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    The Balanced Approach Radio

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    We will continue to fight for the voices of every Citizen of the United States and promote a free and fair election. The war on every citizen ends with every citizen dropping their party and re-registering as independents or non-partisans. It's time to vote outside the usual dictatorship of party politics and make a change for the greater good of this country by voting for a person rather than a party.

    Its time to rally for non-partisan and bipartisan politics. Our children are being handed down a legacy of failures.

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    The Center Lane-American Centrist Party Radio

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    Today's show will be all about the healthcare debate. The issues, the cost, and solutions. All from a Centrist point of view.

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    Accidental Activist Charles Wheelan, Centrist Project, Lunch w Louden 8-14-14

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    Where do people turn when common sense solutions can’t be seen on the political horizon? Our guest today has a very serious suggestion.

    As of April this year, Charlie Wheelan became an accidental activist when he realized that the concepts he taught and wrote about needed to move from thoughts and words to deeds. He added The Centrist Manifesto to his list of best sellers, and started the Centrist Project which is principled in fiscal responsibility, environmental responsibility, good governance, social tolerance, economic opportunity AND solving problems.  

    His plan is simple.  

    1.  Create a home for moderate voters.  

    2.  Elect five independent, centrist minded Senators.  

    Today we’ll talk with Charlie Wheelan about his activism, his books and maybe even a little economics.  After all, he is an economics professor and has written Naked Economics, Undressing the Dismal Science and Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from Data among others.  What’s up with the “naked”?  We’ll ask him on today’s Lunch with Louden.  Won’t you join us?


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    Citizen X- epidsode#4

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    On tonights epidsode I will stray away from current events and breaking news as I am sure the last thing anyone wants  to hear about is what you've listened to all week... right now its all the same ole stuff..and you know what it is already.. main stream media is riding that horse .. my focus this week will be a short personal rant..and the rant is for all of you so called "Thruthers"out there..I also feel the need to revisit our publics dismay as it pertains to law enforcement.... as well as a focus on Independent politics "The Citizens Party" ....and the need for  invovlvement within the independent party....and exploring  independent Canidates for 2016 ... and finally i will reveal my prediction for the 2016 pesidentail winner... you will want to hear that believe me.... i dont support my prediction by any means however ... it envitible... its gonna be one of the big 2  that win the election.. so i will simply state my prediction... we will look back at this episode after the elections and see how close I am... also our new show schedule will be every Monday @ 7pm est   http://www.votecitizens.org/    www.twitter.com/citizenx2016  www.facebook.com/citizenx2016


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    Citizen X:epidsode #2

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    New epidsode 2/1/2015...

    Audio has been reviewed and will be trying a new format... Feel free to provide me with your input!!! we shall survive

    This is the second epidsode of the Citizen X show and since weve gotten the 1st one out of the way we can move on and explore our current status,current news, political ideas and discussions, a welcome and insight on The Citizens Party , as well as some personal thoughts on japan as well as possible happenings in the wake of the Kenji Goto execution. Just good talk with good people looking to "Bring America Back to American Standards"

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    The Center Lane-American Centrist Party Radio Show

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    Responding to the bashing of centrist senators in Congress and why centrists have to be prepared for more bashing in the future and what to do about it.

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    Citizen X Intro

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    On this show I encourage participation and promise to provide a non biased moderated platform in which we can openly discuss the current political landscape of our country and how we as Citizens can get invovled and start making a difference today. As  citizens we must unite and collaborate as well as forget agendas and all ill past between us and move forward towards the future. This can only happen if we pull together and begin within our communities. Its time to bring America back to American Standards.....Black /white/asian/muslim/baptist/catholic ...it doesnt matter what we are.. what matters is who we are... and we are the Citizens of the United States. Lets Rise Up my fellow Citizens and begin making a difference today as well as for the future. Citizen X is  "You" Citizens tired of the two party system"You" who is willing to promote and support a 3rd Party and introduce it to others www.votecitizens.org


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    The Center Lane- American Centrist Party Radio Show

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    Centrist Politics, Energy Crisis and Solutions, ACP Action Groups. News and Review.

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    Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Forty Four

    in Paranormal

    Today's Paranormal History 101W lesson is being brought to you by "The Eclectic Novelist" Carmichael Wolfe and it will be centered on the mysterious occurrences that some of us humans find ourselves experiencing each and every day of our paranormal lives. Also, just like the previous episodes; all episodes with the title Mysterious Occurrences will deal with real life paranormal experiences and investigations.

    In addition, the listener will be treated to various paranormal accounts that have been taken directly from The Forbidden P Files of Human History. These accounts detail our collective experiences with this enigma that appears to be millions and millions of years old and possibly even billions of years old due to its uncanny ability to invade our space with absolute impunity.

    We as a species have absolutely no defenses against these "Paranormal Entities" that also include Extraterrestrials and their spacecraft. This very same phenomena that's terrorizing modern day humans also terrorized our collective ancestors during Biblical times as well as during Medieval times.

    We as a species really need to get together for a frank and nonpolitical discussion about the Extraterrestrials since some of us understand their methods.

    Visit carmichaelwolfetheeclecticnovlst.com so you can read about the 22 Axioms that detail the methods of The EE. Also a free Extraterrestrial APP called "Guide to the EE" can be download by visiting www.appcatch.com The APP provides a wealth of info.

    May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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    National Centrist Party Talk Radio

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    We'll be discussing what the NCP wants to accomplish as well as how we'll get it done. This is our first show so we'll be trying to get a sense for how this works and also providing information to members and prospective members as well as getting input from voters regarding how they want to see the NCP and government operate.

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    The Center Lane-American Centrist Party Radio Show

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    Weekend Edition- Interview with Jason Goodfriend,Ph.D. about a potential Centrist solution to the financial crisis.Vice Presidential Debate Reaction and News & Review with Amanda Rush. Americans in Action Interview with David Lovelace. All this and your live calls on and in the Center Lane.

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