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    Join the 'Let's Change the WORLD' Movement

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    On this show, we encourage everyone to join the 'Let's Change the WORLD' Movement, by recognizing current members and the positive change they make in the lives of others and in their respective communities. This is a Membership Drive! 

    The movement is all about everyone doing whatever little we can, no matter how small, to positively impact the life of at-least one other or to positively impact our community. And if we all do whatever little we can, then together, we can 'Change the WORLD'.

    We invite you to learn how the movement encourages networking and unity to drive change. Learn about our philosophy and about the difference that is being made in communities across the nation and around the world, as a result of this movement.

    You may be a member already and don't even know it. If you make a difference, then we want to hear from you on this show. Share with us what you do. If you want to make a difference and don't know how; call in, we can help. If you know someone who is making a difference, we want to recognize them for their efforts. If you have a story to share; call in and share it, because it might inspire someone else!

    Our discussion will focus on recognizing the unsung heroes who get little or no recognition and also on recognizing those who deserve more recognition. It will focus on the value of giving back, Role Model and Mentoring and on the value of Random Acts of Kindness. 

    This Sunday, March 30th, at 7:00 pm, E.S.T., just click this link or dial 818-739-8909 to listen by phone, from anywhere! Just dial 1 to join our on air discussion... Please spread the word!

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    'Let's Change the WORLD'... Real Talk...

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    Join us on Sunday, October 26th, at 7:00 PM, E.S.T., as we launch our new show format, which will include our brand new Real Talk Segment... That's right; no more pre-set topics. We want to keep up with the speed of news and current events. And as a weekly show, the only way we can do that is to let you, as 'The Listener', drive the agenda...

    Beginning with this show, simply call in and discuss whatever is on your mind, at the time. No subject or topic is off limits. It will be Open Mic... We expect the show to be much more spontaneous; therefore, much more exciting and fun! At the same time, it will better serve you, the listener... 

    Don't worry, we will still have our weekly Books and Music that 'Change the WORLD' Segment and we will still deliver the statistics, the data, the education and we will still recognize those people and organizations who make a difference. We will also still help those who we are able to help. Our show will continue to be a show that tries to make a difference

    And as always, this will continue to be your show and your opportunity to let your voice be heard. We are all about giving regular, every day people a voice.

    Just click this link or dial 818-739-8909 to listen by phone, from anywhere. 

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    IF you want to change the world start by making your bed..If you listen to this show it just might change your life! More talk on movies.Break through on the Tournament Of Films The birth of a new distribution for your films and music (Including of spanish friends)

  • Change the World Through the Power of Profit - Shel Horowitz

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    Businesses small and large can change the world with an idea...with profit motives as powerful tools for turning hunger & poverty into sufficiency, war into peace, and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance. Learn how with Shel Horowitz, author, speaker, and Green Business Profitability Expert.

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    One Person Can Change The World

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    All it takes is one person to change the world. Everything you were blessed with is for a reason: your arms, legs, and voice. Try new things that help you find who you are really meant to be. If you know who you are and use those pieces that make you you, then you can change the world.

    Just think of it this way, you are a star in the darkest of nights shinning bright for someone to follow. Eventually, someone will follow you to the ends of the earth, and that's when you know you have truly made a difference in that person's life.

    I challenge you to go change the world, one step at a time and one word at a time.

  • Change your mind, change your world Ted Ciuba

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    Ted Ciuba, brilliant author of the "New Think and Grow Rich, " the contemporary version of the Napoleon Hill book, does it again.   
    Ted invites you to "change your mind and change your world.  In a nutshell, here's how:
    Change the Causes                                         Forget the Symptoms                                       Reset Your Paradigms

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    The Power to Change the World: Interview with Rev. Larry Fryer

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    Interview Rev. Larry Fryer about his success to empower and change communities through his “Judge Not” Mentoring Project.: From the Courtroom to the Classroom A program with fifteen Judges from the State, Superior, magistrate, probate, civil, courts. The United States Department of education and state board of education endorse this milestone incentive as a means to offer life choices through mentoring. Appointed to represent One Church, One Goal: A Chance to Change with the Ashley Wright D. A.He’s founder of the (SCLC) Augusta Branch 2010. His current Bishop is Kenneth W. Caarter of the 6th Episcopal District; CME Church, Ga. Rev. Fryer is on the National Board of One Church, One School.Rev. Fryer is noted for his community activism. He has helped to get a number of men and women pardons, paroled or assigned community services for crimes committed. Some of these persons were looking at 10-25 years, but the court showed favor with stipulations. He and Mr. Tim Sneal have worked closely on community projects with results. Pastor Fryer has helped to raise thousands of dollars for student scholarships, food, clothing, school supplies,computers, printers, home repairs, transportation and much more for students and others inneed. His work with world and national figures is commended.He was a leader in some $35,000.00 in monies and gifts to help Tubma

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    Real Talk...

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    Show airs this Sunday, 02/08/2015, at 7:00 PM, E.S.T. 

    On this show, we will be interviewing Weitht Loss Expert, Health, Wellness and Fitness Coach and Siritual Growth Expert Rae "The Galvanizer" Watson on our Books and Music that 'Change the WORLD' Segment.

    Join our Real Talk Segment, as we discuss Immigration Reform, the Executive Actions President Obama is attempting to take and hear real stories of Immigrants who are affected.

    This year promises to be bigger and better than ever! More guests, more entertainment and of-course, more opportunities for you to join our on air, international discussions. 

    Remember, this show is your opportunity to let your voice be heard. Please spread the word... Every Sunday, at 7:00 PM, E.S.T. Just click this link or dial 818-739-8909 to listen by phone, from anywhere.

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    Writing and Teaching to Change the World

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    Authors of the book, Writing and Teaching to Change the World, discuss their teacher inquiry process and their argument for assembling specific conditions that allow critical pedagogy to emerge. Teacher-authors discuss key aspects of their individual chapters, including their writing process and how the writing process impacted them as educators and writers.


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    Nelson Mandela... "How to Change the WORLD"

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    As we mourn the loss of Nelson Mandela, it is important that we not just morun the legend; but that we understand the truth about how this man was, what he stood for, what he accomplished and the impact he has had around the world.

    It is also important to identify any lessons that should be learned and to be honest about any lessons we have not learned. 

    On Sunday, December 8th, at 6:00 PM, EST., just click this link or dial 818-739-8909 to share your thoughts about this man, his life and/or Race in South Africa, the United States and the world. How far have we come and how far do we have to go? We won't to here your views...

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