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    For Your Image, LLC Sunday Show Series 14

    in Lifestyle

    Is there a current issue in your community that has made you want to do something about it? If not, what have you done in your community to add to the group that has already started their campaign? Would you go through a lot of hurtles and play the waiting game all for the one you love? or would you leave them right when they need people the most? Have you stopped focusing on your dream because life has thrown you some curve balls? Tune in tonight as I touch on these topics and celebirty news.

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    About Last Night, Reality Wrap UP, NAACP Nominations Luncheon -Studio Q Radio

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    In this episode of Studio Q host, Quencie and Studio Q producer Tam will review Kevin Hart's latest movie About Last Night, re-vist Studio Q's latest blog posts and go behind the scenes of some of our recent Celebrity interviews at the NAACP nominations luncheon.  Like, Share and Subscribe to Studio Q!

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    Lisa Williams Celebirty Medium & Clairvoyant

    in Spirituality

    When I was a little girl, I discovered I had a gift. Communicating with those who are no longer with us. Some people say what I do is scary other people say I change their lives. I just say what I hear and see and I see a lot.

    My personal 'spiritual' journey has been an exciting and rewarding one. I had to go through many life-changing experiences to understand what my calling was in life. I am also a healer and work along side the medical profession to aid the healing process. I am now able to share my gifts with you through large audience readings and my new TV show, Lisa Williams: Voices from the Other Side and also Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead. My journey is far from being over and I would like to share my journey with you all.

    Who doesn’t love Lisa Williams? I have watch her on lifetime Tv in amazement of her abilities in contacting the deceased loved ones. I was so excited to see her in person in South Florida. Lisa is a medium who is very compassionate to the person she reading for in person or on stage. I was totally amazed that she was able to keep complete composure in an arena filled with thousands of people. I was so grateful I got to meet her after the show because she has been my idol for years. It was an incredible experience for me then and now to have her as my guest on my radio show, I just have to say that I’m truly honored.

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    The Spotlight

    in Christianity

    This afternoon on "The Spotlight" we have Christian Rap Artist Dainel "D'AYCH" Harris joinging us again for an all exclusive interview. He will be talking about the projects he has been working on, future projects etc and we have an exclusive accapella coming from Mr. Harris also ....... Im Not Going To Say No More ..... Make Sure To Tune In .........
    Call In To Ask Him Questions 714-459-3924

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    EZ TALK is hosted by Hollywood It Guy Eric 'EZ' Zuley talking to influential guests that can help motivate the listener by hearing stories of there struggles & success stories. EZ Features independent music from unsigned artists also Patricia Shipp Lead reporter National Enquirer gives you that Hollywood Gossip "The EZ Way" SOS = Secrets of social media advice (NEW SEGMENT) by Mike Precise
    411 on STEP TO THE MIC the new TV show coming soon!

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    celebrity gossip new music

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    my co host is back off vacation an we are giving you all the business live raw an uncut tonight we have the lastest in celebirty gossip an new music. First off if you didnt see #RHOA reunion part 1 tonight, we will be giving you the run down., also Was our president wrong for complimenting attorney general "Kamala Harris" why should he apologize? Has Kandi from rhoa set a new date to get married to boyfriend Todd? Does joseline from #lhhatl have a new boo thang? What washed up female rapper trys to take some sexy model like photos? Find out what Kanye West has to say about Ray J new song " I HIT IT FIRST". I have all that an your ratchet s/o, your O HELL TO THE NALL MOMENT, FRESH NEW MUSIC.

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    Vinny welcomes in Frank Adonis  from goodfellas and raging bull,vinny also welcomes lenny serrao

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    Sterling Spin with Liz Sterling

    in Self Help

    Liz Sterling interviews authors, luminaries, visionaries, leaders and outstanding talk show hosts who are inspiring change in our world.
    Cyndi Dale is a renowned author, speaker, healer and buisness consultant who has traveled the world sharing the wisdom of healing and intuition. Her favorite activity is helping people live-sing-dance their destiny with passion and gusto! Today we'll talk about her most recent publications, Togetherness and The Intuition Guidebook and  how to tap into the energies of the world. 
    Kristen White has more than a decade of experience as a successful television journalist. She has interviewed famous actors such as Johnny Depp and iconic politicans including Bill Clinton. From a dynamic, yet simple system to help entrepreneurs create clear and concise messages in web video content, to offering programs on Intutive Business Design, Kristen helps individuals find the area of  life where they excel in their outstanding and unique way!
    How do we Live the Wisom we are receiving? "QuantumThink It" with Dianne Collins. She is an original thinker, visionary leader and teacher. As the creator of a new system of thinking and the author of Do You Quantum Think? Dianne says when you Master Your Mind You Master Your Life.

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    Episode 1 Introduction

    in Youth

    Today we will be doing a little Introduction about us. How we feel and react to everyday life situations and how goofy we are. You can trust us at anytime if you wanna call in. Give us a shot to show you how we are

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    Should Black People be angry at the use of N- Word today?

    in Entertainment

    This week actress Gwenyth Paltrow(who happens to be white) while attending a concert in Europe of her BFF, rapper Jay Z tweeted her way into controversy. While at the show, Gwenyth tweeted a picture of herself on stage with the rappers with a caption that read "Ni**as In Paris for Real". People on twitter became upset and a debate erupted. Gwenyth tweeted that she was simply referring to a song title from her pals Jay Z & Kanye. Many people however, disagreed with her use of the word. Many felt that she should know better than to use that word being a white woman.
    With the liberal use of the N-word in pop culture by Black comedians, rappers and people in general. Can we really become upset by it's use among other ethnicities? Join the CCShow this week when we take on the topic of the N Word.
    Plus we will discuss the latest in news around the world and  the happenings in celebrity and pop culture. So tune in this Saturday for great topics and some good talk on the CCShow.

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