManus 


    FRANK MCMANUS, AN OUNCE OF SALT PER DAY http://www.big-lies.org/salt/ HE SELLS SALT, BUY SOME SALT FROM HIM!!!!!!!!! 

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    Lucifer 1x11 – St. Lucifer | Review

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    SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #155 - Lucifer 1x11 – St. Lucifer | Review - The Devil doesn't know that doing good feels good. The Devil isn't very smart on this show. A wealthy philanthropist, Tim Dunlear, is murdered, and it’s up to Lucifer and Detective Decker to figure out who did it. Meanwhile, Lucifer realizes that doing good feels good (leading him to experiment with do-gooding, Maze boinks Amenadiel, and Dan who somehow isn’t dead, has words with Malcolm before escaping Malcolm’s hungry, hungry clutches.

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    Lucifer 1x12 #TeamLucifer | Review

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    SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #160 - Lucifer 1x12 #TeamLucifer | Review - The punches connect, and so does this episode of Lucifer -- FINALLY!  A ritualistic satanic sacrifice has Lucifer up in arms while attempting to remain at arms length from Det Decker after realizing that she makes him mortal.  The suspect in the murder then turns up sacrificed as well, and some clues point to Lucifer while another points to a disturbed street preacher who accosts Lucifer in public.  Of course, it is Malcolm, formerly of Hell, who rescues Lucifer from harming the preacher publicly, and of course it is Malcolm who is caught quite literally red-handed.  Lucifer is livid that Malcolm would do such things in his honor, but Amenadiel shows up to confront Lucifer about Maze (who has been having sex with Amenadiel and kinda almost killed Amenadiel with a demon blade before hesitating because of her feelings, but Amenadiel caught her and doesn’t realize her feelings…  So big fight between Lucifer and Amenadiel. Maze brings them the daggers and tells them to kill each other because she’s done being their pawns. Amenadiel leaves. Lucifer begins to drink and nurse his wounds, and Chloe comes by, but puts Lucifer under arrest when she finds the street preacher murdered beside the bar.

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    in Spirituality

    I met Bob about 9 years ago at a place called 'Griffins Loft', and recieved a fantastic reading! Through the years we have kept in touch, and  he has read his Tarot cards on 'YOUAREAHEALER' once or twice before in the early days of its broadcast.

     Bob Decker, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist with specialty training in Past Life Regression. He is a member in good standing with the National Guild of Hypnotists, the National Federation of Neuro-linguistic Programmers, the International Association for Regression Research and Therapy, and the International Hypnosis Federation  and he has been reading Tarot cards for over 20 years.

    Bob can read your past, present, and future without asking any questions up front. He also uses an oracle called the Cartouche from which the accurcacy of his readings is renowned. This Friday  Bob will be with us once again to share the wisddom , knowldege and spiritual guidance with which he has been blessed. To join us on the air, 646-478-5120 or  http://tobtr.com/8736043

     . As always remember, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us".

    Reverend Sharon

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    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview BEN GLEIB of GSN"s The IDIOTEST.

    IDIOTEST, based on the highly popular app game, gives two pairs of contestants the opportunity to face off in several rounds of deceptively simple tests, whose answers actually require a keen eye, quick mind and heightened sense of logic. Every question involves a colorful and often whimsical scene that tests observation and attention to detail as much it tests general knowledge.  Contestants play the game on giant touch screens in the center of the set, trying to win money…or at least not look stupid.

    Ben Gleib is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the hit TV show “IDIOTEST”now in its second season on GSN. He also was a round table regular on "CHELSEA LATELY”on E!throughout its seven year run, appearing on the show over 100 times.Esquire named him one of “Six comedians who could be comedy’s next big thing.” He is the voice of Marshall the Sloth in 20th Century Fox’s “ICE AGE – CONTINENTAL DRIFT” which is the #2 animated movie of all-time internationally. He also voices the character Dali in the movie “THE BOOK OF LIFE” starring Channing Tatum. Recently he was also seen on the COMEDY CENTRAL show@MIDNIGHT. He worked for THE OSCARS, hosting The Academy’s first ever “Oscar Roadtrip,” which was featured on ABC’s “OSCARS PRE-SHOW.”

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    Omaha Storm Chasers Media Day

    in Baseball

    In this bonus episode, we include audio from Omaha Storm Chasers Media Day.

    You'll hear from Brett Eibner, Jose Martinez, Storm Chasers manager Brian Poldberg, and new Storm Chaser Cody Decker.

    A big thank you to Clint Scoles for providing the audio. Follow him on Twitter at @ClintScoles.

    Follow the Vault at @KCBaseballVault. Follow host Jeff Herr at @TheJeffReport, co-host Michael Engel at @michaelengel. You can also email feedback to KansasCityBaseballVault@gmail.com. If you want to hear more stuff like this, let us know.

    And keep checking BPKansasCity.com for podcast updates and Royals analysis.