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    The greatest performances in boxing of Carlos Zarate

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    PWTorch Livecast - Jim Valley's "Saturday Morning" Wrestling with The Grappler

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    PWTorch contributor Jim Valley hosts the "Saturday Morning Wrestling" Livecast talking nostalgia and more with live calls. Plus, Valley interviews "The Grappler" Lynn Denton talking territory era wrestling and more!

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    Nuggs Country Wrestling Podcast Episode #17 Tim Dixon

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    Joey Nuggs and Big Country interview Tim Dixon. We will ask him about being the former webmaster for Carolina Independent Wrestling,being the play by play announcer for NWA Charlotte,and his time on the road as a ring announcer, and much much more.

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    Prosperity Wrestling Radio Presents PWR SLAM!-Ladies Night

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    Not only is it 4/20 (did you leave cookies and buds for Santa Snoop last night) but it’s also our monthly Ladies Night. We have some great guests lined up for you tonight.

    We start out with our spotlight, which will be a mixed bag. Covey Pro Wrestling out of Berkeley Springs, WV, are having a two-night blowout before they close their doors forever. All Or Nothing 10 will be this Friday and Saturday. We’ll talk about the show and why the promotion is shutting its doors.

    Next, it’s the ladies, and we have a couple of winners. Hixson, Tn. is where Sheena Lane was born. As a youngster she was planning on becoming a drag racer. One night in Georgia changed that. As Rock-n-Roll Rock-C she is tearing up Tennessee and the South.

    If Kyoko Nakamura, also known as Fallen Flower Kyoko reminds you of someone don’t be surprised. This native Californian bears a strong resemblance to Japanese Superstar Bull Nakano. She’s also just as tough as Nakano and has been across the ring from some of our past guests.                         

    We welcome your questions via chat, Skype or at (347) 850-8033. Join Sean, Steve and Katie tonight.


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    Prosperity Wrestling Network Presents Rampage Rants-Monday Night Mayhem

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    As we're preparing this setup for tonight's show, something HUGE just happened at tonight's RAW, which is currently being taped in London for later broadcast this evening here in the states. When we say HUGE, we SERIOUSLY mean HUGE. We won't say any more about it so we don't potentially spoil anything. There is some potential movement on the TNA front toward getting investors to save the floundering company. In fact, the bid with the inside track is a company owned by two former TNA wrestlers.The question is, is Dixie Carter willing to pay the price it will take to save the company from becoming just a memory that not even Vince will want the video library? Once again, the Undertaker is in the news, we'll talk about what's going on (or not) with the Deadman. And while Jeff Jarrett is STILL waiting for that big TV deal for Global Force Wrestling to materialize, RIng Of Honor continues to make more TV deals, this one outside the U.S. Border. There is also some news on the Lucha Underground front as well, some of it we covered partially last week, some of it new. Which star was just offered a nice size deal to stay? We will answer that for you. Finally, we were alerted this morning to another scandal involving another immoral promoter, this one down in Texas. We'll reveal the promoter's name and possibly talk to one of the wrestlers that was approached by that promoter to work for him. It's not a good situation. Are you following our facebook page? www.facebook.com/pwroundtable                 because if your not... the next 6 weeks of PWR SLAM! are LOADED! Plus we have a MAJOR announcement about our May 25th Guest.  Sean, Steve and Katie look forward to talking to you and answering all your questions. You can chek in via chat, by pushing the blue Skype button, or by calling (347) 850-8033. Come join us to talk about what's happening in the world of wrestling.

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    Arm Wrestling Nation Radio

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    Great show tonight I have Jason Biava back on letting everyone know about this Saturday’s PAL American Armfighter Qualifier The Working Man’s Classic & Pulling for Chance 6 man round Robin.
    Also some of the guys competing in the 6 man round robin will also be joining the show.
    Ron Bath, Matt Mask, Scott Ballinger. Jordan Sill and also the Freak Chris Chandler.

    Also Dan Jenkins from Fox Woods and The Mohegan Sun Casinos will be joining the show talking about his part in promoting over 27 American Arm Fighter Events this year and July 16th Vendetta 46 event in Rhode Island at the Twin River Casino. 


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    Prosperity Wrestling Radio Presents PWR SLAM!

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    OK folks, it's time for your midweek fix, PWR SLAM! is back! Tonight we talk to a bear, a thief and an author, two of which are the same person.

    First up will be our friend Herb Simmons from SICW in the Southern Illinois/St.Louis area. They will have two events this weekend, one in Illinois, one in Missouri. As always, SICW will present a loaded card of action with possibly some more surprises. We'll try and pull what they may be out of Herb. Since he's been in Vegas at Cauliflower Alley maybe we can order him a few drinks and get him to talk.

    After that, we will talk to a man that we have had on before, but he's still a lot of fun to talk to. Barrington Hughes, the big man from Florida is calling himself "MILFs Favorite Wrestler". We'll catch up with what he's been up to, including wrestling and the ladies.

    When people heard "Yo yo yo, yo,pop a 40 and check your Rollies" everyone knew what time it was, CRIME TIME! The tag team that claimed Brooklyn as home had a lot of fans, especially when they would come out into the arena with the contents of some poor unsuspecting wrestler's bag, selling everything to the fans.They actually were also rather successful, spending a total of four years under the WWE banner. Tonight, we talk to one half of that team, JTG. We will discuss his early years, his influences in the business, OVW, RAW, and his book, DAMN! Why Did I Write This Book?. This should be a lot of fun.

    Have a question? We always like to let our listeners talk to the wrestlers, within reason. You can post your questions in our chat, call via Skype or by phone at (347) 850-8033. Katie, Steve and Sean are ready for tonight, do YOU have your valuables locked up?

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    PWTorch Livecast - Jim Valley's Saturday Morning Wrestling w/Lance Russell

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    PWTorch contributor Jim Valley hosts the "Saturday Morning Wrestling" Livecast Episode #12 fresh off a trip to Cauliflower Alley Club in Las Vegas. Included is an interview with legendary announcer Lance Russell, and more with your live calls and nostalgia talk!

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    Wrestling It Factor Radio :Chyna Tribute&TNA Wrestling For Sale Edition

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    Chyna Tribute&TNA Wrestling for sale edition.This episode will discuss the Aroluxe investors that are trying to buy majority of TNA wrestling along with other suitors,Raw reviews,Connor and Adam Rose being suspended by WWE,democratic and republician primaries,ROH new TV deal with the fight network,thoughts and memories of Chyna and Prince,Lucha Underground,AJ styles and Roman Reigns feud and more.Hosted by Wayne Benitez,Tommy 2 Chips,and Romeo J.

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    Worked Shoot Wrestling Podcast Episode 119 How do Anderson and Gallows fit?

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    Join hosts Corey Richman and Jason Brookes  for the latest news in the world of pro wrestling!!

     Listener dial-in number:(646) 668-2938




    Possibly subjects

    - Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows continue to make an impact on WWE Raw for the second straight week, where is going at WWE Payback

    - TNA Wrestling is strongly rumored to be nearing a possibly sale to Aroluxe who has been reportedly funding the company as they head into TV tapings this week

    - Recent Wellness violations by Adam Rose and Konor

    - Shane continues to run RAW

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