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    MREA: Chapter 5 - MREA Goals (8 Categories)

    in Real Estate

    I will cover the 8 goal categories of the millionaire real estate agent in this session of Coaching with Cari on blogtalkradio!

    These 8 categories are: Leads Generated, Listings, Contracts Written, Contracts Closed, Money, People, Systems/Tools, and Personal Education.

    For each of these categories, you should set "someday", three year, one year and one week goals!  By creating key goal categories in your business, goal setting becomes simpler and highly focused.

    The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is always aware of two sets of numbers - goal numbers and actual numbers.  The first set defines the annual goals for the business.  The second set, when monitored on a weekly (or at least monthly) basis, acts as a compass.

    As a real estate business owner, you NEED TO KNOW AND TRACK YOUR NUMBERS!

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    Alan Woods, Teen King of the Kindle Generation

    in Writing

    Alan Woods is a young author, who focuses on providing his readers with high quality content. His debut informational eBook, Easy Money Making Guide For Teens & Young Adults, was ranked #1 on the Amazon Kindle platform in several different categories. 

    Adept in many subjects, Alan strives on a regular basis to continue to provide readers with informational reads, while still managing to keep them interesting and simple to understand.

    Alan offered the following on his Facebook page, "As a relatively experienced author, I feel as though I’ve picked up quite a few important lessons and concepts that those who are less experienced might not have realized quite yet. So below I’ve listed a few important things that authors should definitely focus upon, especially if they’re ready to grow their business."

    Alan: "A few of these tips are rather obvious, yet many authors still fail to realize how important they truly are. If you find anything that you already know, then congratulations to you! No need to tell me though - just put the information into action. Knowing something and actually doing it are two ENTIRELY different things."

    "Also, if you found this to be helpful, feel free to click on the link below to receive some more great tips delivered straight to your email once or twice weekly."  http://eepurl.com/bgjwOP   Visit Alan at: http://j.mp/1eGubbr

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    in Politics

    Our final reading from Huey's chapter on Patrolling on today's show will be delayed until 11pm daylight savings time. Because of the nature of this broadcast I choose to share this information with those who are really intrested in the 10 point plan and how it was started.  "I started rapping off the essential points for the survival of Black and oppressed people in the United States. Bobby wrote them down and then we separated those ideas into tow sections, "WHAT WE WANT" and "WHAT WE BELIEVE."   We split them up because the ideas fell naturally into two distinct categories.  It was necessary to explain why we wanted certain things.  At the same time, our goals were based on beliefs, and we set those out too.  In the section on beliefs, we made it clear that all objective conditions necessary for attaining our goals were already in existence, but that a number of societal factors stood in our way.  This was to help the people understand what was working against them.

    All in all, our ten-point program took about twenty minutes to write. Thinking it would take days, we were prepared for a long session, but we never got to the small mountain of books piled up around us. We had come to an important realization: books could only point in a general direction; the rest was up to us.  This is the program we wrote down:

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    in Self Help

    Have you ever questioned why the same problems keep repeating themselves over and over again in your personal and professional life?

    There's a very simple and straightforward answer to this: You're making the same bad choices, by an overwhelming amount of practice. Here is some things to consider:

    Your brain really was divided into 2 categories: one being your 'Growing Up Brain', and the other being the 'Grown Up Brain'.The 'Growing Up Brain' is the one that is impulsive, irrational, unreasonable, and self-critical. It is not fully aware of what it is doing and is less mature (compare your maturity level now versus when you were still in your adolescent stages). This part is the primitive, impulsive part whose decisions are all about what's familiar, what's easiest and what feels the best overall in any situation.

    The 'Grown Up Brain' is the one that is logical, practical and reasonable... This is the part of the brain that will help get you out of the repeating cycle of problematic situations in your life. It utilizes logic and is the rational part whose decisions make a lot of sense and will help you stay on track towards what you truly desire in life.


    So many people still operate from the vast storehouse of the 'Growing Up Brain'. Why? It is nothing more than HABITS. And the habits that are played out in your life over and over again are the ones that take over your life. Practice makes perfect. What habits are you really good at that you have quite literally perfected? Just like you wouldn't want an eight-year old managing your business, why let one manage your life?

    The time to express the real you is NOW. In order to thrive in life, it is vitally important to use the best part of your brain to run the show.



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    Pittsburgh Steelers: Point/Counterpoint - Why the Steelers will be in SB 50

    in Football

    On the latest edition of the Behind the Steel Curtain flagship podcast, "The Standard is the Standard", Jeff Hartman and Lance Williams will discuss all thing Pittsburgh Steelers, but more importantly why the Steelers will be the AFC representative in Super Bowl 50.

    The Point/Counterpoint segment will be based around the following categories which will be debated at length:

    - Ben Roethlisberger the best QB in the AFC

    - Steelers have the best WR corps in the NFL

    - Le'Veon Bell the best RB in the league

    - The defensive issues in the secondary can easily be fixed

    - The team's pass rush will improve, creating more turnovers.

    Be sure to tune in live tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET for the best Steelers talk on the Internet. Be a part of the show by following the discussion on Twitter (@btsteelcurtain), calling in live (347) 850-8581 and listening on our BlogTalkRadio page.

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    in Television

    MONDAY 06/22/15 LIVE at 7pm ET/ 6pm CT/ 4pm PT/  Special Guests: ED BROPHY (TV FISHBOWL) and LAWON EXUM (BIG BROTHER 13) will be joining us! We're only 2 days away from #BB17 so it's time to select our picks from all the Pre-game Videos! We're going to have some categories of "firsts" to chose from, and let's see how accurate we are once the game gets going!  ED BROPHY and LAWON EXUM will be here to share their thoughts on the new houseguests and they'd like to hear from The Big Brother Fans!! Call in at 1-347-237-5506 and/or click our link and scroll down the page to chat with us in our Live Chat Room during the live show too! Cherry Garcia and Paul From Minn. will be Co-Hosting. #LetsTalkBigBrother17 



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    MREA: Chapter 13 - MREA Budget Model

    in Real Estate

    Today we will cover the Millionaire Real Estate Agent's Budget Model!  The Budget Model is a high level look at your spending and it highlights those areas where your focus and attention will pay the highest dividends.

    The MREA Budget Model is divided into two broad categories: cost of sales and operating expenses. Your cost of sales reflects the actual costs of capturing and converting your leads to sales, which would then reflect the compensation of your listing specialist(s) and buyer specialist(s). The operating expenses are divided into nine broad categories: Salaries, Lead Generation, Occupancy, Technology, Phone, Supplies, Education, Equipment, Auto/Insurance.

    The "Big Two" as a percentage of operating expenses are salaries and lead generation so you will need to hold these two expenses accountable to results.  If you do, your budget will be a healthy one!

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    Steve G. Jones, Tony Rubleski , James Mapes, Haydar Haba on Money For Lunch

    in Business

    Steve G. Jones board certified  Clinical Hypnotherapist .He has been practicing hypnotherapy since the 1980s. He is the author of 22 books on Hypnotherapy. He is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, American Board of Hypnotherapy, president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, on the board of directors of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Lung Association, and director of the California state registered Steve G. Jones School of Hypnotherapy

    Haydar Haba Founder and CEO of IntroMe  

    Tony Rubleski president of Mind Capture Group. His message is designed to help people ‘Capture’ more minds and profits. He is an in-demand speaker who’s given hundreds of presentations the past decade, a strategic business coach, and global event promoter with over 20+ years of experience in the personal development industry. His second book in the Mind Capture series went #1 in three different business categories with Amazon.com and received stunning reviews from a wide range of leaders in marketing, sales, psychology to academia and multiple New York Times bestselling authors. Book #4 in the series titled, Mind Capture: Leadership Lessons from Ten Trailblazers Who Beat the Odds and Influenced Millions

    James Mapes has been a leader in creativity and change for over 30 years. He is the best-selling author of Quantum Leap Thinking: An Owner's Guide To The Mind and an expert in human behavior and the psychology of the imagination. He brings with him a rich background as a researcher, teacher, workshop leader, executive coach, consultant, award-winning performer and professional television and film actor, appearing in films such as Star Trek and Taxi Driver 

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    Should the federal or state government determine your child’s MENTAL HEALTH?

    in News

    Hear interview with Oklahoma Educator, Linda Murphy (she was one of key people to help Oklahoma get out of  Common Core.  She saw the pilot test being done (while speaking in the Stand in the Gap Conferences in Alabama) on the Comprehensive Counseling Guidance and warned us.  Hear her perspective on the Common Core Counseling Guidance.  An excerpt from her article:

    "The Federal Government and some state governments are working on plans being promoted as needed solutions to solve ALL problems with children.  This is a rapidly growing movement fueled by more and more sophisticated technology being used to gather more and more data on children in K-12 public schools. These kids are a captive audience because they are naturally expected to follow instructions given by the adults in charge. Students often don’t even know when the computer program or class survey they are working on is aimed at gathering their personal and “private” information.

    The student responses are evaluated to determine if this child is At Risk?  Disadvantaged?  an Under achiever? Bullied? Depressed? a Victim of Social Injustice? In Danger? has Special Needs? or Neglected? If so they can “fit” into the categories where federal, state or foundation money is coming in to pay for their treatment. It all fits nicely into boxes and graphs whose variables or descriptors* have been pre-determined. The more problems….. the more money needed…. and so on and on it goes."  https://lindamurphyoklahomaeducator.wordpress.com/2015/06/12/should-the-federal-or-state-government-determine-your-childs-mental-health-alabamans-say-no/

    http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d114:HR00541:@@@D&summ2=m&  Link to amendment which has mentoring program

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    The Method & The Muse featuring Robert Mangeot

    in Books

    Writers, are you stuck, struck dumb, or blocked-- or inspired, on a roll and tearin' it up? Is your latest accomplishment publicizing your most recent bestseller, finishing the 265th revision of your first poem, or just making the commitment to writing? Whatever your state of mind, this show is for you. "The Method & The Muse" is all about what happens at the desk. Our conversations with writers from all categories and genres will give you plenty of ideas for firing up your own writing life and sharpening your craft.

    This month's episode features Author Robert Mangeot lives in Nashville with his wife, cats, and trusty Pomeranian. His fiction appears here and there, including Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine,  the Mystery Writers of America anthology Ice Cold, and The Oddville Press. When not writing, he counts things or can be found wandering the snack food aisles. More information can be found on his website... http://robertmangeot.com/.

    Join Author Sherry Wild as she hosts this energetic exchange based about books and what goes on behind the scenes of them.

    The Method & The Muse is produced by WON Radio as part of Writers Online Network (WON). More information about WON is available at http://www.writersonlinenetwork.com/ They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter @won_radio and @writersonnet


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    S.O.U.L. Class #490 Secular By Design Part# 40

    in The Bible

    Blessed is Our Creator!!! Shalom/Peace and Brocha/Blessing upon the Human Family Experience. With Creator's Help our next broadcast is due to go on 6/9/15 starting at 9:30 am Eastern Standard Time live from Turtle Island=AKA=USA=Unifying Souls Actually. Program Content will focus on reading from Alan W. Cecil's Secular by Design: a Philosophy of Noahide Laws and Observances which can be purchased via following link: http://www.amazon.com/Secular-design-philosophy-noahide-observances/dp/0977988546 Call in number will be 347-838-8669. Meanwhile, may the Eternal Creator Bless and Protect you and your loved ones.