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    As this year comes to an end, we wanted to make this show all about Christmas: Your fondest memories, the gifts, the giving, the religious aspect of Christmas, are just some of the topics we will cover. Is it becoming too commercial? Or will Chaldeans always value the true meaning? Special Christmas songs will be playing throughout the show and we encourage all our listeners to share their favorite Christmas memories. Rafed Yaldo, will call in, live, to share his current journey in Iraq and update us on the status of the Christmas Spirit back home. On behalf of The Boiler Room, we would like to wish all our listeners and your families a very Merry Christmas! God Bless!

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    Tonight on The Boiler Room: we'll talk to victims of Chaldeans who were slain in their place of business and look at possible solutions to minimize this tragedy. We will also look at what happens when some of these criminals could potentially be released on parole, as sometimes this is unfortunate case in these situations. Listeners are encouraged to call in with questions and comments at 347-857-3847.

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    This episode of 'The Nadi,' we'll look at dating issues between older singles within the community. Our hosts will be joined by women from the community and we'll hear both sides of the story! We will also look at the recent attacks on the Chaldean Community by The Arab American News and their criticism of Bishop Francis Kalabat's recent speech in Washington D.C. We will also get a live call from Arbil, Iraq from Rafed Yaldo who will tell us first-hand the latest situation in the region. Tune in 8PM-10PM! Call in with questions and comments at 347-857-3847.

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    Coming up on tonight's special Christmas episode of 'The Nadi' at 8PM: We'll look at the recent situation at Brother Rice High School and their prayer room for non-Catholics. We'll also discuss the role of political correctness in today's society. We'll examine Presidents Obama and Putin's differing strategies for dealing with the growing threat of Isis. Bishop Francis recently gave a talk before a Congressional Committee in Washington DC, and we'll take a look at that. Then, we'll discuss the role of stereotypes and image-consciousness within the Chaldean and other communities: similarities and differences. Special guest host Dj Flexxx, Joe Sesi will be in the house. That and much more! Listeners are encouraged to call in at 347-857-3847. Tune in tonight at 8PM!

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    God’s Vengeance is the Cross with Todd Tomasella and Judge Travis Bryan III

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    In Jeremiah 21 the ones that were saved were strangely the ones who left the protection of the walls of the city and made themselves vulnerable by walking out and allowing themselves to "FALL" into the hands of their Chaldean enemies.  Jeremiah 21:9.  The people of Israel who remained behind the barriers of safety were destroyed.  Jeremiah 21:7. 

    This is a picture of what it means to "present your bodies as a living sacrifice" (Rom 12:1) or to "take up the cross", a counter-intuitive way to live life (Jer 21:8) that means we give ourselves over seemingly unto death (death to self).  We walk out into life's adverse situations dying to all means of self-protection and self-salvation trusting God.  We are willing to be sheep amongst wolves and innocent as doves, but as wise as serpents.

    This is the wisdom of God and surely not the wisdom of the world.  1 Cor 2.

    It is victory through vulnerability.

    Rom 12.  We will see that God's strange way of vengeance is the cross.  V19-21.  His vengeance, that destroys evil, is to "overcome evil with good."  This is the only way God or will ever destroy evil, thru the lifestyle of cross.   See Matt 5:38-48;

    Luke 6:27-36.

    The cross is God's vengeance against His enemies.  Heb 2:14; 1 Cor 2:8.  He has no other vengeance.  His supreme acts of both vengeance and love always happen AT THE SAME TIME, at the cross.  Jesus drew His enemies down into their own abyss by loving them to death. 

    Father forgive them.  They know not what they do.

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    The smack-talking starts again, tonight @ 8PM for a new season of 'The Nadi.' We'll look at the controversial events that have transpired throughout the Chaldean Community these past two months, including: The Sterling Heights Mosque issue, the Arab American News's gripes with the Chaldean community, Mojo in the Morning's recent incident involving the Pope, and President Biden's potential run and his support by members of our community. Tune in today, October 7, at 8PM. Listeners are encouraged to call in with questions and comments at 347-857-3847.

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    Chaldean Numerology

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    Chaldean numerology, is complete
    unto itself and does not require extraneous calculations to reveal character,
    likes and dislikes, pinnacles, peaks, valleys and lifepaths: it is all revealed
    with one basic chart.So although more difficult to learn, it is the more direct
    and accurate system of the two and once learned, it is very easy to use - Heather
    explains how...


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    the Greek neoplatonisT philosopher Proclus (410 - 485 A.D.). Proclus was completely at home in astronomy, mathematics, philosophy, and metaphysics, but was sufficiently well-versed in the magical techniques oftheurgyto evokeHekateto visible appearance. Proclus was also an initiate of Egyptian and Chaldean mystery religions. It is no accident thatAlhazredwas intimatelyfamilarwith the works of Proclus.No Arabic manuscript is known to exist. The authorIdriesShah carried out a search in the libraries ofDeobundin India, Al-Azharin Egypt, and the Library of the Holy City of Mecca, without success. A Latin translation was made in 1487 (not in the 17th. century as Lovecraft maintains) by a Dominican priestOlausWormius.Wormius, a German by birth, was a secretary to the first Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition, Tomas de Torquemada, and it is likely that the manuscript of theNecronomicon came into his possession during the persecution of Spanish Moors ("Moriscos") who had been converted to Catholicism under duress and did not exhibit the necessary level of enthusiasm for the doctrines of the Church.the Old Ones were beings from "beyond the spheres", presumably the spheres of the planets, and in the cosmography of that period this would imply the region of the fixed stars or beyond. They were superhuman and extrahuman."the Fallen Ones" and is derived from the Hebrew verb rootnaphal, to fall. The story inGenesisis only a fragment of a larger tradition, another piece of which can be found in the apocryphalBook of Enoch. According to this source, a group of angels sent to watch over the Earth saw the daughters of men and lusted after them.Arab traditions hold that the Jinnor Djinn were a race of superhuman beings which existed before the creation of humankind. The Djinn were created from fire.

  • The Helios Biblios Hour (book of the sun) :HEKA ACTIVATING THE KA

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    H. P. Lovecraft: Well. If I just stated that the “Necronomicon” is the physical body, then the Mad Arab who wrote the Necronomicon is the jinn which possesses the human body. This is why I wrote in code that the actual title of the Necronomicon is Al-Azif. In one of your writings Warlock, you showed that the term Mad Arab means “your god that daughter of light” in Enochian, mad meaning your god, ar meaning that, and ab meaning daughter of light. Therefore, the Mad Arab was the Jinn that possesses the physical body. Is it not written in the Chaldean Oracles, “Because she is the Operatrix, because she is the Dispensatrix of Life-giving fire. Because also it fills the Life producing bosome of Hecate. As far as Abdul Al-Hazred, it is a code to the secret text. Hazard was my Earthly mother’s maiden name. The name Hazard derives from the Middle English hazard, which denotes a game of chance, or luck, all of which imply a Jinn influence. In older occult works the soul was regarded as female. In my “fictional” stories, I mention that the Necronomicon was completed in the year 730 A.D. This is approximately 98 years after the Qu’ran was completed and the establishment of the Islamic religion in 632 A.D. From 1914 to 2012, is also 98 years. Maybe the Mad Arab class, which is a collective living on Earth, will rise at that time. I really don’t know. I write fiction so that those who don’t need to know don’t know what the truth really is. Draw your own conclusion! Heka (/'h?k?/; Egyptian: ?k?; also spelled Hike) was the deification of magic in ancient Egypt, his name being the Egyptian word for "magic". According to Egyptian writing (Coffin text, spell 261), Heka existed "before duality had yet come into being." The term "Heka" was also used to refer to the practice of magical rituals. The Coptic word "hik" is derived from Ancient Egyptian.

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    Your Chaldean Calendar - Born to Succeed: Nancy Fairbrother

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    The Chaldean Calendar is a very ancient art developed by the Chaldeans who occupied the southern part of Babylonia.  The people of Chaldea became well known for their contributions to astronomy, mathematics and other sciences.
    The Chaldean system takes both your name and your birth date into consideration in the analysis of your name which can paint a picture of your personal “blueprint” – your essence, talents, desires, lessons and ideal directions for your life.
    Psychotherapist Nancy Fairbrother has been in the field of Personal Development for more than 30 years. Her passion is inspiring and empowering people to live the purpose they were born for.  Author of  “You were Born to Succeed” to live a meaningful life through the expression of your life purpose believes your Chaldean chart can help you if you feel there's something missing in your life, if you don't know your next step, if you are seeking your right profession or calling, Know you were designed to succeed!

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