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    The Andrew Powell Show w/ Darrin Williamson and Eric Robinson

    in Sports

    TONIGHT ON THE SHOW (LIVE @ 8:00 PM ET): Meek Mill hasn't even responded to Drake yet, but that's not stopping Drizzy from going "Back To Back". NFL makes history by having its first female coach! Will we ever see a woman NFL head coach? CBF Light Heavyweight Champion and WXE Cruiserweight Champion Anthony Stallone joins the show! Is Roger Goodell's actions forcing the police to watch out for him and his family's safety? Alex Donno of 560 WQAM/CBS Sports Miami also joins the show! And with the MLB trade deadline coming up, the guys have a little trade talk. Who does Darrin think his New York Mets will pick up? And should Major League Baseball push back its trade deadline? PLUS MORE!!! You can call into the show at (929) 477-1592 and you can tweet the show @andrewrpowell or @ThePowellShow. The Andrew Powell Show w/ Darrin Williamson and Eric Robinson is Monday-Friday LIVE 8:00-10:00 PM ET only on MSL Radio.

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    CBF Game Show: Raid the Prize Box [LIVE]

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    A popular game like show on the forum. Everyone calls in and the 5th person to get there is the lucky contestant. The contestant then picks one of 9 boxes to reveal the prize inside. They can either chose to keep the prize in the box or continue to find something possibly bigger and better. BUT, watch out for the empty box. If the box you chose is empty you lose the game!

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    "To Be Or Not To Be....NACM Certified"

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    BUSINESS CREDIT RADIO continues with it's passion and dedication of the continuing education of today's and tomorrow's credit management professionals by presenting Ms. Cheryl Hammond of CMA's Education Counselor to discuss NACM professional certification programs.
    Cheryl has worked for Credit Management Association since 1990 in sales and service, and has been the Education Counselor for CMA since 2006. She provides individual and group counseling for clients interested in participating in the Professional Certification Program and ultimately in obtaining their Designations (CBA, CBF, and CCE). The certification program is sponsored by the National Association of Credit Management and CMA is one of the largest affiliates of NACM. She works closely with the student to guide them through the certification process, reviewing the required courses to take for each designation, and helping them complete their Career Roadmap required for the top two levels.
    Cheryl also presents a free webinar every other month to review the Professional Certification program, called “Destination Designation”.  The next webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, June 5 at 9:00 PDT. You can register for it by going to www.anscers.com.Cheryl also monitors many of CMA’s online courses and webinars, which occur on a consistent basis throughout the year. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies and lives in California in the Monterey Bay area.
    This BUSINESS CREDIT RADIO episode is honored to be sponsored by the Credit Management Association (CMA), the largest NACM affiliate office.

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    show 1...burning!!

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    is this thing on?

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    LE SECRET DU LIEU SECRET - par Pasteur Bruno Picard

    in Religion

    LE SECRET DU LIEU SECRET - La Parole de Dieu

    par Pasteur Bruno Picard


    We broadcast from America


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    We broadcast from USA


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    Conservative Black Forum Debrief

    in Politics Conservative

    Just back from the Conservative Black Forum in Washington, DC, hosted by Congressman Allen West, Marie Stroughter will debrief with CBF panelist Dr. Karnie C. Smith and fellow audience member Anita MonCrief.

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    & It keeps getting better!

    in Entertainment

    Let's get everyone up to date on what Corbin has going on, as well as what is going on at CBF shall we?

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    Guess Who's Back? Back Again

    in Blogs

    The CBF Staffers want to hear what YOU think about HSM3. We will also be talking about some Halloween stories and more! Such as... talking about THE SURPRISE you've all been waiting for. We are going to need you guys to call in and contribute to be sure to have your phone on stand by while you listen

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    We've got nothing to do on a Saturday Night

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    This show was hosted by K and Dayna! We hoped to take a laid back Saturday night to talk about outrageous Corbin rumors and Corbin's recent appearance in the Small Change Music video, but instead we found ourself faced with some pretty interesting callers. [Stuff said by the funny callers are untrue.. incase you were naive and didn't know that.. don't believe it haha it was pure comedy]