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    Defeat High Cholesterol With These Tips

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    Are you stressing out over your diagnosis of high Cholesterol? Okay. The news isn’t good. You are having all kinds of thoughts: “It runs in my family. It’s hereditary. I’ve tried everything. I don’t want to have to take medicine. What can I do?”

    You are not alone. Others have played those same tapes over and over in their own mind. You can’t keep thinking, wondering and hoping, now is the time to do something about it.

    Your health is in your hands. Begin the steps to taking charge is what this show is all about. Join Frank and Blondie Clayton, along with guest Nutritionist Vera Stevens for tips on how to get over your self-defeating feelings and thoughts to re-create a NEW YOU!


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    You Can Become Unstoppable, Create Action and Boost Your Confidence Now!

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    The power is in your hands to shape up your life. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and doing nothing, going nowhere; stuck in the same o, same o? Are you ready to say goodbye to the old messes and embrace the new YOU?

    If so, join Frank and Blondie Clayton for a walk through the minefields of life into a wakeup call. It just might surprise you what you will learn and even better it just might be your turning point moment.

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    Eating On A Budget Without Breaking The Bank

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    Feeding your family healthy, nutritious meals while staying on a budget can seem overwhelming. Do you dread going to the grocery store? Sticking to a few simple tips can help make grocery shopping more enjoyable and cost effective. Once you have made a commitment, decisions get much easier to make and eventually can become new more positive habits.

    Vera Stevens, Nutritionist, Health Educator and Personal Trainer will join Frank and Blondie Clayton to discuss how to stretch your budget to eat healthy and balanced meals.

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    6- Starting Points For A Healthy Life That Should Not Be Ignored

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    You are more than just your physical existence? Yes, you should be concerned with what you put into your temple to eat or drink, but there is more that makes up your overall health than food and drink.

    How about your emotions? Did you know that your emotions play a role in your health outcomes? Have you ever been stressed out? How did that impact you?

    Vera Stevens, Nutritionist, Health Educator and Personal Trainer will join Frank and Blondie Clayton to discuss how to pull it all together for optimal performance.


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    Rashana - Changing Lives with The Freedom Release Technique

    in Spirituality

    Call in to the show 215-383-5711 to speak with our guest Rashana.

    Rashana has been offering a variety alternative therapies for fifteen years.  Her work began as a Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, sound practitioner and in shamanic training.  More recently she has created The Freedom Release Technique, a life-changing method of identifying and clearing subconscious beliefs to support others in moving into their limitless potential.

    As well Rashana is a channel of The Council of Nine and is able to receive messages from trees.  Rashana has written several books including You Get What You Believe, The Spiritual Seeker's Guide to Happiness (channeled from the Council) and Conversations with a Tree. 

    Rashana has appeared on The Dragons' Den with Rashana Sound Essences and on several radio shows. Her latest venture is co-founder of the Mind Your Business Seminars taking her work with subconscious clearing into the business world, helping entrepreneurs clear any limitations that keep them from success,  Her greatest passion is supporting others in their journey back to wholeness.

    Find out more about Rashana and her incredible technique at www.rashana.ca

  • Your Health and How to Season Food For A Healthy Lifestyle

    in Lifestyle

    What are you eating? How is it prepared? Are you struggling with food tasting too bland, yet your health issues dictate a change? Would you like to eat healthy and still enjoy good tasting food?

    Join Frank and Blondie Clayton, along with guest nutritionist, health educator and trainer, Vera Stevens, for a lively discussion on your health and how to season your food and still enjoy the flavor and stay healthy.


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    What do You Know About the Water You Drink?

    in Lifestyle

    Have you fallen for advertising gimmicks when it comes to the water you drink? Do you really know whether what you are drinking is safe? Are you really getting the best water for the money?

    This week’s show will center around reviewing drinking water as many of us know it and educating ourselves on the impact of the water we drink. Vera Stevens, Health Educator will share valuable information to assist us in making the right choices for our optimal health and well being.

    Join Frank and Blondie Clayton for another eye opening health and lifestyle change moment.       


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    ASHE!!! Orishas are Changing Lives

    in Radio

    This show is going to be about the workings of Orishas in Santeria and Vodou and the general steps to most African Spirits. ASHE OGGUN and all the Orishas and African Spirits!!!!

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    How Are Things Between You and God?

    in Lifestyle

    What are you focused on? What is stealing your God focus? How often do you read, or think of spiritual things? Are you distracted by family, work, or health issues?

    This show will focus on areas which hinder spiritual growth and understanding. It is a look inward to tear down spiritual pride and spot lights spiritual self-exaltation, qualities most would not admit to, especially among believers.

    Join Frank and Blondie Clayton as they walk through the word for life changing answers. 

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    Weight Loss: Eat Your Way to A Slimmer You

    in Lifestyle

    Struggling with your weight? Are you tired of trying new weight loss plans? Have you tried and tried but you just can’t get control of your weight? Don’t give up!

    Join Frank and Blondie Clayton, along with guest nutritionist Vera Stevens for an evening that will change your life forever.

    Dropping the extra pounds does not have to mean eating specialized meals, or strenuous workouts, although exercise is important to enhancing your physical looks. Vera Stevens, personal trainer and health educator reveals some overlooked and often forgotten basics.

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    Interview with the founder of Bridge of Hope, Sheri Briggs - changing lives

    in Self Help

    Hear from the founder of one of the most successful community centers in the nation.  PACEsetter Sheri Briggs' Bridge of Hope supplies tons of food to those in need, as well as clothing and furniture to refugees from around the world.  Hear how she and her amazing organization are transforming lives in unparalleled ways.

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