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  • RTR: Christian Reactions To Celebrity Deaths

    in Christianity

    In the wake of this week's passing of music legend Prince, we will examine what brings out the evil in the hearts of men when celebrities die. Seemingly, when a celebrity dies, the self-righteousness of many professed Believers boils to the surface.  Why are secular celebrities automatically headed for hell fire in the eyes of the super-religious?  Is no one worthy of redemption to those with the mindset of the Pharisees? And do Christian celebrities get a pass?  Real Talk Radio, Sunday morning 10am EST.  Call 661.449.9951. 


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    Celebrity Deaths Gone Wild

    in Entertainment

    Tommy Sotomayor

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    Celebrity Deaths of 2015?: Who closed their calendars this year?

    in Entertainment

    Assuming we have no More deaths the short remainder of this year we can Just about Cover all the graves for 2015. Call in your condolences at 323-443-7201

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    Celebrity Deaths, Soul Choices

    in Spirituality

    Unexpected deaths have a way of jolting us to the core, especially when young talent and respected celebrities such as Cory Montieth and James Gandolfini pass away abruptly.
    But from a spiritual perspective, these deaths are a soul choice and offer us important understandings about life, joy, creativity, and soul lessons.
    Discover reasons why public personas depart their lives as they do, and connect on deeper levels to the power of NOW in your own life.
    Molly McCord is a Consciousness Catalyst whose Spiritual Awakening began in 2002. She shares her gifts as a writer, author, intuitive, astrologer, messenger, and teacher in this weekly show. Discover more on her popular spirituality website, Conscious Cool Chic.com
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    Things that fall away: Manifesting the power of Prince

    in Religion

    Summing up this week in American politics, music and personal lives.

    Jon focused on the self fulfilling prophecy of Prince and the trap the most recent celebrity deaths have patterned out to be.

    Jane refuted that Prince does not belong in the category of Whitney  Houston or Michael Jackson.

    She denied the tendency of the American public to seek answers thru the Illumanti ideology.

    That and 3 Prince songs explored and played.

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    XCIII. Fat-Guy Perfect (Dave Smith)

    in Comedy

    Prince, Chyna, & other celebrity deaths, women dressing for spring, Luis off the wagon, favorite places to visit & live, Conor McGregor being taken off UFC 200 card, what old Disney princesses would look like, real ass questions, and more with Zac Amico, Kris Tinkle, Chris Scopo, and guest lead-host Dave Smith!

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    ISH ON DEMAND: Celebrity ISH Just Ashh Ft. Chev

    in Pop Culture

    Just Ashh is stepping into the SHADE ROOM again to dish some Celebrity ISH. This hilarious gossip rundown is tackling some of 2016's most talked about celebrity drama and entertainment news. Special guest co-host Chev of Shop Talk & Sharp Thoughts. 

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    Hattiesburg Music

    in Hip Hop Music

    Hattiesburg Music Show kicks off with the hottest music in music today featuring some of the best artist in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the birthplace of Rock and Roll, and the birthplace of America's Music. The show features interviews from some of the hottest names in music, some of the hottest up and coming artist in music, and much much more. There's no place of music like Hattiesburg Music. The show's executive producer and host, Mr. Hattiesburg, is sure to find the best music and the hottest interviews to keep the show the best in hip hop.

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    PWR Presents Rampage Rants-Monday Night Mayhem

    in Wrestling

    We are coming off a pay per view that was marred by the accident involving Enzo Amore. Now while everyone tried to get things back on track you could tell that everyone was deflated and it showed. We'll talk about that tonight and more current news. Do you know who the top earning wrestlers in WWE are? We'll tell you that tonight, and the gap between some of the stars you thought were making big money aren't making as much as you may think. If you thought the issues between Hulk Hogan and celebrity scandal website Gawker were over and done with you'd be WRONG! Yes, there's ANOTHER case in the works. We'll tell you why he's suing now and who else he's added this time. Also, it appears another WWE star had his last match AGAIN. We'll discuss that as well.

    We already know what the main event of Extreme Rules will be, but now after the anticlimactic "decision" by Vince last night will we see Steph and Shane try to out violence each other? Will we start to see the other angles that will come to fruition at Extreme Rules start to play out tonight? We'll talk about those and other stories tonight. Send your comments and questions to Katie, Sean and Steve in the chat room, or contact us via Skype or by phone at (347) 850-8033. Join us TONIGHT!

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    Rainbow Radio

    in LGBT

    Tune in tonite to Rainbow Radio with ya girl MC Taz and our Blonde Boo Yellah Boi for all the LGBTQ & Celebrity news, tea, shade, artist, music andmuch more every Monday at 9PM cst .... call 6467878636 to listen or put your thoughts on the situation!!  follow us on social media @wearerainbowradio instagram  @rainbowradio fb Tonights special guest @2amricky a upcoming lgbtq artist dropping 2 singles and coming thru to show us some love!!! Also our featured DJ will be dropping her first mix on Rainbow Radio DJ Holla will be giving us some r&b love tonight Dont miss out!!!

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