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    Bougie Girl Life Podcast: Rockin' Your Bad A** Beach Self This Summer

    in Motivation

    Join the Bougie Girl as she discusses rockin' your bad a** beach self this summer.

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    The Down Low - Summer flings, how serious is this?

    in Entertainment

    Join Sierra Devi and Lola Lane Friday night 11pm est/8pm pst the discussion is summer flings. With warmer weather here eyes wander a lot more ofton with all the short shorts and bikinis. Will this last? Is the warm reason just a good reason to have naughty fun? Let's chat. to join the conversation call 646-595-4038 and press 1 to talk or join us in the chatroom. 

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    AFC West schedule breakdown

    in Radio

    Last week we covered NFC West. This week we will cover the AFC West as we cover every division in the NFL. We are going from the Westm to the East coast and so far we have talked about one of the strongest divisions in recent years and now another powerful division. Let us see if we believe that the Broncos will take the division again or will the Chiefs or Chargers finally dethrown them. Come join as we give another great breakdown and some predictions to this season.

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    Monday Madness: Getting Ready for Summer

    in Current Events

    Want to get your body bikini ready? Need to tighten up those abs, arms and legs? If you answered yes . . . we have just the ticket for you. On this episode of Monday Madness, Ken Williams (BodybyKen) and Tiffany Santana (Metropolitian Bootcamp) will give you 5 tips for getting ready for summer. That's right! There are a few things you can do, if you're committed, to get your body ready for short sleeves, no sleeves, bathing suits, bikinis and skinny trunks. 

    Tune in at 10 am today for Monday Madness with your fitness gurus Ken Williams and Tiffany Santana for workout and nutrition advice to help you get ready for the summer months. Got questions or want to join the conversation, call 1-914-338-1541.

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    Italy Travel & Fashions

    in Fashion

    On this Quality of Life episode, fashion designer Aggie Garcia chats with Big Blend Radio hosts Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith about her recent visit to Italy, along with the fashion and clothing finds she discovered there. Aggie traveled to Rome, Florence and Venice. As owner of Illusions by Aggie,  Aggie creates custom high quality bikinis and figure competition suits. She is a frequent guest on Big Blend Radio, and her article about Italy's Fashion Trends will be in the upcoming April issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine.

    This interview originally aired on March 15, 2015, on Big Blend Radio's Champagne Sundays variety show!

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    The Smart Hour 3-5-15

    in Lifestyle

    This month "The Smart Hour" will speak to our KINGS. Yes the month of March is about building, strengthening and empowering men. Our guest tonight to speak on MY TRANSPARENT EGO is Jamar Suber. Jamar is an entrepreneur, business leader, has over 15 years experience in the book and magazine publishing industry, and the visionary behind Courtside Culture, a movement that inspires a culture of both male and female, to make the best decisions to obtain a "CourtSide" seat in their lives through both spiritual and natural empowerment. Jamar will bring to "The Smart Hour" nuggets of wisdom and truth from his anthology, MY TRANSPARENT EGO which deals with real issues that men face. Tanesha will take a journey with this guest as he speaks into men about  "Bikinis In Walmart" (sex and temptation), "Matters of the Heart" (the heartbreak of a man), "Seasoning for Ribs" (Preparation for a single man to marriage), and "I'm your husband" (the closing culmin). You will not want to miss what this powerful forerunner has to share!

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    The Hot Corner Show w/ Dr Ray! Special Guest Leigha Pittard of Fierce Simplicity

    in Sports

    The Hot Corner Show w/ Dr Ray! Special Guest Leigha Pittard of Fierce Simplicity

    Call the show at 7pm EST 347-637-3978


    Fierce Simplicity is a luxury women's swim wear brand that embodies the spirit of the healthy traveler. It has grown on 2 years to an international company sold in over 35 countries and featured in magazines such as Sports Illustrated.



    Twitter: @Fiercesimplicit

    IG: @Fiercesimplicity

    Website: www.fiercesimplicity.com


    Other topics are going to include #pushupsforprostates #movember challenge, Fantasy football, FSU vs. UM Rivalry. Lets get people to call in and tell us why they think it is the best rivalry out there. Top 3 UM vs. FSU moments!

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    Women in Fiction: Characters vs. Caricatures

    in Writing

    Please post comments about this episode on our Blog Talk Radio Page or on Facebook. Or please tweet us @writepackradio. This episode is on a topic we will return to, but we would like your feedback and opinions on this topic as a reader and a writer.

    Are women portrayed reasonably in fiction or is it a reflection of our current society? Does fiction display the social pressures placed on women or does it create caricatures? Whose fantasies are women characters written for? Are women in fiction written to be the fantasy of men or of women? What things do writers do that transfer the woman into caricatures?

    Do women need to be rescued in fiction, even if she is an action heroin? How is it handled in crime stories? Fantasy? Other books? Games?

    Why do women in fantasy have to be armored inappropriately in chainmail bikinis? Are women in fiction a female trope first?

    How are women portrayed on book covers and movie posters? Why do they have to be portrayed as “ideal” woman? Why are women “underdressed” in comic books? Is making a strong female character only putting a man in a skirt? How do you show the real woman? Does a strong woman have to kick butt in the story or are there other ways to show the character’s strength? What are the kinds of strength that can be shown other than kicking butt?

    Is it necessary for a strong woman characters to fall in love with the strong male characters?

    Are bad female characters—the woman caricatures a result of malice writing or a result of lazy writing?

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    in Pop Culture

    From the Sea, to the Sand, then Outer Space!! Join Creepy Girl Tuesday - 8/12 as she brings to you OVER the TOP CRAZT DELIGHTS! Sharknado, Sharknado 2,Sharktopus,2 Headed Shark Attack,Blood Beach, Journey to the West and the BLOCKBUSTER SMASH HIT GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!! So get ready to roast your weenies, loosen your Bikinis and play with your ray guns!!

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    Your True Colours Image Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Carolyn Bendall, Fashion Critic and blogger (www.carolynbendall.com), discusses subjects, trends, or products within the beauty and fashion industry, focusing on Your True Colours, and how it applies to you, the individual.

    Allison Fagundes is the founder of BusteeLady, which makes fashionable and supportive clothing for busty women.  Fashion is Allison’s calling. Attending FIDM and LMU helped land her careers in apparel manufacturing and costume design.  As she developed the brand concept, a particularly humiliating, but now funny moment, catapulted Bustees into reality.  Bustees promotes health and wellness and supports 2 causes, one of which Allison directly encountered, breast and thyroid cancer.

    Bustees designs bikinis with fit, fashion, as well as performance in mind. We want our clients to be beachside, or poolside, and only be focused on enjoying themselves as well as reveling in the fact they look fabulous!  If a customer wearing our product goes to the beach and decides she wants to be a part of a pick-up game of volleyball, she will be left without a doubt knowing her curves are secure, properly supported, and she won’t have to worry about anything “popping out to say hello” no matter how active her day becomes.  Bustees bikinis mimic the support of a brassiere, while maintaining better dimensional stability through the layering of performance textiles. In fusing these two ideas, you end up with an impressive product that will last.



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    WTF - w/Kevin A. Phillips - Fun-in-the-Sun

    in Lifestyle

    THIS WEEK:  Fun in the Sun:

    Playing it “Safe” after a TBI Watermelon, BBQ, hotdogs, and ice-cream…swimming pools, bikinis, flip flops and towels….gardening, picnics, flowers and naps under shade trees….beaches, picnics, road trips, and vacations. What comes to mind when you see or hear these words? SUMMER!

    For many of us, we enjoy being outdoors, soaking up the sun and fresh air, working up a sweat gardening or playing in the yard, listening to the sweet tunes of the birds and crickets, and watching butterflies flutter and the bees buzzing by. We also see an increase of outdoor physical activities such as cycling, riding motorcycles, skateboarding, swimming, waterskiing, rock climbing, baseball, and jumping on the trampoline. What do these sports have in common? The need to take precautions to prevent injury, especially brain injuries.

    But what about after a TBI….could we still enjoy these activities? How did you adapt to these activities you once loved to do? What are alternative safe activities that we can participate in, enjoy and still feel like we are having fun in the sun?

    Join Kevin tonight as he shares his insights about the importance of returning to leisure after a TBI, acquiring new interests and skills, and taking the necessary precautions to have a safe and enjoyable summer season. Tune in tonight at 7:00 PM PDT to learn more and call in to share your own perspective of Fun in the Sun and what works for you!