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    Lost Arts Radio Show #13 - Special Guest Dr. Barrie Trower

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    The Truth About Wi-Fi, Cell Phones and Smart Meters

    Microwave Expert Barrie Trower - Microwave Weapons and Technology

    Barrie Trower is a former Royal Navy microwave weapons expert and former cold-war captured spy debriefer for the UK Intelligence Services. Mr. Trower is a whistle-blower, who lectures around the world on hidden dangers from microwave weapons and every-day microwave technologies such as mobile phones and Wi-Fi. Mr. Trower has also repeatedly assisted the UK Police Federation in their struggle to protect police officers from Tetra/Air-Band radio-communications systems that are harmful to health.

    This Saturday, Lost Arts Radio listeners have the rare privilege to listen in (and join in if time allows) on an impromptu conversation with microwave technologies and weapons expert Mr. Barrie Trower, on the dangers of wi-fi, smart meters, cell phones and other microwave devices and what you can do to protect yourself. Industries wanting to maximize their profits even at the expense of your health, and governments with their own agendas are not reliable sources of information on these subjects for obvious reasons, as well as some that may not be so obvious. Remember to mark this Saturday, April 4th at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern for a show that promises to be jam-packed with useful information you will not hear anywhere else.

    Lost Arts Radio invites you to join us for our free health-related educational broadcasts every week. We want to acknowledge and understand the threats we face, while keeping our energy strong, and then come together with positive solutions that can work for you.

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    Robert Cardoza Live

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    Today on Robert Cardoza Live my Expert Contributor Ray Mehler will continue his series "The American Grid" where he talks about the building of America. My Special Guest, Joel Saltzman, Dr. Wireless, talks about new technology and cellphones. I will discuss the News, Finance, Politics, Current Events, Taxes, Lifestyle and I will answer all of your emails.

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    Disrespect during the Star Spangled Banner

    in Current Events

    This was a requested show topic from my cousin who saw this at her son's graduation from bootcamp. She was not happy and I could only imagine what she saw. I can remember a time when hats were off, there was NO talking or moving during the Star Spangled Banner but now hats are on because God forbid you have to take off your snap back, people talk on cellphones, smoke, chew gum and do anything else they want. This is our National Anthem! People even disrespect the flag. Most of us grew up singing the Star Spangled Banner so we know what to do and we are to train up the younger generation but when we as the adults don't set the example then there is a problem. Military personnel please be an example and not a bad one. You were trained better than that!

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    The Italian Voice Radio Show!

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    Good Evening Everyone,Tonight we will be Discussing The Bruce Jenner Transformation Story and his Motor Vehicle Accident that was very serious,So Call in @347-426-3972 or Log in @Blogtalkradio.com and get involved With The Most Honest Talk in New Jersey with the Hosts Dom Calvitto & Jen Diva,We at THE ITALIAN VOICE WOULD LIKE TO WISH EVERYONE A HAPPY AND SAFE VALENTINES DAY,Get to you're cellphones and computers and give us a call or just download the app and listen along to the greatest voices on the internet !!

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    The Italian Voice Radio Show!

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    Good Evening Everyone i wanted to do a show tonight to thank The Wiseguyz for Everything they have been doing for me and my movie and being great friends that became family in October 2014.And the Generous Donation for to get started with making my movie.Let's get some callers tonight @347-426-3972 and get involved with the conversatiion and the Most Honest Talk in New Jersey with Dominick Calvitto.Hoping to have some callers tonight so get to you're cellphones and log in and or call in @7pm tonight !!

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    Skippy & Regina Show !

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    Welcome to The Skippy & Regina Show i figured i would schedule a show for tonight to hear what people's issues with this big Snow Storm that will be making landfall this week,so get to you're cellphones and laptops and call in @347-426-3972 and join the conversation with the hosts of the Most Honest Talk in New Jersey,Tonight will be a 2 hour show for all the people having stress issues with this weather and shopping problems,i wanna hear form my people and let's get to the bottom of this shit!

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    ACO Alien Contact Org TEAM

    in Spirituality

    Interesting topics here on  BLOG TALK RADIO. It's time to educate the people in our clever ways of sharing our hobbies in the alien contact world of interest with our topics of STAR TREK, STAR GATE, CONTACT, ET, and other movies which we can share along wih future UFO sightings which lead us to TODAY! Future is NOW! TJ 

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  • The Skippy & Regina Show!

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    Tonight on the Skippy & Regina Show we will be talking about some different topics that coinsides with what is happening in the country issues that need to be mainstreamed among our listeners,So we encourage everyone to get to you're laptops and Cellphones to log in and listen and or call in @347-426-3972 @7pm Sharp tonight ,This will be the second show with my new Co-Host Regina Santorella and it's going great couldn't be happier,So let's hear from you tonight and give us you're opinions on how you feel about all that is happening around our country,

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    hoodtalkradio: GET OFF THE PHONE!!!

    in Motivation

    people... the phone was meant for emergency only... why do you think you can drive with that thang on your face??? men too... call and join the convo at 646-478-0944 from 9-10:30pm Cleveland time... hosted by emaxxtheemijj

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    Cops Can Track Cellphones Without Warrants

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    A divided federal appeals court ruled today that the government does not need a probable-cause warrant to access mobile-phone subscribers’ cell-site information, a decision reversing lower court decisions that said the location data was protected by the Fourth Amendment. The 2-1 decision by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is the third federal appeals court to decide the privacy issue. Adding to the possibility that the U.S. Supreme Court might take up the topic, New Jersey’s high court two weeks ago ruled that warrants were required for the location data. All the while, two federal appellate courts have now taken the government’s position that court warrants are not required for the location data. And a third federal appellate court said judges had the option to demand warrants. All of which means some suspects are being convicted based on locational data of what towers their cellphones are pinging, and others are not, because some courts are requiring warrants.

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    Department of Justice Using Airplanes to Spy on Your Cell Phone

    in Politics

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Department of Justice has been using Cessna aircraft equipped with Stingray-like devices called Dirtboxes that act as fake cell phone towers.  The devices are used like the Stingray units to capture data from the cell phones of supposed "targets."  It's clear that many innocent Americans phone data is being snapped up at the same time.

    Also covered in this episode:

    -ISIL and Al Qaida are now working together...officially
    -Obama architect says Obamacare passed because of "stupidity of the American voter"
    -Military leaders are concerned about AI controlled missiles and other technology that leaves out human control
    -a Democrat congresswomen writes an article for the WSJ denouncing Obamacarea
    -Global warming is seeing record cold temps
    and much more.

    Watch HD vide of this episode here.

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