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    Join Us thursday night 7GMT , 8pm CAT When we host Zambia Police Spokesperson Ms Charity Munganga Chanda as we discuss how Zambia Police  hopes to tackle the murders , road mishaps and the service the provide to the community.

    Listen in on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/politicalcrossfire 

    Call in on 00 1 347 838 8065(USA)  , 00 44 114 360 1992 (UK) or SKYPE : CrossFireZambia 

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    Ask MomRN Show

    in Family

    A new app called Gradestar, shows that rewarding children for tasks in a meaningful way actually helps them achieve more in the short term and also helps them develop better habits in the long run.  Co-founder Dmitriy Druk discusses how fun, play and making a game out of homework can help improve students' academic success.

    Obesity continues to be a major health issue in this country.  And research just released shows an alarming percentage of infants as young as 9 months are already being fed a diet that’s too low in vegetables and whole grains and with sugar and sodium levels that are too high. Nicole Silber is a pediatric dietician and a Beech-Nut nutrition consultant and joins us to talk more about the survey results and what parents need to know.

    Olympic Medal Winner Chanda Gunn, who is living with epilepsy, and Dr. Blanca Vazquez, Director of Clinical Trials and the International Program at the NYU Epilepsy Center and Director of NYU/Lutheran Epilepsy Program, join us to discuss a new comic book aimed at kids with epilepsy and bringing awareness to this condition.

    Andrea Shin, MD, a practicing gastroenterologist and assistant research professor of medicine at Indiana University, Indianapolis, joins us to discuss steps patients can take to help manage the various forms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

    American Chronic Pain Association CEO and Pain Specialist Dr. Anita Gupta and  Penney Cowan, Founder and CEO of the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA), explain how to talk to your doctor about pain management.

    Travel expert Julia Dimon shares tips on how to turn weekend getaways into adventures this Spring!

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    The Southern Passion Lounge with Chef Amadeus

    in Food

    Welcome to The Southern Passion Lounge with Chef Amadeus where the industry comes to hangout. This week stopping from Sweetie Pies is Chef Chanda Clark. Kieth Rydth from Foodie USA will stop by to talk about upcoming events. Tan Daniel from the Georgia Restaurant Association will let us know whats tasty over the boarder. Also to give us a recap on Hells Kitchen is Chef Kenna. In the Farmers Report we will talk about recipes using fresh vegetables in some great winter soups. 

    We will also give updates on the Backpack project and The Southern Passion Spices.




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    Zambian Plough Back New Year's Eve Ball

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    Join a consortium of non-profit organizations based in the United States which are operated by Zambians who are making a meaningful change in the nation of Zambia, as they share a colaboration effort of their organizations coming together to foster financial mobilization strategies to enhance the work of their non-profits to greater heights. On Thursday December 31, 2015 they a first of its kind; Plough Back New Year's Eve Ball which will also showcase Zambia's top entertainers.

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    Kerry forgetful! - Obama Forgetful! or Liars?

    in Politics

    Hr1  Please pray for those affected by the Lafayette, LA shooting. More senseless deaths in a gun-free zone.

    Pundit Michael Hausam talks John Kerry, Iran, and nukes.

    “Nobody has ever talked about dismantling their whole program.” That's not what John Kerry said 2 yrs ago. And there's video to prove it!

    Today is... National Hot Dog Day! They need better advertising.

    Hr2  Transgender teen upset that boys don't flirt with her like her girlfriends. Welcome to the teen years. It happens.

    Obama said "God bless you" to Planned Parenthood. As if God would bless an organization killing babies. Confused.

    Obama says we don't have common sense gun safety laws. What "improvement" would he propose?

    Hr 3  Dr. Marc Lamont Hill tells white people why they’re not allowed to say ‘all lives matter.’

    Gay baker calls fellow LGBT's "bullies" for forcing others to bake their cakes.

    Mother of murdered Marine says she's not surprised that she hasn't received a condolence call.

    Angry black queer ciswoman Chanda Hsu Prescod-Weinstein says she wants “to burn the tent of whiteness down” and “white power” was a principle of the American founding.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Wendy Chanda Mutale

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    Wendy Chanda Mutale is the founder & president of Touch of an Angel a nonprofit organization providing basic necessities to newborn babies to underprivileged mothers at Kaniki area clinic of Ndola rural. Touch of an Angel has taken its operations to another level with new partners by hosting ‘A Child’s Hope’ first annual charity event on Saturday March 29, 2014 in Norcross, Georgia. Special guests at the event include Zambia’s celebrated musician and superstar B1. Join us on PERSPECTIVES as Chanda and her project partners share with us the way forward for Touch of an Angel!

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    IT Life Radio: National Robotics Week with Aldebaran Robotics

    in Technology

    Happy National Robotics Week! We at IT Life really think this ought be a holiday. It should be a week off of work where people build robots and give them to each other. Since we can't do that the next best thing is to bring on a robotics expert to devote an entire hour to talking about them.


    In a world where robots are perceived as increasingly dangerous, Aldebaran is making social robots designed to mix into the family units, schools, and retail settings. They are emotionally sensitive, capable of talking to you, learning your tastes and interests, and even singing your favorite song.


    That's a far cry from the mindless killing machines some folks are worried about. Robots are even starting to inspire protests like those that occurred at SXSW. Should we fear them?

    We'll talk to Rodolphe Gelin about:

    The role of social robots in the enterprise
    Social robots in our lives
    Whether we should fear robots
    How to make robots fit into our lives

    Since December 2008, Rodolphe has been responsible for the collaborative projects at Aldebaran Robotics. He has led various teams at Aldebaran in several national and European collaborative projects. He is most notably the head of Romeo2 project involving 18 French partners, industrial and academics, in the implementation of a large robot for assistance to the elderly.

    Rodolphe is the author of the books "Robot, friend or foe? ", “How can reality be virtual?” and “The robot, man's best friend."

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    Chanda Mutale- President, Touch of an Angel

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    Wendy Chanda Mutale is the founder & president of Touch of an Angel a nonprofit organization providing basic necessities to newborn babies to underprivileged mothers at Kaniki area clinic of Ndola rural. Touch of an Angel has taken its operations to another level with new partners by hosting 'A Child's Hope' first annual charity event on Saturday March 29, 2014 in Norcross, Georgia. Special guests at the event include Zambia's celebrated musician and superstar B1. Join us on PERSPECTIVES as Chanda and her project partners share with us the way forward for Touch of an Angel!

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    Touch of An Angel & One Dream Foundation |Open Forum

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    The Organizations - One Dream Foundation’s mission is to promote the value of giving to humanity. This approach is intended to produce such breakthrough work and giving in health, poverty, education, social and access to technology in developing countries globally. Betty and her husband Oliver Chibwe are one of the founders on One Dream Foundation. Touch Of An Angel is an nonprofit organization providing basic necessities to new born babies to underprivileged mothers in Ndola. Chanda Wendy Mutale is the founder and President. 

    Founders - Betty is the woman who inspired the ?#‎sendbetty2school campaign.From shipping pencils to rural schools came the idea of ODF’s goal of building an Ivy League College, Hospital & Research Center. Chanda is the woman who inspired the #redlipstick campaign. The campaign raised funds to drill a borehole providing  water for the area. 

    Musicians - B1  is famous for his songs – Chipute, Pillow and Perfecto. OC  will be performing with B1 at this notable event. OC just released Goose Bumps and the remix to Folofolo

    ****OPEN FORUM*****

    Join Rodger, Dr Patrrick, Zebron and Pianki in a lively discussion on current events. Listener participation encouraged 

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    A Visit from the Elf on The Shelf and How the Successful Business got its Start

    in Entrepreneur

    Kick off the Christmas season as guest Chanda Bell, co-founder and co-author of the holiday phenomenon  “The Elf on the Shelf,” gives us the inside story on how she, her mother and her twin sister turned a cherished family tradition into a best-selling brand, delivering holiday magic to parents and children across the country.

    Bell and her mother and sister were named the Georgia Small Business Person of the Year by the Small Business Administration. She and her sister were also named as finalists for the 2010 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. The company was also recognized in 2010, 2011, and 2012 as one of Inc. magazine’s 500 fastest growing companies.

    Visit archives to hear more shows hosted by Kelly Scanlon

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    bday throwdown for chanda

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    The only show u can talk to the star's