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    Conclusion: Why is my Native Identity Important?

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    Call in at 917-889-7081 and lets finish this topic!

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    Value Your Worth

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    Stand up for yourself and always feel good about who you are and what you want to do!  You are your product of what your wanting to deliver.  You have the tools because you worked very hard for them, and now its time to share them.  You're only going to get out of life what you put into it!  You can still be humble and proud of what you stand for. You need to VALUE YOUR WORTH because life will treat you by how you present yourself.  

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    Who cares about my Native Identity?

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    In my recent travels I've came across many young Tribal Leaders making a difference in there communities and utilizing what has been past down to them by others before them.  I've also seen a huge void of our spirituality in conversations, reactions, and situations.  I was asked by a strong young man a few weeks ago "How do you deal with building your identity?"  Identity in Indian Country is changing in some ways but is still being taught the right way.  Please call in at 917-889-7081 and share your thought with other listeners.

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    If you give your burden to God then don't ask for it back

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    I've done it! You've done it!  We all might do it again.......... question our spirituality.  Whether its at work, home, with friends, family, your spouse, or in relationships, we all need to find that inter-connectedness what will help us autopilot daily decisions and long term commetments.  I know its easier said than done to not worry about our burdens after prayer, but prayer takes dedication and patience and can only be exercised by your determination of your spirituality.

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    Mark LoMurray of Sources of Strength

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    Next week (November 9th), My guest will be the founder of Sources Of Strength.  This program is amazing and has leadership teams all across the country.  If you want to hear from the founder himself please join us!  His outreach focuses on Bully & Suicide Prevention. The Show with air at 8:30PM Central Time.  

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    Interviewing Marcus Anthony Guinn about new film Rudderless.

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    On November 2nd I will have Marcus Anthony Guinn (Emcee One) to discuss is career, current projects and his film debut in the movie Rudderless directed by William H. Macy.  Marcus had several screen moments and played the character Carlos.  If you haven't seen the film, watch it, join us next Sunday night, call in an ask Marcus.

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    Balancing your lifestyle for quality outreach.

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    "I've have had the privilage to work in some amazing communities the past 15 years as a motivational speaker, trainer, comedian, and MC.  Most of my work has been on Reservations, tribal organizations, and urban Indian settings.  To take on the responsibilities of outreach you must find balance in yourself to deliver a productive message.  My wife and children are one reason for my consistant duties to serve for all these years.  It is my honor to broadcast my 40th Birthday with them and you!"  For more information you can visit my website at chancerush.com or call me directly at 405.202.7874. 

  • Preseason hits week 3 and the injury bug

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    Hey Hey football fans, welcome to week 3 of the #NFL preseason.  We know, we know it doesn't count right. We hear that all preseason long until your team gets slammed with the injury bug. Then it becomes a different story.

    Ah yes, there are also other preseason issues from subsance abuse suspensions and personal conduct releases.   We will cover those as well.

    We are throw in some NFC North Prediction of who has the potential (at least on paper) to take the NFC North Title.

    Also it looks like QB Michael Vick has found a new home, with a not so warm welcome.              

    Yes it appears we will have a fun filled show of ACL talk, Fantasy Football Add/Drop chat and a moment of silence for San Francisco 49er fans because what a week it's been for them.....geez.

    So tune in this coming Sunday at 1:00pm CST for sports facts, a few opinions ad a ton of laughs with Kass, Mike & Michael!







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    Join Pastor A.F. Riggins every Sunday night for RAP IT UP LIVE!  Call in and join the discussion on tonight's topic, "If ALL lives really matter why do we see such disdain and rush to point the finger of blame in the direction of #BlackLivesMatter advocates?"  We all have a voice, let yours be heard on the issues that impact all of us!  Call in and join Pastor A.F. Riggins on RAP IT UP LIVE! 

  • Ringside Report - Santa Cruz MD12 over Mares, Mosley KO6 over Mayorga

    in Sports

    Sunday, August 30, at 9PM ET/6PM PT, "War a Week" Radio presents a special "LA Express" edition of "Ringside Report" with Rodney Green and Joseph Herron!!

    Kicking off this evening's 90 minute program, the "War a Week" team will review both fight cards from Los Angeles, California, at the Staples Center and Forum respectively!

    - Santa Cruz MD12 over Mares 

    - Mosley KO6 over Mayorga

    - Ceja TKO5 over Ruiz

    - Diaz Jr. TKO4 over Arceo

    - Luna KO4 over Lopez

    - Angulo RTD5 over Munoz

    Rodney and Joseph will also talk about the upcoming events on the boxing calendar and latest fight news around the community!!

    - Does Mosley really want a piece of Mexican fight legend Juan Manuel Marquez in 2016?

    - How well will a special Sunday edition of boxing on CBS do in Corpus Christi, Texas?  Dirrell vs. Rubio? McDonnell vs. Kameda II?

    - Miguel Cotto "No one will force me to face Golovkin/Lemieux winner"...really?

    - Thoughts on Andre Berto media workout...should fight fans take a chance on this PPV event?

    Tune in to another all-new edition of "Ringside Report" with Rodney Green and Joseph Herron!!

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    Sunday Nights with Sapphire J Blue - Author Michelle Lindo-Rice -My Soul Sings

    in Writing

    Ryan Oakes is keeping a huge secret, one that threatens his relationships with both his wife and son. As a new convert, his conscience prods him to tell the truth, but Ryan decides to employ every trick in the book to keep from confessing. When his marriage begins to suffer, he is forced to come clean—but at what cost?

    Patricia Oakes is troubled by her husband’s unusual interest in Karlie Knightly. She is reminded that the only time Ryan cheated on her was with Tiffany, Karlie’s mother. While she grapples with her fears, she can’t help but be flattered by Timothy Newhouse, a fellow surgeon on an especially difficult case. Will she seek solace in another man’s arms?

    Karlie Knightly’s boyfriend, Jamaal Weathers, is pressuring her to have sex, and Karlie isn’t trying to displease God. On top of that, brutal reviews on her debut song cite her as too sweet and inexperienced. Luckily, her best friend, Brian Oakes, has the perfect suggestion to help her find her edge. Against everyone’s advice, Karlie and Brian begin an adventure, which draws them closer. Will she uphold the commitment she made to God?

    Brian Oakes is enjoying college life and in particular, college girls. When Karlie discovers his deepest secret, he realizes he feels more for her than just a friend. Will Brian reform his ways and grab his chance at true love?