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    YTC & Alzerina Jewelry Designs

    in Lifestyle

    Carolyn Bendall, Fashion Critic and blogger (www.carolynbendall.com), discusses subjects, trends, or products within the beauty and fashion industry, focusing on Your True Colours, and how it applies to you, the individual.

    Alzerina Jewelry:   Alzerina's affinity for Swarovski began when she first left her home in Cape Verde, West Africa to Paris. After her first visit at Daniel Swarovski she fell in love with the company, its products and the idea of becoming a successful jewelry designer on her own. Now residing in New York with her family, she has succeeded in this goal and is always expanding her ideas and trying to stay ahead of the trends.


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    Part III of "What are YOU Thankful for?"

    in Christianity

    This is Part III of "What are YOU thankful for?"


    The readings will be Psalms 95:1-3, and 147: 6&7.


    Please come and listen to what Sister Linda is Thankful for.


    If you have a  Prayer Request or Birthdays, please send it or them to us at info@celticcrossministy.com. Birthday announcements should have the persons Name, Day and Month, and if you want to be acknowledged. Please put CWN, Christian Warrior Network, OTC, Oblong Table Crew, or BTRS Blog Talk Radio Show in the SUBJECT LINE. Thank you.

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    The Mustard Seed

    in Religion

    Today on the Mustard Seed, we will be reading Psalm 115, known by the first verse as the Motto of the Templar Knights Order. But it is what we read and relate to in discernment as to the other 17 verses which give use a better understanding of why this Psalm is so important to the Templar’s. It is an understanding of what we all live in and experience and wish for all Judaic-Christians also known as Judeo-Christians around the world to open their minds eye's and ears to, and for a better relationship with our Lord and God in Heaven. It is something to really reflect and meditate on as one examines themselves and their relationship with the Father.

    So join us at 6:00 PM (EST) every Friday evening for inspiration for your Mind, Body and Soul. Right here in Studio B your Catholic Station of the Christian Warrior Network of the Celtic Cross Radio Network

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    Kari Rueslåtten ... Atmospheric, Dark, Melancholic Norwegian Folk Music

    in Indie Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes the Fantastic Kari Rueslåtten (Atmospheric, Dark, Melancholic Norwegian Folk Music), to the Show!


    Kari Rueslåtten’s forthcoming studio album, To the North, is inspired by the dramatic landscapes of northern latitudes and will evoke imagery in listeners’ minds akin to the dark, brooding visual scenes of film and TV’s “Nordic Noir” genre.
    To the North is a follow up to last year´s successful ‘Time to Tell’ opus and this time Rueslåtten has brought a darker–edged atmosphere to her acoustic, melancholic Norwegian folk. She has taken inspiration from Norwegian and Celtic folk music, along with artists such as Loreena McKennitt, Tom Waits and Emmylou Harris. To the North is the Trondheim based singer´s 6th studio release and includes her stunning cover version of The Byrds´ classic hit , “Turn, Turn, Turn”. The album was released on 22nd October.

    Media Inquiries:
    Head First Entertainment

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    Nov. 19, 2015, 10pm (PST) - Inuitive Hypnotherapy with Joanna Banka

    in Paranormal

    We are delving into the art and the technique of hypnotherapy on Spaced Out Radio. Our guest, Joanna Banka, is a regular on Spaced Out Weekend's Two Mediums and a Large with James Tyson. But in her daytime career, she helps people find answers to questions from within themselves. From Joanna's website, www.joannathemedium.com, we bring a little bit about our guest.

    I am an Evidential Spiritual Medium, Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) and a Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (RCCH). I am a regular person with normal joys and challenges of life, I just happen to have a gift that seems to come naturally to me.

    I don’t perform any special rituals and I certainly don’t get rid of “bad spells or curses”, some even say that I don’t look anything like someone who can talk to the dead (but then I am not sure what that would look like anyway). I don’t have a halo around me, and I don’t wear ritual jewelry or special clothes that make me stand out, the only thing that might be a little different is that I hear, see and feel Spirit, both people and animals (yes, animals do seem to like to communicate through me).

    My mediumship ability is an amazing gift that revealed itself while I was going through my own life’s challenges and while working with my clients in my private practice at Vancouver Counselling and Hypnotherapy. Although it took me a while to fully embrace and trust this amazing gift, my responsibility lies in acknowledging that what comes naturally to me is in fact a calling, to serve as a messenger for the Spirit world.

    Enjoy your stay!

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    And We Pary

    in Religion

    Join Cardinal +++Andrew Patrick at 6:00 PM (EST) and pray the Celtic Delriadan Rosary in this weeks prayer vigil.

    A beautiful prayer said in meditation of the Life and times of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    Every Wednesday Evening right here on your Catholic Station in Studio B of the Celtic Cross Radio Network.

    Send your prayer intentions to (info@celticcrossministry.com).

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    My Prayer Closet

    in Christianity

    Welcome to this weeks Protestant Prayer Rosary Vigil of "My Prayer Closet". Here in Studio A of the Christian Warrior Network with the Celtic Cross Radio Network.

    The Program will have prayer Intentions and Meditation on the life and times of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    We meet here every Tuesday Evening at 6:00 PM (EST) with our live broadcast. And shortly after it's conclusion folks can pray with us through our Archive broadcasts, as well as listen to other past programs of this Vigil or our Bible Study program, the Sower archives of life and learning, ones spiritual walk.

    So Email us your Prayer Requests by sending them to; (info@celticcrossministry.com) ...

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    The Business of Travel Concierge and Event Planning With Cynika Drake

    in Lifestyle

    Cynika Drake, of Lavish Lifestyles Concierge will be on today's show chatting up, "What exactly is a Travel Concierge Services and Who is it for and how does it tie into events planning?"

    Here's a few deets on our guest today: Cynika Drake, is based in NYC, but provides event planning/travel services all over the country. She has over 14 years of event planning and hospitality experience.

    Despite graduating from Syracuse University with a Bachelors Degree in Political Science,  and briefly attending Harvard Law School, she ultimately decided becoming a lawyer was not for her. She packed her bags shortly after tragedy struck NYC, and in 2003 moved to Los Angeles. While in LA she tried her hand at acting, and also worked in sales and marketing for two four-star hotels. Over the years she was the go-to person among colleagues, family, and friends for everything from where to take clients to dinner to the newest boutique hotel to open in Capri, to tips on throwing fabulous dinner parties.

    In 2007 after much positive feedback and encouragement from others she decided to turn her hobby of travel and event planning into a business. Cynika and her team have had the pleasure to provide services for: Time Warner Inc.,FreshDirect Online Grocery and Delivery, Good Day LA News Anchor Jillian Barberie, Danny Devito, Billy Bob Thornton, Actor Alimi Ballard, Victory Education Partners,The Make A Film Foundation, Dr. Clarence Coleman/Starlight Children's Foundation, The Lisa Raye Show, and many others.

    Cynika is also a lifestyle contributor for the Harlem Times newspaper.


    Also on today's broadcast, we'll bring you the latest events and fashion industry news and events and of course our Designer Feature of the day.

    DESIGNER FEATURE: KC's everyday wear: The Taber Cuff by Brave Leather. It is made of soft Italian tanned leather with solid metal accents.

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    Beyond Words Marketplace: Gifts that Feed the Soul

    in Spirituality

    Beyond Words Marketplace launched on October 1, 2015. Partnering with 12 other companies, Beyond Words is creating a hub of books, CDS, jewelry, meditations, yoga supplies, and more, for holistic-minded shoppers to discover new pieces of inspiration to support them in their lives. The goal is to provide a one-stop shop for the products and gifts they need, crafted from the highest quality and made with heart. To access the Marketplace, visit www.beyondwordsmarketplace.com. 

    Specific partnerships with Beyond Words Marketplace includes Self-Realization Fellowship offering its bestseller Autobiography of a Yogi, as well as many other texts based on the teaching of Paramahansa Yogananda. Illumination Arts shares its diverse collection of children’s books that address a myriad of topics all seeking to inspire children. Amber Allen Publishing also brings its collection of Don Miguel Ruiz’s books including New York Times bestseller The Four Agreements. Inspirational jewelry from MaeMae Jewelry, meditation CDs from David Young Music, spiritual jigsaw puzzles from Jigsaw Java, and cards and journals from Parallel Print Shop, will also be featured in the Marketplace.

    Beyond Words’ owner Richard Cohn shares that “Beyond Words is proud to offer our customers a broad selection of mind, body, spirit products that will expand consciousness and provide the perfect gift for you and your friends. Join us and our partners on this spiritual adventure. Enlightenment and relaxation for the soul are now just a click away!”

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    Do your buts get in the way??

    in Women

    DATE: Nov. 17, 2015


    NAME: Ava Diamond


    HEADSHOT: (attached)



    Ava Diamond is a sought-after speaker, consultant, and facilitator. She speaks from over 20 years experience as a Fortune 100 manager, executive director of a not-for-profit agency, consultant, and successful entrepreneur.  She distills this experience into powerful lessons that inspire action and get results. Her programs focus on leadership, women’s leadership, employee engagement, and women’s success strategies. 




    e-mail: ava@avadiamond.com


    Website:   www.avadiamond.com



    Ava’s proudest accomplishment is completing the Avon Breast Cancer walk—60 miles over 3 days.  She lives in Colorado with Bud the Beagle.  She enjoys hiking, lake kayaking, global travel, and making art--mosaics, pottery, jewelry and photography


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    The Sower

    in Christianity

    Greetings folks, today in the Sower we will read Chater 12 of the Book of Ecclesiastes. It's a short reading of only 14 verses but it will give refeliction for today. Something you can sink your heart and soul into and count on it later if you put the thought and intent to practice in your day to day life.

    Join the Very Rev. Dr. Andrew Patrick at 6:00 PM (EST) right here in Studio A, your Protestant Radio Channel with the Celtic Cross Radio Network of the Christian Warrior Network.