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    Henry McCollum and Leon Brown Pardoned - Meet their advocates and attorneys

    in Politics Progressive

    "Victory! Henry McCollum and Leon Brown Received Official Pardons from North Carolina's Governor after 31 years in prison for a wrongful conviction of rape and murder. They were initially on death row. Their advocates, Pointer & Weeks, Inc., and attorneys, Appeals Law Group, will be our guests on Human Rights Demand channel, where callers are always invited to HAVE YOUR SAY. Call to speak at 347.857.3293, or listen to the broadcast live or on tape using your Internet connection. All our Human Rights Demand shows are archived for your convenience to hear any time, 24/7. 

    Several months ago, Kim Weekes contacted her business partner, Deborah Pointer to discuss what they could do to help the brothers, who were living in dire straits. See their release http://youtu.be/_wNSv6cJchY >>  Deborah and Kim decided to put their commitment to advocacy into action. They launched a successful petition on Change.org. and secured attorneys, (Attorneys Patrick Megaro and Scott Brettschneider). They helped to negotiate a cash advance for the brothers and organized a rally in front of NC Governor McCrory’s office to secure a pardon for the two innocent men.

    Kim Weekes has been actively involved in advocacy and community outreach projects in Atlanta and Baltimore. She has worked with Operation Rainbow Push, National Action Network, and Hosea Williams' “Feed the Hungry Drive." Kim Weekes developed the Rev. Joseph Lowery “Clean Green and Honor Project” and  volunteers with voter outreach and registration. 

    Deborah Pointer is a Peabody Award winner for “Excellence in Television” and has been nominated twice for the NAACP Image Award and received the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe Award for Def Poetry. She currently teaches a class on being a community organizer at Metropolitan College in NYC.

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    Healing4innerpeace Welcomes Vanaja Ananda

    in Self Help

    Vanaja takes a holistic approach to achieving health and happiness. She works with people of all ages, particularly those with depression, anxiety, stress and attention issues. She has learned extraordinary techniques to help people self-heal imbalances in the body that lead to angina, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, kidney malfunction, obesity, cancer, neurological issues and more. The kayakalpa self-empowerment program is designed to help people achieve optimum health and a disease-free body.

    https://magnificentbeginnings.wordpress.com/about/ https://www.facebook.com/EducationalHealing

    Dreams Are Reality synopsis - http://www.edu-healing.com/#!dreams-are-reality/cvbi

    Self Healing Event - https://www.facebook.com/events/366101126907036/

    Magnificent Beginnings About https://magnificentbeginnings.wordpress.com/about/


    Petition of Change.org

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    For Your Pop Culture & Political Needs, Check Out The Grindhouse, This Sat., 6pm

    in Politics Conservative

    Hola, to all our loyal listening compatriots!  Check out the latest episode of Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse show airing this Saturday at 6pm eastern.  For those intimately familiar with our Grindhouse broadcast, it is essentially a sonic version of a cinematic double feature with Comic Shoppe as the opening act and Afronerd Radio for the final epilogue starting at 7pm.  Join Daryll B., Dburt and Capt. Kirk for the Comic Shoppe segment when they address the following pulp flavored issues:  Daryll's take on last week's release of Guardians of the Galaxy film; and conversely Dburt waxes on the New TMNT film; Daryll McDaniels of the legendary hip hop group RUN_DMC promotes a new comic book venture at the Boston Comic Con; the crew finally unpacks on the recent Esquire blog piece entitled, "Are Black Superheroes  Good for Black People?"; highlighting the Black panels at last week's SDCC; Zack Snyder defends Aquaman on a Detroit radio show and lastly, a new Black themed book alert-Top Cow's Genius releases issue #2 next week.  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

    And then there's Afronerd Radio batting "clean up" at 7pm.  Join Dburt and Capt. Kirk as they analyze the following topics: is a Change.org petition challenging music artists and record companies to stop degrading Black people/culture a strong enough tactic? Why not a class action suit? a recent USATODAY piece puts the focus on a booming tech economy that is allegedly fueling an urban renaissance.  The question remains-how can Blacks and Latinos take advantage of this especially if it's occurring within or adjacent to their neighborhoods? ; hip hop artist, Busta Rhymes' new  "swagger wagon commercial causes a stir on Black Twitter and The Root critiques a new app called the "Sketch Factor.   

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    A Feces & Giggles Reboot! The Grindhouse Mixtape @Afronerd Radio, Sat. @6pm

    in Politics Conservative

    Konichiwa. Ladies and Gents!  Welcome to another fantastic sonic voyage courtesy of Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse broadcast airing this Saturday at 6pm (EST).  Since our comrade in arms, Daryll B. is vacationing, we will conduct another "mixtape-mashup" show focusing on the latest pop, pulp and political news events.  Join your hosts, Dburt and Capt. Kirk as their colloquium covers the following issues:  the crew at Afronerd Radio Dburt bore witness to the latest Marvel event, The Guardians of the Galaxy (as it seems poised for a 100m weekend boxoffice take); Dburt also checks out the James Brown biopic, Get on Up; a part two discourse on the Stephen A. Smith suspension and his controversial domestic violence rant; Shadow and Act's Sergio Mims ponders why director, Woody Allen "won't hire a Black actor unless the role calls for one" ; Fear of a Black Panel-the Racialicious blog highlights San Diego Comic Con's diversity panels; the NYPD Eric Graner chokehold death case has been ruled a homicide; in Net neutrality news, some civil rights ogranizations are coming forward to support government and corporate control of the cyberwebs (huh?); is a Change.org petition challenging artists and record companies to stop degrading Black people/culture a strong enough tactic? Why not a class action suit? And lastly, a new USATODAY piece puts the focus on a booming tech economy that is allegedly fueling an urban renaissance.  The question remains-how can Blacks and Latinos take advantage of this especially if it's occurring within or adjacent to their neighborhoods? Call live at 646-915-9620.  And in the inimitable words of (Marvel's) Thor...Speak mortals, Afronerd commands it! 

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    For Current Events & Pop Culture-Mid Week in Review @Afronerd Radio, Wed @7:30pm

    in Politics Conservative

    Moni Bambo/Moni Mayi to our ever faithful and vigilant listeners!  Welcome to another fiery and fun fact finding mission courtesy of Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review!  Join Dburt and Capt, Kirk as they unravel the following current event laden topics:  we finally address a recent Esquire blog piece that pondered,  "Are Black Superheroes  Good for Black People?" ; discussing the untimely passing of actor/comedian, Robin Williams; Dburt waxes on a Brilliant Idiots podcast and their confused analysis of "White privilege"; yet another Black teenager (this time in Ferguson, Missouri) dies at the hands of police (but they're dying by other violent means and in true Afronerdic fashion, does the reason matter when the result is the same?); and in response to the teen's tragic death, a writer for The Root laments on the difficulty of raising Black boys;  we finally highlight NY Knickerbocker, Carmelo Anthony's foray into venture capital investing of tech companies as well addressing the urban tech boom rennaissance; Dburt noticed that a new School of Rock music instruction franchise has opened up on Long Island but will minority children be encouraged to take advantage? and lastly, if time permits, perhaps we can continue Saturday's heated discussion relating to the Change.org petition of the record industry for degrading women in the hip hop music genre.  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.  

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    Dance Chat Season 1 (Ep. 12) It's National Dance Week, Evan Ruggiero

    in Entertainment

    It's Wednesday and time for Dance Chat! Join host Randy Coleman for a very special National Dance Week tribute show with the latest in what's HOT and TRENDING... with our "Break the Floor" segment! Then by popular demand we will revisit a conversation we had back in Feb with the Dynamic Evan Ruggiero! If you have not heard Evan's story.... simply you MUST! Also a Centerstage Award winner checks in and our ever popular "Run it by Randy" where you get a chance to call, email or message any question you want to Randy! Dance Chat always exciting, always a safe, fun and thought provoking place to hear the latest in the Entertainment and Dance world!  Join us LIVE on Wednesday from 6-7PM  CST!  It is TIME to CHAT about it! www.blogtalkradio.com/dancechat  

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    Sister Laurel, SCOTUS Decision on campaign funds and a bit on Atheism

    in Christianity

    In this re-airing, Sacerdotus speaks on the situation with Sister Laurel who has been the topic of discussion in the Catholic blogosphere. Sister Laurel is a Dominican sister who teaches at Aquinas College.  She gave a talk at a Catholic high school to teenagers on Saint John Paul II's "Theology of the Body."  Her talk was met with protest as one female student went on change.org to gather petitions renouncing what was supposedly said by the religious sister. Sister Laurel is accused of being homophobic, using antiquated data regarding sexuality and the family.  Read more here: 



    Blogger Sacerdotus also speaks on the "Bishop Bling" scandals that have been on the news.  see:



    He also addresses some arguments used by atheists against God, faith and religion as well as the SCOTUS decision allowing donors to political campaigns to donate as much as they want without limit. 



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    The Disturbing Case of Joquan Wallace, Guests - Brenda Cherry & Creola Cotton

    in Sports

    Brenda Cherry's Change.org petition has already received over 100,000 signatures, but felony charges have yet to be dropped for Joquan Wallace, a student and accomplished athlete at Paris High School in Texas.  Wallace received permission from his teacher to use the restroom, but ended up with a trip to the emergency room, two felony charges, and potential loss of sports scholarships. According to numerous witness, Wallace was the victim, not the perpetrator. What happened and what can be done?

    POPSspot welcomes Brenda Cherry, President and Co-Founder of Concerned Citizens for Racial Equality, who is fighting to get the felony charges dropped and allow Joquan to graduate with his sister. Similar incidents and institutional racism are nothing new in Paris, Texas. We will also be joined by Creola Cotton, mother of ShaQuanda Cotton the 14 year-old who made national headlines in 2007 after shoving a hall monitor and receiving an initial prison sentence for 7 years. We will get an update on ShaQuanda's case and current status, and how we can support efforts to combat the school-to-prison pipeline.

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    National Autistic and Aids Activism with Morénike Onaiwu

    in Health

    Morénike Onaiwu is a national advocate doing work on two important fronts.  She is an Autistic Advocate and a Healthcare Activist for HIV positive women, children and families. Morénike has an active petition on over on change.org to keep the Ryan White Aids funding intact, as it is in jeopardy of being eliminated.

    It's interesting how much the autism and aids communities have in common. In both, there are parallels: first, the two appear quite different; yet, both are stigmatized, and are harmed more by people's inaccurate perceptions of their diagnoses than the actual diagnoses itself.

    Both have parent advocates speaking for people with the diagnoses instead of letting people speak for themselves. And with both, the groups that are forgotten, too often get left out (adult Autistics get less services than Autistic children; "high-risk" HIV+ subgroups get more funding than women and children, etc.)

    We're broadcasting live, and taking your calls at (347) 237-4932. Our chat room will be open throughout the show as well! Show times: 10:00 am PST, 11:00 am MST, 12:00 CST, 1:00 pm EST (Scheduled times are USA zones. To determine when our live show will broadcast outside the U.S., go to WorldTimeServer.com.

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    Natural Death or Murder in Burlington County Jail Mt. Holly NJ.

    in Legal

     75 year old Robert Taylor went to Burlington County Jail in Mt. Holly, NJ for a $96.00 ticket.  In December of 2013, a 75-year-old   Robert Taylor, homeless man died in Burlington County Jail while strapped in a “turtle suit” and lying in a pool of urine and feces, according to a supervisor inside the facility. 50-year-old Jerome Iozzia, collapsed and died in the same jail on Feb. 25, just a day or so after writing about Robert Taylor's demise to his fiancee' on outside of the walls. You may assist by joining the call/email campaign & Signing The Petition.Contact the Freeholders to demand the immediate removal of Warden Artis. Please pass this on to family and friends. Call and ask that Warden Artis is removed        609-265-5020 .  E-mail and ask that Warden Artis is removed:  freeholders@co.burlington.nj.us Sign This Change.org Petition http://tinyurl.com/pgau7gk


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    Interview With Activist Barbara Napoles

    in Environment

    Barbara Napoles is a resident of Florida and considers herself a marine mammal advocate.

    She is an avid sailor, navigator and captain of her own ship. Barbara speaks up for the dolphins. Her advocacy started after helping out at a rough-tooth stranding in the Florida Keys back in 2005. She’s participated in a couple of strandings.

    After watching The Cove and episodes of Blood Dolphins she knew that she needed to do something for the wonderful beings that she’s met while sailing the oceans. She has joined forces with Ric O’Barry from Dolphin Project but will help out any organization that needs her. She’s created many petitions with Change.org. some with over a 100,00 signatures.

    Barbara has personally delivered the signatures from her petitions to several Washington DC Embassies. While in DC she participated in the NOAA public hearing to ban the import of Belugas. She has two yearly events in Miami Florida at the Japanese Consulate and attends protests at the Miami Seaquarium and SeaWorld. She is also an avid spokesperson for Lolita.

    Find Barbara on Twitter:  @DolphinRescuer

    Facebook page: Save the Blood Dolphins 

    Her blog is called: Dolphinelle .wordpress.com.

    Her Email: SaveBloodDolphins@gmail.com.

    Co-admin Champions for Cetaceans