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    Cautious Patient Communities

    in Health

    Monday night, November 11, meet Jeff.  Learn about how he spoke up and his actions of being informed and getting involved changed the course of his care and maybe even saved his life!
    About CPC Blog Talk Radio:  Join us as we chat about how we became Cautious Patients. Cautious Patient Communities is a group where patients and families learn how to be informed and involved in their healthcare. This leads to better healthcare outcomes, as well as a sense of no longer being an outsider in your own care!
    Now we can share what has worked during this 30 minute Blog Talk Radio show!

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    Being Cautious then Moving Forward

    in Spirituality

    Caution is paying close attention or being vigilant to minimize risk. The ability to make this discrimination is an internal process. Tune in this week as Jo Ann Brown and I discuss inner movement, the kind that is NOT governed by external manipulation. More importantly, learn how to differentiate between naiveté and innate power. Naiveté is often seen in the culture as ‘an accident waiting to happen’. Emerging unscathed from these experiences depends entirely upon follwing strict rules or stepping stones to exit the situation.  Whatever image we evoke of our weakness, and whatever our strength, we must hold both views at the same time to move. This show discusses cautious advancement in the face of potentially dangerous conditions. There is a universal law in spiritual work, one where innocent intent or action if allowed, is less harsh when coming out of a situation. Tonight we learn that a lesson: we are not to resist fate nor try to escape it. Rather, if we meet it truly and honestly, we will somehow be guided through the maze.  Sometimes in life it feels like we are walking on the edge of a precipice. Being cautious helps manage our fate. 

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    What is Your Solution?

    in Health

    What is your solution to get the best outcomes in your medical care?  Have you ever been empowered, taken action and changed the outcome from what may have been less that perfect?  Share as we explore how we can feel empowered and we can all be Cautious Patients together!

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    The Cautious Conqueror

    in Current Events

    Come Fellowship With Us On Tomorrow Morning On The Resurrection Power Church Of Christ Ministries Where The Holy Spirit Is The Overseer And Jesus Christ Is Lord,We Are Hell Shaking Prayer Warriors,We Speak The Truth In Love ,We Believe In The Healing Power Of Jesus Christ And The Word !Dial In Number Is 1-661-467-2411.

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    in Entertainment

    With the recent massacre at an African Methodist church in South Carolina should black people be more cautious with who they let into their places of worship. Where can black people truly find refuge? Why is pink Jesus always prominent when there is black mass murders? Plus a special dedication to Tamir Rice who was murdered by the police. He would have been 13 today if the police didn't shoot him in a drive by. Plus new music from new artists- you won't see this on CNN this is #2RAW4TV



    11pm est


    call in 3234100036

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    Modern Business Priorities: Employees Crave Better Benefits

    in Business

    In this episode of Cutting-Edge Benefits by ClaimLinx, Tom Quigley, National Business Consultant, will be discussing people's shifting priorities when looking for employment.

    Because of the Great Recession, people are more cautious about the future and crave a sense of security through complete benefits packages. More and more, potential workers will be looking at companies' benefits packages to make employment decisions. Owners will need to use unique solutions to ensure they are providing the very best benefits possible in order to be competetive in the workplace.

    So in this episode, Tom will be taking a look at employees' priorities and how employers can provide them while still remaining within their budget. Schedule a personal consultation to discuss healthcare solutions at any time. 

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    Episode 2 - A Cautious Reminder

    in Christianity

    We have a human tendency to put too much confidence in man rather than God.  When too much confidence is placed in man's ability, we're often disappointed, hurt and wounded when the person we trusted fail to meet our expectation.

    Author Queen Esther Phillips talks about a "cautious reminder" from her book, The Path to Promise. 

    Have you been disappointed, broken and betrayed by someone you trusted with all your heart?

    Find out why in this episode.

    #onthepathtopromise #movingforward




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    LovLee FREE Psychic Tarot Reading featuring Tahuti Asara

    in Relationships

    Greetings, I am LovLee Your Personal Advisor on blogtalkradio here Where The Real Psychics Go. Featuring Tahuti Asara The Tarot Specialist. The attraction of yin & yang is A powerful & fundamental force. Our mission here today is to offer guidance, the readings are coming from the yin yang energy force feminine masculine polarity. For phophesy, prediction & prescriptions. Give yourself a refreshing look at life's situations. The attraction between man woman in love & or business . The magnetic attraction, the masculine principle (outgoing), the feminine (receptive). The two becoming one, it takes two & in unto thee we become as one. Thus an exciting & profitable union is the result. This brings good fortune & great outcomes. Success base & or support relys on common goal & mutual attraction. We want to remain consistent by utilizing the Law of Attraction to bring you all important & informative insight. Let us all remain open to the Universal Law of Attraction. Being careful, cautious & consistent in what we think, speak & feel. Remaining open to the forces of attraction brings good fortune & good results. Come join us one & all. Free readings for the liberation of your hearts desire soul deserves.

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    Avengers: Age of Ultron and the thinning patience of comic book movie fans.

    in Entertainment

    Now that you've all seen Avengers or heard so much about that you're sick of hearing about it, you're gonna hear about it from Kai and I. 

    Marvel's second foray into ensemble superhero went off without much of a hitch leaving a lot of people looking at DC/Warner as if to say "can you do any better?" 

    Warner Bros. seeming to feel the invisible eyes on them chose this weekend to release promo pictures for their ensemble comic book movie "Suicide Squad" which raised more questions than answered prayers. 

    while people have definitely  responded favorably to the set photos and costume reveals, as par for the course, almost and equal amount of people have responded with either cautious optimism or flat out disappointment. 

    this comes on the heels of a scathing Hollywood Reporter article criticising Warner Bros' approach to their cinematic universe and the creative team behind it. 


    we'll discuss all this and try not to slur our words at the same time 

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    Ask Miki North America's Number 1 Celebrity Psychic Live to Air!

    in Spirituality

    Join Brad Joseph and Miki celebrity psychic http://askmiki.ca/home.html when we take your calls live to air. Whether it be romance, money, career we are here to answer your questions in this interactive live to air show!

    Reserve your spot early because the phone lines jam up early, give us a call live and real time chat we want to hear from you!

    What should we be aware of in 2015 and what should we be more cautious of with the way the things are going today throughout the world, join us wont you!

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    Sports Hawks

    in Sports

    Sports Hawks

    Will Hawkins, Brian Rojas, Tarek Brooks and guests discuss DC area sports at 7pm ET/4pm PT as follows...

    Devil's Advocate - Questions that will be debated by The Sports Hawks, callers & listeners.

    * Wizards Weekly:  Reviewing last week's results and what is coming up for the week ahead.

    * Capitals Weekly:  Reviewing last week's results and what is coming up for the week ahead.

    * Washington Nationals News:  Spring Training update

    * Redskins News:  Review all of the roster moves this week

    College Basketball Weekly:  Georgetown, Maryland, VCU & Virginia

    Other National Sports Headlines:

    * Kevin Durant out for the season after graft bone surgery

    * Derrick Rose feeling no pain or swelling in his knee and he is set to return soon

    * Federal Judge denies dismissal motion by NHL on concussion case

    * Justin Verlander believes that many pitching injuries are the results of teams being overly cautious with pitchers

    * NFL Free Agents & trade news

    * Randy Gregory fails drug test at NFL Combine

    * NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament update

    * Boxing on Showtime / Jhonny Gonzalez versus Gary Russell Jr / Kell Brook versus Ionut Dan Ion

    To listen to the show, go over to www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or to listen or be part of the show, simply dial 646-378-1303


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