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    Effective Communication: How to Get Results Through Spoken Words

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    Join me as I welcome my very special guest Lauren Millman.  Lauren Millman, B.A. Psych, CCF, CCP, ACC, AIC, is a highly sought after Certified Relationship Coach Practitioner, specializing in Relationships and Effective Communication for Women Executives and Entrepreneurs. Since 2004, Lauren has helped hundreds of women have more connected and fulfilling relationships, empowered conversations, better communication, and live more enriched, connected and meaningful. lives. Lauren's approach to Coaching is unique. Once having had to work through some of the same challenges her clients bring,  Lauren has the experience and expertise needed to help you through difficult situations, and help you see new perspectives, find solutions, learn new skills and techniques, have more powerful and effective conversations, and live empowered, with peace and happiness. Lauren is a published Author, Speaker, Aspergers Expert, and Recipient of the Women in Leadership in Canada Award, 2014.

    Also, For the first time live on the radio  I will be doing one of my meditation for success.

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    What Are The Professions In Childcare, That A CDA Credential Can Be Use For?

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    Join us in a discussion on the topic of what professions , that you can utilize your CDA Credential for?  Ladies and Gentlemen your CDA and or CCP credential can be utilized in a variety of profession settings.  Call in this evening to discuss your future outlook in the childcare profession. Ladies are obtaining that National Director's credential and owing and operatining their own childcare facilities. There are other professions also that require you to either obtain a license in the childcare field such at in the profession of, Child Life Specialist and many more!   Please,come out to join us in a discussion! You can call into the station to voice your input!



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    Guest: Luis E. Torrado, President, Torrado Construction Co., Inc.

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    Luis E. Torrado, President, Torrado Construction Co., Inc.

    Torrado Construction Co., Inc., is based in Philadelphia, PA. Torrado Construction Co., Inc.'s ideal client is the one who shares the common goal of integrity and continuing a long term relationship


    Torrado Construction is a contracting company specializing in using our own workforces in the areas demolition, concrete, masonry and painting. Torrado Construction also has alliances with separate trade contractors allowing us to provide a full range of construction services. Our work is primarily focused in the Mid-Atlantic States.


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    Guest: Theresa Williams, COO, Around the Clock Home Health Care Services

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    Theresa Williams, COO and Partner, Around the Clock Home Health Care Services

    Around the Clock assist elderly individuals with illnesses and disabilities with activities of daily living to allow them to remain at home with dignity, self-esteem and maintain their level of independent living versus being in a nursing home.

    Around the Clock Home Health Care Services was created in 1997 by Theresa Williams, BS, BSN, RN and M. Patricia McKinley MBA to address health and socio-economic issues affecting the aging population and provide services that have a qualitative effect on their lives. We are have invested in the community through construction of a 2 story office complex which will allow us expand our services and create jobs.


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    Overcoming Top Compensation Issues in Law Firms

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    When it comes to compensation plans in law firms, one size does not fit all. How do you know if your organization is keeping up with current compensation trends to be competitive?  Is your compensation plan aligned with your business plan?  What if you have different geographic locations with vastly diverse market drivers? And does your compensation survey really provide you accurate data? Tune into this podcast with top compensation expert Edward Rataj and get actionable information for developing your compensation plan that will keep you competitive and profitable. 

    About Edward Rataj:


    Edward R. Rataj, CCP, CECP, Managing Director of the Compensation Consulting Division of CBIZ Human Capital Services, has 19 years of experience in the area of human resources, focusing on designing innovative compensation programs. His core areas of expertise includes designing market-based and job evaluation-based compensation programs, pay structures, and compensation surveys, as well as developing policies and procedures. Rataj has been recently quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money magazine and TheStreet.com as a nationally recognized compensation expert. 

    Contact: CBIZ Human Capital Services

    Compensation Consulting - Ed Rataj
    625 Maryville Center
    St. Louis, MO 63141

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    Episode 18 - #OpOccuPotCentral or Umbrella Madness Burns The Eyes

    in Current Events

    After a week out of town (in the urban wilderness of Berkeley), we are back. Boy have things been happening globally. 

    Domestically, there was the Climate Change March which brought an estimated 400,000 people into the streets of New York City during the UN's Assembly, leading into the amazingly successful Flood Wall Street for climate change. 

    Last week, a rather amazing and quite startling video went viral out of Alaska. Charlo Greene from CBS affiliate station KTVA finished a report on the Cannibis Buyers Club that was throwing it's support behind a ballot proposition to legalize marijuana for recreational use to help stop harassment of medical marijuana patients by law enforcement, and to stifle the necessity of patients in most of the state to support and perpetuate a black market for a so-called drug that is far less dangerous, if at all, than alcohol.

    At the end of her report on the clubs involvement, which had an interview with one of the co-founders of the club, Charlo Greene outted herself. No, not as a lesbian, but as the actual owner and founder of the Alaska Cannibis Buyers Club, and announced that she was quitting her job at the station, knowing it might spark rumors of a conflict of interest, and working for the initiative full time. 

    Globally, activists and students in Hong Kong have ramped up their #OccupyCentral with love and peace movement, occupying public space, and a blockade of government buildings and the city's financial center. The goal of these protests is to finally achieve a sense of autonomous democracy from mainland China, which is overseeing, and ultimately setting up an approval process for candidates. Students, professors and concerned citizens from all walks of life have been tear-gassed, pepper sprayed, infiltrated, beaten and are not backing down. 

    We'll talk about this and more tonight on Wake Da Fuq Up Radio!

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    Guest: Robert Christian, Publisher, University City Review Inc

    in Business

    Robert Christian, Publisher, University City Review Inc.

    University City Review Inc attracts readers to our local community newspapers and provides a medium for local businesses to present their advertising message to their target markets.


    Bob Christian was born in New York City, raised in Connecticut, went to college in Connecticut and NYC, came to Philadelphia in 1979 to study at an Episcopal Theological Seminary. He spent ten years in Real Estate Management in CT, NY, & PA. He was a Freelance writer for the Delaware County Daily Times, and the University City Press. He founded the University City Review and Weekly Press newspapers in 1988. He is a past President of the Mid-Atlantic Community Paper Association.

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    Guest: Ray Jones, President, We See You LLC

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    Ray Jones, President, We See You LLC

    We See You LLC helps clients with security needs from physical security up to and including consultation in emergency management and disaster preparedness. 


    Ray Jones spent 30 years in Law Enforcement retiring as a Captain for a University Police Department before starting We See You LLC. He has a Master’s Degree in Administration and has a great deal of experience in emergency management and emergency operation planning. During his career he has written and planned and or participated in drills ranging from active shooter drills to all out disaster recovery drills. During his career he has worked thru out the State of NJ on several campuses. As a leader in Emergency Management he worked with Law Enforcement authorities across the state in training and planning for emergency responses. He is a certified NJ (Security Officer Registration Act) Instructor and has written emergency operation plans for private companies as well as participated in training colleges and university public safety personnel across the State of NJ. His responsibilities include but are not limited to securing contractual agreements with partners to secure locations and safeguard property. Train security officers in accordance with the SORA act of New Jersey. Train personnel of companies in safety management procedures. Work as a liaison with local authorities. Work with clients to insure protocols are being met.



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    Guest: Zach Stone, Chief Strategy Officer, Red Kite Project

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    Zach Stone, Chief Strategy Officer, Red Kite Project

    Red Kite Projects help innovative companies in healthcare, transit and crisis management fields that struggle with employee burnout, high absenteeism, and performance problems, so they can improve the resiliency of their workforce, and improve their bottom line. 


    Zach Stone holds a degree in Counseling and Behavioral Health from Drexel University and certificates in crisis intervention, victim/offender conferencing, addiction studies, and human services. He specializes in resiliency building, conflict management, and violence prevention. Zach Stone has spent the last decade as a mediator, facilitator, and corporate trainer and coach. He has worked in a variety of environments including the prison system, government, universities, NPO's, and corporations. He has presented lectures and workshops on a variety of topics to many organizations, including the International Coaching Federation, the Association for Conflict Resolution, and University of Pennsylvania. He is on staff at Drexel University in the Behavioral Health Counseling department.



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    The Bridge Over Troubled Waters with Thecia Jenkins

    in Entertainment

    Eizzle Entertainment Host Eric Haynes interviews Thecia Jenkins Education & HR Director forThe Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Inc. who will explain: What is domestic/dating and sexual violence?  What Is Primary Prevention?  How can you be a part of change?  Thecia Jenkins will share Resources for survivors and preventioneers.  Right here on Eizzle Entertainment!  Tune in as Thecia Jenkins take over Eizzle Entertainment Radio.  If you would like more information contact Thecia Jenkins, CCP Education & HR Director via The Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Inc. in Pasadena, Texas 77502 or simply call 713.472.0753 ext. 116....



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    Sheriff's Election 2014, Guns, Money and Political Heads

    in Politics

    Paul D. Schrader a candidate for San Bernardino County Sheriff will be taking calls from across the country regarding issues and his campaign but a lot of people still haven't met him. The idea behind the weekly radio show is to give residents an opportunity to talk with Sheriff Paul ask him questions and get to know him better.

    Join us every Monday, 6 pm pacific on your computer or telephone (347) 996-3116. All shows are live but are recorded for future play at any time. We invite you to copy and share with your friends.

    Ken Holtz a former San Bernardino County Deputy Sheriff will co-host with Paul to give insight on current events. Ken has been reporting on corruption in San Bernardino County for the past 6 years.

    Also for more information about Sheriff Paul go to sheriffpaul2014.com

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