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    Interview with Celine Tellier

    in Country Music

    Celine Tellier's debut EP Last One Standing is a culmination of 3 years of writing, feeling, highs, lows, disappointments and achievements! In 2012, she entered a songwriting competition hosted by KICX 91.7 in Sudbury, ON on a dare, and was one of the top 5 finalists. Since then, she has taken every opportunity to host numerous house concerts, and has opened for and shared the stage with many very well established Canadian country artists such as Marshall Dane, Doc Walker, Tonya Kennedy, Ty Baynton, and Tim Hicks. She's also played summer festivals such as Parry Sound Ribfest and the Blueberry Festival in Sudbury, as well as opened the weekend for Country In The Woods. A mutual friend got her in touch with Nashville-based Canadian recording artist Jason Kirkness who, after a few months of phone calls and emails, agreed to produce this album. She's made friends, taken notes and advice, and got to work; and with the support of her husband and children, "Last One Standing" was on its way!

    Recorded between The Hilson Studio in Nashville, TN and Private Ear Studios in Winnipeg, MB, "Last One Standing" is the product of determination, focus, and sacrifice. Along with the stellar sounds of some of the best musicians in country music today, Celine's words have come to life, and she hopes that you will enjoy listening as much as she has enjoyed writing.

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    Actress/Producer Celine Justice talks ONE PAST on Conversations LIVE

    in Entertainment

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes actress and producer Celine Justice to Conversations LIVE to discuss her journey in film and the new project ONE PAST. 

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    Studio C Saturday Night Spotlight The Teacher's List! Celine Dion

    in Entertainment

    Celine Dion is back on the music scene with her latest CD, Love Me Back To Life! This Diva came back to let us know she ain't going nowhere! 

  • power of perception radio with Brenda Rachel

    in Spirituality

    Composer and songwriter of spiritual music known as Brenda Rachel has released her latest EP record, “In This Moment.” The album has been released on the Brenda Rachel independent record label, entirely without support from the corporate music power structure. It comprises nearly 25 minutes of uplifting spiritual listening in six original tracks. Featuring powerful and evocative vocals by co-arranger Jon Hemingway and Una St. Clair, “In This Moment” by Brenda Rachel et al is a true work of celestial inspiration with a clear and exultant message to its hearers.

    Brenda Rachel cites as main artistic influences her mother, Barbara Solis, and a broad array of popular legends including Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye, Diana Krall, Sara Brightman, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Michael Buble, Clint Black, Jesse Cook, Yanni, Michael Bolton, and Sara MacLachlan. Her own musical background began at the young age of six on piano, but the Canadian-born Brenda Rachel states plainly that the songs which make up “In This Moment” are not entirely of her own creation.

    Brenda Rachel writes of this, “I am a ‘Messenger for the Angels’ delivering words of encouragement, inspiration, hope, love, peace and joy. My songs were channeled to me by the Angels in 2004 when I was unable to walk for several months due to bilateral plantar fasciitis in both feet. I would lay on the couch and ask God and the Angels what they wanted me to learn from this experience and why was I in such excruciating pain.”

    She goes on to impart that within hours, the EP’s title track was being channeled to her by Angels, complete with lyrics, corresponding melody and chord progressions.

    “Over the next 1.5 years,” she writes, “21 additional songs with both music and lyrics were channeled to me.

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    9 Key Strategies for Booking Paid Speaking Engagements

    in Women

    During this hour with Marnie & Celine you'll discover:

    3 ways to prove your value to a meeting planner.
    The 4 things meeting planners need from their speakers and why addressing these will increase your chances of getting booked by more than 50%.
    The little known reason why 60 to 90 minute speeches could dramatically cut your chances of getting the gig and how to solve it quickly and easily.
    A scientifically proven way (discovered by a Stanford Researcher) to easily boost trust in your copy and therefore speaking gigs.
    Why NOT revealing a forgivable flaw hinders credibility and one simple way to change this.
    What one seven-figure advertising legend said is the most important part of any sales copy and why you must get this right!
    How to ethically spy on meeting planners to get the inside track on what they care about, making connections easy and more meaningful.
    What to say to meeting planners once you have found them on LinkedIn.
    How to use these simple age-old tricks to explode your speaking schedule no matter your experience level or topics.

    Celine Horan is a professional speaker marketing expert who knows exactly what it takes to create compelling, marketing materials. Her background in human resources gives her the insight into human psychology required for marketing your speaking availability for immediate results. Learn more at marketingexpertforspeakers.com 


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    Celebrity Juice With "Roxanna"

    in Entertainment

    Roxanna's music is produced by Mark Portmann, who has worked with pop royalty Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Barbra Streisand, Annie Lennox and Christina Aguilera. He offers, “People want to hear real talent, real voices and real stories—something that changes your life. Roxanna’s music does that. She will give you everything you ask for. It’s a daunting task for anyone new in this business and she tackled it like a warrior.”

    Among highlights of “Exotica,” “Close Your Eyes,” co-written by Portmann and Lindy Robbins (Celine Dion, Backstreet Boys, Nick Lachey), is a consummate nurturing love song offering a sky-scraping vocal tour de force as Roxanna sings, “Close your eyes, I’ll be here til the sunrise, and your dreams come to carry you far from sorrow.” She notes, “This song is such a parallel for what I saw as an RN, when people endure tough times and you want to offer them hope. I sang two takes of the lyric and we knew it possessed everything I felt in my heart.”

    Make sure to call in live at 646-595-4937.


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    Peabo Bryson on Brunch In The Basement With JaVonne

    in Music

    Peabo Bryson is among the world’s most dynamic and gifted vocal talents. Over the course of a career spanning from the mid-`60s but truly igniting in the `70s, the 2x Grammy® winner has amassed a fan base, critical acclaim, gold albums and an avalanche of awards by being one of the truly best friends a good song ever had...many of which he composed himself. From ballads that gracefully continued the legacy of sweet soul music such as “Feel the Fire” and “I’m So Into You” to chart-topping pop hits such as “If Ever You’re in My Arms Again” and “Can You Stop The Rain,” and a plethora of duet collaborations with artists ranging from singers Celine Dion (“Beauty & The Beast”), Regina Belle (“A Whole New World”) both songs of which also won Oscars®; to Melissa Manchester (“Lovers After All”), instrumentalists Kenny G (“By The Time This Night is Over”) and Jim Brickman (“My Heart Belongs To You”), Peabo Bryson has proven himself as the consummate vocal professional. On one of his most recent releases, "Missing You" you can feel the power and passion of a true artist a balladeer and sexy, sexy, sexy. We are so proud and honored to have Mr. Peabo Bryson join us on this segment of Brunch In The Basement With JaVonne


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    Interview with Tia McGraff

    in Music

    Described as having "a voice stolen from angels", Tia McGraff first stepped into the international spotlight on a CBC TV special with Johnny Cash and June Carter. Johnny was so impressed with Tia, he invited her into June's dressing room to introduce the two. Johnny Cash wasn't the only one who recognized a shining star! Soon the likes of Randy Bachman (BTO), Dan Hill (Celine Dion), Andrew Gold, and countless others, were inviting Tia to write and record with them.

    Tia's latest 12 track album is called Break These Chains and was produced by her co-writer/husband Tommy Parham (pictured on the left in the photo above). The rootsy melodies and honest lyrics have been produced with such integrity that one feels they are listening to something hauntingly familiar and refreshingly real. Perhaps it is because Tia’s influences include lyrical wonders like Joni Mitchell, Patty Griffin, and Mary Gauthier, or because she has drawn from the stories of those who have touched her own heart.

    "(Her) new body of work is maybe her finest to date. Sometimes by album number 5 an artist becomes complacent, satisfied with rehashing and redoing their past work. Same old wine in a different bottle. Fortunately, Tia has not fallen into that trap. She continues to grow and expand her talents as a songwriter and as a fine singer. McGraff has that quality, naturally, that singers strive for: believability." - Don Graham, Cashbox Canada

    The show will open up with a chat with singer-songwriters Brian Donkers & Steve Rivers about a new song they've written called Beneath The Shadow Of Heroes. It's a song written about the tragic events in Ottawa in October.

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    Living Purposely with Stacy Y Whyte host Int'l Singer & TV Producer Ebony Archer

    in Motivation

    Ebony Archer is a force to be reckoned with. Since the early age of four, she started singing in her church where her gift was discovered. In the year of 2000, Ebony joined Walt Whitman and the Soul Children of Chicago at the age of eight. With this group, Ebony has sung in front of audiences of ranging numbers and has shared the stage with many famous names in the industry such as Yolanda Adams, R. Kelly, Celine Dion, Nick Carter, and the list continues. In the year of 2001, Ebony Archer was featured in R. Kelly’s video, “The World’s Greatest”.   

    Ebony is the CEO of her own entertainment N company called Inspired By Purpose, Executive Producer of Youth  Speak Out TV and Radio Show, an Inspirational Speaker and an Author of the book called, “Gotta Believe In Me” a self-empowerment book She  is also the co-author of the book called, “Congratulations, You Just Lost Your Job”, featuring other Les Brown Platinum Speakers.   

    Ebony believes in using her gifts and talents to help inspire, motivate, and encourage others to live out their fullest potential. This is why she has decided to launch The Gotta Believe In Me Empowerment Tour in the summer of 2015. The purpose of the tour is to empower the youth and young adults in the fields of Entrepreneurship,  Leadership, Self-Empowerment,  & Music/Entertainment. Through this tour, she wants the youth to know that self-belief is the key to their destiny and they can achieve anything if they believe. Due to her impact in the community, Ebony was awarded, “The Miracle Worker” Award in the spring of 2014, an award highlighting her contributions in the lives of the youth.


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    GSICR welcomes DeLeon Carr

    in Goals

    De'Leon Carr

    “It’s all about making music that people can listen to in their everyday life, from riding through the hood on a sunny day, top back, windows down banging beats or getting ready for worship on Sunday morning. We must meet people where they are with that same message.” says De’Leon.

    ALL THINGS ARE READY NOW.... after many years of serving in the background for many in different genres such as Ricky Dillard, Dewayne Woods, Vashawn Mitchell, Shirley Caesar, Byron Cage, Dorothy Norwood, Velmer Watkins to hip hop artist like Dungeon Family and pop icon Celine Dion...It’s time for De’leon to step forward and bless the world with what has been dubbed “Life Music”.

    De’Leon is currently working on his Debut project aptly entitled ***BALANCE*** (Release date Fall 2015) with a single scheduled for release Summer 2014 with production credits from Will Pierre, Travis Malloy, and others.

    Born in Memphis, TN, and raised in Atlanta, GA De’leon is the son of a Preacher Woman and public school educator who instilled faith and education as a priority over everything else. When he was 10yrs old, Ricky Dillard, Hez Walker, and O’Landa Draper came to his church and De’Leon was sold, he knew immediately he wanted to sing in the choir. At an early age De’Leon was singing in the youth choir at his church but quickly was elevated to sing in the adult choir. Not only was he the youngest person to sing in the 100-voice choir but by age 13, he was directing and teaching.

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Geneva Renee!

    in Music

    Our beautiful artist from Oxnard, California has joined us on the show before this - but THIS time, Geneva Renee has big news!  A Blues Alley event - showcasing that warm and glorious voice - will be held soon.  

    You must certainly understand that this is a big deal from a small town on the West Coast.  Coming to Washington D.C., a few years ago to attend Howard University, our guest must have known that it was going to take some work to achiveve success.  There are so many wonderful artists in this region!  Well, she not only has achieved some enviable success - but the attention on her is something special.  So far, she has performed in front of director Spike Lee and two Presidents.  She won the local NBC affiliate's competition for a VIP audition - for the wildly successful TV show, "The Voice."  AND Geneva has shared the stage with dozens of performers - some are household names.  Diana Ross and Vanessa Williams and Hugh Jackman.  We could fill a PAGE with artists!

    Our mezzo soprano has a project called "Beautiful Wonder" - and some of the songs on the album have come under close scrutiny for the BEST reasons.  We'll talk about that and play a few tracks.  And we'll learn how her inspirations: Kathleen Battle, Yolanda Adams, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston continue to propel her.  Geneva wants to keep expanding her horizons and attracting the right kind of attention.  Like, for example, Grammy consideration for a song that she wrote (it happened!).

    Join us for a special show on 8/21 - just an hour, starting at two p.m. Eastern - we'll get the lowdown on what makes a California Girl tick.  You'll be delighted by what you'll learn :)

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