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    First Contact Radio 8/11/15 - Cosmic Weather, UFOs, CFR

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    First Contact Radio 8/11/15 Show #1361 hosted by Joshua Poet

    Moon Cat Astrology

    Planet Watcher

    Jewish Calendar

    Moon Phase


    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, August 7 - 15

    UFO News
    Glowing Purple UFOs Light Up Sky Over Crimea On Aug 9, 2015

    Alien base and ship found using Google Moon, Aug 2015

    Black UFO Seen By Fishermen In Lake Iznik, Turkey On Aug 2015

    UFO Footage: Something Strange At Space Station Leading To Conspiracist Claims

    Illinois UFO Sighting: Orb Capture on Video

    UFOs: Are They Your Passport to Heaven and Other Unearthly Realms?

    Daily Stories
    WakeUp by UFOetry

    The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and The New World Order



    Law of Time

    Messages from Saint Germain, Hilarion and Lord Sananda August-2015

    Warrior of the Light -pg 82

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

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    The Council on Foreign Relations, Ted Cruz & the White Horse of the Apocalypse

    in Christianity

    On Prophecy Quake tonight starting @8:00 PM CST, we will expose the Council on Foreign Relations and their agenda to destroy the national sovereignty of the United States via a one world government. We will also show how most Republicans and Democrats including Ted Cruz and his wife are neck deep in with the CFR and the Satanic globalists agenda. The CFR created the United Nations and they are trying to create the chaos to bring in the New World Order. This agenda is the white horse of Revelation 6. Don't miss this important episode! To listen by phone call 347-884-8566.

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    Kemitu Bey on the Network

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    please tell me something. How do we watch our children die on the streets and trust that same humans to have our best interest in a court room. Tonight BaBa Kemitu Bey shall introduce and give a greater overstanding of the Federal Rules Of Procedure. You should have a clue of what should take place in that room . Join us February 10 at 8pm Eastern on BlogTalkRadio. com/ringingstonenetwork or call 646 929 0691

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    The Gettin It In Show: The Beast System

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    No one can properly understand what’s going on in the world today unless you begin with the Word of God. The Bible teaches in 2nd Corinthians 4:4 that Satan is the god of this sinful world. As such, Satan needs a way to control this world. Satan uses occult organizations to accomplish this. Such organizations are: Skull and Bones (officially The Order Of Death), Rosicrucians, Bohemian Grove, the Russian Orthodox Church, Freemasonry and others. The word "occult" means "secret." Satan operates in secrecy because his works are evil, and must be hid from the eyes of the public, lest Christians expose Satan's works of darkness (Ephesians 5:11). The Devil works through members of the occult to infiltrate and influence every area of society — religion, the music industry, public schools, Hollywood, The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), the United Nations (UN), Wall Street, corporations, government, et cetera. But is it deeper than the Bible and is there a metaphysical meaning behind the Beast system? 

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    Open Friday Night Mic

    in Spirituality

    Tonight Julie and Scott address more issues that concern the Christians and their families. More information on the occult and what is on the horizon for us all!

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    The Bishop Eddie Long Award For Worst Pastor of 2015 Nominees

    in Religion

    Today on Church Folk Revolution Radio we will list the Bishop Eddie Long Award Nominees for Worst Pastor of 2015. Every year we pull the worst pastors that were featured on PimpPreacher.com and crown a winner with the “Eddie.” Who do you nominate for worst pastor of the year? The actual announcement of the winner will take place on CFR Radio Tues Dec 29 at 11am cst or 12 noon est.

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    Philosophy Preachers: Expounding Or Expending The Word Of God?

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    PimpPreacher.com - today on CFR Radio we will talk about preachers who create false doctrines through the use of their philosophy. Are you listening to a pastor who is really hearing from God or simply free styling with the mic in his hand. Time to confront these fake apostles like Prophet Todd Hall and Brian Carn

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    To CrossFit or Not to CrossFit – That is the Question

    in Nutrition

    John Duncan is the Owner of CrossFit Tuff in Nashua, NH and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. He is also a competitive amateur strongman with over 7 years of experience. He holds several titles and records including New England and New Hampshire’s Strongest Man in his respected divisions. In 2007 John competed in Las Vegas for the North American Strongman Championship and placed 9th in the country. After two hard years, including a motorcycle accident and several serious injuries, his goal is to be back amongst the best in the country this year. His past certifications include; WKC/AKC Certified Kettlebell CoachCertified Personal Trainer ISSA and many more!

    Robby Blanchard is the Owner of CrossFit Reach in Acton. Robby earned his B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science from Fitchburg State University and is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Robby also holds an MBA from Fitchburg State University. As a CrossFit L1 Trainer and Owner of CrossFit Reach, Robby started CFR with the goal of helping his clients live longer, healthier lives through CrossFit. 

    Tiffany Normandin is out of CrossFit EXP in Leominster. She holds an MA B.S. Business Management, 2008. Coach Tiffany has been involved in many sports, from softball and gymnastics to triathlons and bodybuilding, her youthful exposure was a natural evolution to her discovery of CrossFit. Her professional credits include CrossFit Level 1 certified, CPR/AID/First Aid certified, Body Training Systems Group Power Instructor and ACE (American Counsel of Exercise Certified personal Trainer) and many more! She is also a CrossFit Northeast Regional competitor - 2012 & 2013.

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    The Spooky Pastors Show! Which Pastor Creeps You Out?

    in Religion

    PimpPreacher.com - Today on CFR Radio we will talk about Spooky Pastors. Meet our spooky pastors for 2016

    Gino Jennings - The next Jim Jones

    Prophet Altha Maclin - Force member to kill herself

    Kenneth Copeland - Mind control

    Anthony Hawkins - Killed wife and got daughter pregnant

    Warren Jeffs - Cult Leader

    Rev. Edward Fairley - stabbed mistress 28 times

    Pastor Charles A. Mckinney - Do what he says or go to hell

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    How To Remove A Pastor: The Art Of Firing A Pimp Preacher

    in Religion

    PimpPreacher.com Today on CFR Radio we will have a chat about how to remove a Pimp Preacher from the Pulpit. More and more churches are reaching out to the Church Folk Revolution in regards to how to remove a Pastor that has become a Pimp Preacher. Today on the show we will lay out all of the steps to remove a pastor and how to protect your church from the next Pimp.

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    What Does The CFR Have To Do With Common Core?

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    Find out and study what CFR has to do with Common Core.  It is time Americans get introduced to these movers and shakers.  WE The People need to do some shaking up systems specially when they are infringing on our rights.  Parental Authority and Local Control are precious for all freedom loving Americans.  Find out--so you can know how to act--get to know the other side.