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    Interview with Black Cats Paranormal

    in Spirituality

    Black Cats Paranormal Investigators consist of two female investigators, actively eager to find proof of the after life and to show you this evidence through our documented investigations, evidence and videos which will appear on www.bcpi.co.uk and our You Tube Channel. We are newly and proud verified members of the British Paranormal Association.

    Both team members carry a wide array of equipment to help us document and record any possible happenings or phenomena.


    We give you our opinions on what we think is paranormal and leave you to make up your mind about what you think.


    Black Cats Paranormal has grown from nothing to 17,000 Twitter Followers, 2,000 Youtube Subscribers and 6,000 Face Book Followers. We have a natural driving force to find the proof that people so look for from our own experiences from children after seeing passed family members. We love to share our findings with our fans and love the feedback and support that they give us too. Both Michelle and Jayne are able to sense spirit.






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    Dogs and Cats Do's and Don'ts

    in Pets

    Did you know that there are some foods that cats and dogs should not eat?  Should cats be bathed? Or are their normal grooming habits enough?  In this episode, we'll address some of the do's and don'ts involved with caring for healthy, happy cats and dogs.  So join us for this pet Q and A (post Fourth of July) session on our upcoming edition of The Missy Show!  We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Main Street Universe: Cats!!! With guest Michael Starsheen

    in Spirituality

    Join host Daniel Michael and associate producer Genise R White as we welcome our guest Michael Starsheen!!!

    We will be discussing the metaphysical,spiritual,superstitious ,religious history and practices involving Cats!!!

    The story of Cats is an interesting one from sacred guardian to feared devilish spirit.

    Our guest Michael Starsheen is an ArchPriest of Isis  in the Fellowship of Isis and you can check out his blog here: http://isisofthestars.blogspot.com/

    Join us in our circle!!!

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    Cats 2: Why YOU should be interested in cats, etc. #77

    in Entertainment

    A continuation of the original CATS show, where I talk more about my experiences with cats, play more clips for you and enjoy a break from all the serious topics with this ever so pleasant topics of cats.

    I welcome callers, hopefully cat lovers, and we truly dive into the fun, the light, the fluffy and the meow.

    I will also be meowing for you, so I truly hope that you don't laugh and give me an opportunity to shine. Thank you very much!


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    Cats and Man Psychology

    in Lifestyle

    Cats and Man Psychology

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    It's the debut episode of Cats Talk with Terry and Vinny

    in Sports

    Tune in and catch Vinny Hardy and Terry Brown as they talk all things Kentucky Wildcats sports as well as the latest NBA, NFL, and MLB news. Tonight they'll recap the Kentucky football teams last game against the Georgia Bulldogs and preview their match up this Saturday against the Tennessee Volunteers. They will also look back at the Kentucky basketball teams exhibition game against Georgetown (KY) and look ahead to Friday's season opener versus Grand Canyon. 

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    Pet Radio-Are Hybrid Domestic Breed Cats "Frankencats"?

    in Pets

    There are three domestic breed cats that were created by cross breeding a domestic breed to a wild small cat specie resulting in a domestic cat with the coloring and physical characteristics of their ancestors. Most of these cats today have less than 10% wild cat in their lineage, but some animal rights groups are calling these cats a monstrocity, "frankencats" and is pushing the state of California to outright ban the sale, ownership, and breeding of these beautiful animals. The "Bengal" cat is the most popular of these breeds with over 100,000 in the USA.

    Joining us today is certified cat behaviorist Marilyn Krieger who is an expert on the Savannah and Bengal breeds, and Savannah breeder and TICA Savannah Breed Chair Brigitte Cowell will dispell the myths and misconceptions of these breeds. Marilyn wrote an article about this subject on Catster. The backers of this legislation are the Animal Legal Defense Fund and Big Cat Rescue., who both did not respond to our invitations to join the show. ALDF is based in Portland, Oregon and has been successful in passing a ban in Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Nebraska, and Rhode Island. 

    Join in the discussion!

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    Let's Talk Cats and Dogs

    in Pets

    We’re all about cats and dogs on this episode of Talk2theAnimalsRadio. Our cat expert, Darlene Arden, joins us talking about the importance of playing with your cats and recommends toys that will stimulate your cat. Dog trainer Marilyn Tokach discusses proper dog park etiquette which will keep your dog safe and happy. Our animal guest will share his wisdom tonight and you’ll be sure to hear a tip or two on how you can strengthen your relationship with all animals.

    This show is brought to you in part by Talk2theAnimalsRadio  sponsors Animal History Museum, Cedar Breeze Consultants,  Simply Numbers - Not Just Another Bean Counter, Flowering Hills Flower Essences and Ame Jo Hughes, Intuitive Artist. Be sure to visit their sites! 

    Be sure to visit the NEW Talk2theAnimalsBlog which, by the way, is now available on Kindle. Subscribe now! Join our Talk2theAnimals community on Facebook. 

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    PSH Talk To Black Cats Paranormal

    in Paranormal

    Black Cats Paranormal Investigators consist of two female investigators, actively eager to find proof of the after life and to show you this evidence through our documented investigations which will appear on our website.

    Both team members are psychic investigators which, we feel enhances the spectrum and level of contact Not only do we use these abilities if possible we also carry a wide array of equipment to help us scientifically document and record any possible happenings or phenomena.

    We are a team who do this for our own interests and not money. We are happy to help ascertain the presence of activity for those who think they have hauntings or spiritual problems in their property.


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    Learn About - Domesticated Cats

    in Hobbies

    Join us as we have a discussion with Ms. Christine Unger of Pet Needs Plus to discuss the domesticly kept cats that are common in the hobby today.

    Topic will cover not only breeds but also special needs and care that needs to be done with them.

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    Chrome Cats

    in Entertainment

    Chicago Based Chrome Cats are a brother/sister duo (KJ & Jamila Sims) join us to talk about their recently released single and lyric video for "Best Life" and when the official music video will release!

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