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    Angels of Light on Radio with Chad Stambaugh 6/29/14

    in Paranormal

    Angels of Light hosts Anna Hill and Scott Wolf interview Chad Stambaugh Author of Paranormal Investigations and The Paranormal Dictionary.

    "Chad Stambaugh is a retired U.S. Marine; working on a Bachelor's in English and a PH.D. in Parapsychology. He is also working on becoming a Demonologist through the New Life Ministries Church.

    He serves as the Western Regional Director for United Paranormal International.

    Chad Lives in Fresno, CA, with his wife Crissy. He has three children and three grandchildren.

    My first book; Paranormal Investigations took second place and the 2013 Paranormal Awards in the Literary category. My Second book; The Paranormal Dictionary has just been nominated for the Literary Non-Fiction of the year at the 2014 Paranormal Awards."

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    Debunker Boys with Chad Stambaugh

    in Paranormal

    Tonight we will be talking with Chad Stambaugh. 

    Chad Stambaugh is a retired U.S. Marine. Chad is the Co-Founder of 11th Hour Paranormal Research Society. He's currently working on a Bachelor's in English and a PH.D. in Parapsychology. His never ending pursuit of education has taken him to also pursue becoming a Demonologist to help those in need of help and understanding the realm of the paranormal.


    His first book; Paranormal Investigations took second place at the 2013 Paranormal Awards in the Literary category. And is currently the #1 Paranormal Investigations book on Amazon for Twenty weeks in a row and counting. His Second book; The Paranormal Dictionary has just been nominated for the Literary Non-Fiction book of the year at the 2014 Paranormal Awards.


    Because of his strong advocacy for more education in the paranormal field, Chad has started his own Educational Podcast show called "The Paranormal Corner" It can be found on the PEN network(www.paraencountersnetwork.com), under the radio tab. Just look for the purple banner for The Paranormal Corner and listen to all his shows. If your into paranormal education, then this is a must listen to show.

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    URN Radio Show-Chad Stambaugh

    in Paranormal

    Join Jeff, Martin, & The Paranormal Outlaw as they discuss all things paranormal and seek answers into the unknown! Our guest tonight is author and paranormal investigator, Chad Stambaugh!

  • FantasyJAM

    in Sports

    Have you ever wished you had help deciding which Pitcher you should pick up on the Waiver Wire? Or wondering who you should start on your football team this week? How about being in need of a Draft Strategy? Well your wish is about to come true, that’s right, Fantasy JAM is back on the air, and it will be BETTER than ever.

    Hosted by a man who has being Fantasy Football so long, he once drafted Tony Dorsett as his Running Back, Chad “The Buffalo” Setera. There may be no more knowledgeable Fantasy player in the world than The Buffalo. Besides years of experience playing the game, he has also been a commissioner of many leagues and hosted podcasts about it for years. There is also no-one in the world who can quite control his partner like Chad, and make him focus.

    His partner in this foray is Andrew “Fish” Fain. Having worked in the Sports industry for the past 20+ years, there are few people who have and can get the same inside info as Fish. He has played Fantasy Sports since the early 90’s and is even a member of the FSWA (Fantasy Sports Writers of America). There are very few people who are as loud, or as opinionated as Fish, so no matter what questions you may have, he will always have an answer, even if it is one you don’t want to hear.

    But this show is so much more than just 2 guys spouting their opinions. This is the FIRST Fantasy Show that wants you to participate. Every week, we will publish an article on The Inscriber Digital Magazine that will have FIVE debate topics. We will finish those debates on the show, and invite to voice your opinion too.

    So if you don’t want the same old same old when it comes to Fantasy advice and more, give FantasyJAM a listen, I promise you will be hooked.

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    PGT Episode #264 Live From O’Mara’s- IV

    in Legal

    Jamie Lowell’s Birthday

    What is happening in Lansing

    MI legalize update

    Recap from cannabis cup

    Autism talk


    Mm 101 for those wanting to hear about it.


    And Jamie Lowell birthday he will be 48


    We will re-cap the weekend of events- update on the progress of MILegalize- discuss the horribly mutated mmj bills in Lansing- take questions from those in attendance and by phone- and celebrate my birthday!


    Please join Michael Komorn, Chad from Birmingham Compassion, Rick Thompson, Jamie Lowell, Attorney Jeff Frazier, Attorney David Rudoi of Rudoi Law, , Attorney Allen Peisner, Dewey Thomas, Eric Gunnels, Thetford Twp Trustee, Jim Powers- Michigan Parents for Compassion co- founder and board member of the ballot group known as MILegalize, and  T-Pong aka T del Dolor.


    Michael's rant, news, current events and more!

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    Tony Trupiano: The Voice of the People for Thursday, August 27, 2015

    in Politics Progressive

    On Thursday, August 27, 2015 joining Tony on The Voice of the People is:

    Julie Rowe, Legislative director of the Michigan AFT joins the show to help explain the latest attach against Labor, but especially teachers, yet again.


    Hugh Madden Communications Director with Progress Michigan checks in today with new on the Aramark contract and what did the Governor know and when did he know it?  This will be eye-opening!.


    Our National Political Director, Richard Zombeck, columnist for HuffintonPost.com and NowItCounts.com and LiberalsUnite.com continues his weekly visit with us to shed his unique and snarky, but very intelligent insights, into our national political fray.  Always on target.


    Candidate for Novi, MI Mayor, Gwen Markham joins to to discuss her candidacy in all its glory!


    Award winning journalist Chad Selweski joins the show on a different day and time to share the wonderful world of journalism and the pitfalls and pratfalls they bring unto themselves.

    ·       www.macombpolitics.blogspot.com

    You are always welcome to join us on-air by calling 347-308-8392. Find us on Facebook by searching for Tony Trupiano: The Voice of the People, and on Twitter @tonytrupiano or @VOTPTony.


  • AFC Conference Over / Under PLUS Random MMA and Stuff

    in Sports

    Today we will welcome special guest Tianna Hairston back to the show as we will break down the American Football Conference and provide some Fantasy Football tips along the way.

    Also in store will be some talk of the UFC and how they've hit a stride unlike any before and how the eyes in the MMA workd are almost soley focused on the Las Vegas based company.

    This and some other random things our listeners have grown to love or hate about us

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    Tony Trupiano: The Voice of the People for Tuesday, August 25, 2015

    in Politics Progressive

    On Tuesday, August 25, 2015 joining Tony on The Voice of the People is:

    Tom Watkins joins Tony to discuss China, the myths, the facts and why it is critical to our growth here in the US.


    Ryan Fishman is back this week with another legal round up and more insights into the wonderful world of politics.  This will be one interesting conversation!


    Diane Bukowski from Voices of Detroit joins Tony this morning to tell the real stories affecting the people of Detroit and what they are doing to fight back!


    Mark Brewer brings his political expertise to the show this morning to discuss the Congressional races that are beginning to take shape now.


    Chad Selweski, award winning journalist and seeker of truth drops in today with tales of political woe and a deep divide between political philosophies, and oh, so much more.


    Erik Altieri with the AP Action Fund brings a message of reality with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and what higher education would look like with him as president.


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    GridironStuds Show: 8/24/15 - NFL Preseason, CFB Rankings, Chris Carter & More

    in Sports

    Call in # (347) 633-9365

    Chad Wilson and Emil Calomino discuss the latest in the World of football and sports including:

    - College Football preseason rankings
    - Is the NFL preseason too long
    - Steve Sarkisians mishap at USC
    - Chris Carter's controversial comments to rookies
    - Top 5 Most overrated players in the NFL
    - and more

    Listen live at 10 AM est. and call (347) 633-9365

    Twitter: @GridironStuds
    Email: gridironstudsshow@Gridironstuds.com
    Instagram: @GridironStuds
    Website: http://www.gridironstuds.com




  • The Diva's 222nd Blogtalk Radio Show

    in Television

    Wed August 19th ushered in the new writing team to DAYS. Were there a difference? Join us as we discuss this and the last two weeks of the show. Sonny's tearful departure. Clyde and Aiden showdown. The lovey Susan Seaforth Hayes back as Julie in touching scenes with Hope and Marlena. John and Marlena. Stefano/Chad/Abby. Also the arrival of the new teen scene. And Dena Higley leaving for awhile and Beth Milstein returning.

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    Giant Rock the Story of True Alien Encounters with Author Chad Meek

    in Books

    Special guest Chad Meek, Author, Astrologer, Director, and Executive Producer of upcoming epic feature film, UFO thriller,Giant Rock The Movie will appear LIVE on a Fine Time for Healing to introduce his spellbounding new book, Giant Rock. This is Chad's third guest visit to A Fine Time for Healing. His stories are always fascinating.

    Chad is the nephew of reknowned 1950's Ufologist George Van Tassel, who for many years allegedly channelled extraterrestrials at a place in the Mohave Desert know as "Giant Rock." Today Chad will talk about the events he witnessed as a child while living at Giant Rock, including his own childhood UFO abductions.He will explain how as a young boy he knew ahead of time that he was going to have an encounter. He will share the emotional pain he suffered as a result of all his experiences and talk about the psychic powers the abductions left him with.

    This is story like no other. Be sure to save the date and tune in.

    To find out more about Chad, his book and his movie, please visit http://www.giantrockthemovie

    Listen to Chad's other interviews on A Fine Time for Healing