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    Who does Jesus claim to be? and what is His Gospel, according to His words?

    in Religion

    Let's explore the scriptures and show how man's ideas and words are not Jesus'. Discover the true Gospel of Grace of Jesus Christ!

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    Soul Tree Radio - in the Raw!!'s Black Music Influence Summer RAW Mix!

    in Sports

    Time to chill with another Summer Groove Mix as our hero DJ Hunnycomb (Michael-Louis Ingram) armed with only a crossfader, presents a RAW Mix for the masses! 718 508 9216! (or groove in the chat room!)

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    Dream Catchers - Stop the in fighting among people with disabilities - Les Paul

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    As a Survivor of multiple disabilities and TBI, s I have seen many great survivors fighting the fight to help change the lives of people who want to live a better life and yet at the same time I have seen much anger and infighting amoung people with disabilities which does nothing but leave us all looking bad and foolish on the disability community!!!

    We need to work together to find ways to untie people with disabilities instead us tearing each other down so we can be a strong community of thrives helping one another Fight for disability rights and equality but then on the other hand I have witnessed many people who simply given up grown angry and dis associated and left hurting feeling alone by an often broken and seemingly hopeless situations develop in the disability community and yet we have a chance now to COME TO GETHER and change the World if we dare to be different and start helping one another by choosing to team up and change the World one person at a time starting right now in the hot ANGRY Summer heat of 2015.


    In the heat of the Moment


    Broken friendships

    Who am I

    Positive realistic solution’s

    Making a difference

    positive versus negative

    When opposites attract

    Looking deep within

    Open Floor for discussion


  • Voices Carry for Animals # 54

    in Pets

    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

    Guest: Steffen Evan Baldwin - Executive Director at the Top of Ohio Pet Shelter. President/CEO of the Animal Cruelty Task Force of Ohio.

    Steffen Coming from a family of dog trainers on his father's side, Steffen Baldwin was the Executive Director at the Union County Humane Society from 2008-2013, a shelter that operated both as an open-intake county facility for strays and as a traditional,limited-intake Humane Society for owner surrenders. Steffen is currently the Executive Director at the Top of Ohio Pet Shelter, another open-intake county facility for strays operating also as a traditional, limited-intake Humane Society for owner surrenders. Steffen is also the President/CEO of the Animal Cruelty Task Force of Ohio, formed legally as a County Humane Society which by law in Ohio has the legal authority to appoint County Humane Agents with police powers to investigate and prosecute crimes of animal cruelty in their home County of Union. Locally, ACT Ohio has a 100% conviction rating on cruelty cases prosecuted. Statewide, ACT Ohio partners with over 15 counties to assist animals in need with voluntary rescue efforts. In 2014, ACT Ohio rescued 216 animals with 80% of the dog intake falling under the broad, bully breed category. All but two of those dogs, who came from the worst homes imaginable, were rehabilitated and adopted into loving homes. Over the past 8 years, Steffen has been responsible for the care and outcome of more than 10,000 dogs, with a 91% placement rating overall. Steffen is a father and has five rescued pit bulls of his own, as well as two Dobermans and currently four foster dogs on several acres out in the country.

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    Barefoot Radio - Tish Bowling 2nd Amendment - The Right To Bear Arms

    in Religion

    Join us for a great discussion on the Second Amendment - The Right To Bear Arms! You will enjoy Tish's thoughts on what does it truley mean to "Bear Arms" and why the way to keep our government in check is to be armed! Please check out our website @Remnantxradio.com, follow us on twitter and send me a friend request on facebook!

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    Join the X-Philes, Jamie, Karen and AJ as the continue their X-Files rewatch. Tonight we will be continuing Season 3 with Syzygy, Grotesque, Piper Maru, Aprocrypha, Pusher, Teso Dos Bichos.

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    Deadpool movie

    in Movies

    on this edition on the show were going talk about the Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds. everyone been wondering if this movie was going happen after he did x-men wolverine. now he going to and to us it going be a good movie by marvel comics. people think he going suck. but we truly believe it going be a good movie. who else is going pull off this movie. I can't think of anyone but Ryan Reynolds himself. from what I saw from the trailer from comic con it going live up to the hype. we can't wait for it.  so call in and give us your thoughts about this movie.

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    Invisibly Autistic: The Surprising Truth About "Seeming Normal"

    in Social Sciences

    In this episode of AspieFriendly, Lorin Neikirk explores a phenomenon that isn't often addressed: Invisible Autism.

    When someone knowing very little about autsim thinks about ASD, they usually think of children who spin and hand flap and either talk incessantly about trains (or dinosaurs or the weather) or who don't speak at all. All of these things may be true for some, but there is a whole group of people with autism who don't "seem" very autistic at all. Are they any less so? Not exactly, They simply present in a different way. Those with Aspergers often fall squarely in this category. Women with Aspergers even more so. It may surprise NTs to learn that some on the spectrum can seem so "normal" that others on the spectrum may not initially realize they are autistic. Women with autism quite often "fly under the radar" regarding detection. 

    Prompted by a conversation between Neikirk and her young-adult son (both of whom have Aspergers) this episode of AspieFriendly takes a closer look at what it's like to be Invisibly Autistic. Why does it happen, what are the pros and cons, and what do we do when we're faced with a difficult situation because of it? 

    Join us as we talk about these things and more, in Invisibly Autistic: The Surprising Truth About "Seeming Normal".

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    Astrology of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

    in Spirituality

    Astrology of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

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    Ace Micheals interviews actor Dennis DeVilbiss

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