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    The House of Restoration Ministry (T.H.O.R.) WITH Brother Sharif Also Greg Doss

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    the ministry to mainly bring awareness of the debt crisis in this country.THOR has been airing  episode on the state of the country, violence, declining Family, and culture of abusive states and government, agencies. We will continue this series and talks that will help us find ways to rebuild the deteriorated family structure, fatherless children, severed marriages, disconnect of man from woman, economic catastrophy, and lack of spirituality amongst the people. Also Greg Doss from Greg Doss.com Radio is our special guest. He is an acrredited teacher on the Constitutional Principals and Child Support. He will speak to the Men and Women about the abuse of the child support system. He will also educate the Men on how to not be subject to, or abused by the state and federal government under the guise of child support. So get your pens and paper and take notes for you never know when this info is needed.



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    Is it not ruin for the wicked, disaster for THOSE WHO DO WRONG?

    But if the LORD make a new thing, and the EARTH OPEN HER MOUTH, and swallow them up, with all that appertain unto them, and they go down quick into the pit; then ye shall understand that these men have provoked the LORD.

     When they CONTENDED AGAINST THE LORD. The earth opened its mouth and SWALLOWED THEM UP along with Korah, (Son of Izhar, a Levite) when that company died, when the fire devoured 250 men, so that they became A WARNING.


    Do not be DECEIVED. 

    NEITHER the SEXUAL IMMORAL (lesbians or trans and bisexuals) NOR IDOLATERS (pagan heathen) NOR ADULTERERS NOR MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN.(homosexuals)

    Job 31:3, Numbers 16:30, 26:10, 1 Corinthians 6:9

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    Setting It Straight- How to overcome your toughest fears about money

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    Have your money fears become the shadow cast upon every thought, action and emotion? Do you secretly fear that your money willl disappear if you don't babysit it 24/7?

    Do you pinch pennies in fear that someday you'll face catastrophy? Is your sanity based on job security? 

    Does your relationship or marriage suffer due to money issues? 

    In this episode we'll discuss the 3 things you can do immediately to change the flow of your money. We'll talk about the foundational causes for why you are experiencing money scarcity and review the hidden values in money that must be awakened for you to experience abundance.

    It's a simple, yet power packed lesson in quantum mechanics for soulful prosperity!

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    Contact Report 60 The Destroyer Brings in the Planet Venus

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    62/Torn from its before course, Venus reached an orbit which slowly but surely lead directly to the Earth, which, event indeed happened.    63/Accurately 3,585 years ago,
    Venus had reached a very slow course, which as well without the appearance of the Destroyer would have led to Earth. 64/But then 3,453 years ago, the Destroyer returned again, which had once more achieved the constant of 575.5 years, and shot by a few humdred thousand kilometers distance along the constantly thrown out of her orbit Venus, and tore it finally from its new course and orbit to a course which unavoidably and finally now brought Venus. near to the Earth. 65/Soon the Destroyer rushed along the Earth with Venus in tow, which came very near the Earth and caused the catastrophy of Santorini. 66/Since then the Deatroyer showed a changed time of orbit, and also no more afflicted the SOL-System, apart from smaller irregularities. 67/So it first reached its constant again in the year of 1680, of 575.5 years, when again it ran through the SOL-System, but now without causing changes or destructions
     (on Earth).    68/In consequence, its next passage
    will be again 575.5 years (since the last), thus it
    will appear again in the year 2255.    69/What
    here is important, and of interest to mention, is the fact that this giant comet, besides the return inexplicable to us phenomenon of the self-conpensating constant of 575.5 years, is a second inexplicable phenomenon, which is that the orbital time of the Destroyer balances itself without exception in such a way that two. rotations always total 1151 years, thus once more the 575.5 years twice. 70/If,for example, the orbital time of one passage is 478 years, then the orbital time of the next passage will surely be 673 years.

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    Contact Report 60 Catastrophes of the Last Ten Thousand Years

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    31/After this event, only 135 years passed before the Earth was afflicted again by a catastrophy, bigger and more gigantic than the one before, but in the present eastern part of the globe was overswamped by immense masses of water, when the giant-comet "Destroyer" passed along the Earth within a dangerous distance, calculated 10,080 years back from today.
    32/This led to worldwide catastrophies, but which for unaccountable reasons were never noted by the earthly chronologists, and only in much later time found their announcement in scripts, when another deluge, once more caused by the destroyer afflicted the Earth, this 7,957 years ago.
    33/During around 1,000 years then, the Earth was spared from greater catastrophies, namely until the year of 6,906, when the Destroyer once more caused huge vastations on the Earth, and destroyed much.
    34/Then the great silence began for the Earth, and it lasted until the year of 4,453, before another catastrophy broke in, for which again the giant-comet Destroyer was to blame,
    when it attracted by its gravity the Venus to her present orbit and caused the catastrophy of Santorini.
    35/In itself, very many facts and things were chronologically fixed by the earthhuman beings, but unfortunately not all of them, and besides, not always consequently and correctly, too.
    36/Many occurrences of the mentioned sort were

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    Preparedness... Is there something catastrophic on the horizon? Are we prepared as a nation and as individuals for a major natural or manmade event?  How should we get ready? What should we do?  There seems to be a scramble when there is a forecast of a small storm or problem, what will happen when the big one hits? Tune in tonight to hear information on these topics and more...  Learn how you can prepare so that you and your loved ones will have a chance at life beyond a ma

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    Ancient Scalar Weapons, Forbidden History or Fiction?

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    There is a great deal of evidence that points to an ancient catastrophy of monumental proportions. According to ancient accounts and unearthed evidence in modern times, this catastrophy was caused by wars fought with nuclear  and scalar weapons. What if it were true?  Dr. Hawkins discusses the facts and speculations. Call in to voice your views!

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    Wanda's Pick's 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

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    Today on the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Economic Opportunities for Black Americans, we speak to director, Noel Calloway, whose film, Life, Love, Soul is a pause in the narrative that is America today. If 1 and 3 children are living in homes without their fathers, then what does that say about our collective sense of family and the role men play in the lives of their children. When we look at men like Martin King and at his family, the sacrifice they made for the nation and world, when their father was absent from home too many times to count, before he was killed. How many important engagements did he miss? How many goodnight kisses were imagined in phone calls home? In Life, Love, Soul Calloway's character, Roosevelt, raised by a single mom, doesn't know his father and perhaps thinks he doesn't need to know him when the two lives collide in catastrophy when his mother and younger sibling are killed and he has to spend his senior year in high school with dad. Don't expect a cliche here. the director's story which plays quite close to home, is anything but what one expects. it is perhaps this unexpected tale that keeps one engaged and then delighted enough to want to see it again. I think I watched it a total of 5-6 times (smile). A graduate of Clark Atlanta University, the native NYer, Calloway's first feature sets a high bar in story and cast with many box office headliners like Terri J Vaughn, Jamie Hector, Chad Coleman and new actors, like Valerie Simpson and lead actor, 

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    AUGUST Week #1 in Review...

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    On this episode, we catch you up on all the major headlines that occurred in the FIRST WEEK OF AUGUST 2013. It is the weekly version of our MONTHLY REVIEWS. Things are really happening fast on the PROPHETIC TIME CLOCK and its getting more and more difficult to keep up with it all! Such things as the HOSEA 4 PROPHECY continuing to unfold with (82) dead dolphins found on Virgina Beaches; FRANKENSTEIN FOODS MAKING MUTANTS with 50,000 pounds of BEEF RECALLED for E-coli contamination! WORMWOOD WATERS threatening to get even worse, as FUKUSHIMA hit with another 6.0 MAG Quake; HUGE SINK HOLE in Kansas 200 x 90 ft with local authorities calling it a GOD THING, as Moses called it the NEW THING THAT GOD IS DOING; AGE OF HUMACHINES of Cyborgs & Robots with FIRST TALKING ROBOTIC ASTRONAUT; SHORTEST SUMMER ON RECORD in the ARTIC NORTHPOLE; GLOBAL & NATIONAL ALARM of  AL-QAEDA TERRORIST THREATS; More NSA SURVEILLANCE uncovered with SATELLITES SPYING on American Citizens;  NSA & FEMA working on Operation KILLSHOT on Low Income Americans on Entitlement Benefits; NEAR MISS on major SOLAR FLARE would have been a catastrophy; SUN may be in the process of reversing its MAGNETIC POLES according to NASA... All this and more, on todays WEEKLY UPDATE of Understanding the Final Endtimes with your Host, Steve Siler, the Singing Bible Scribe...GET IN THE KNOW!.. STAY INFORMED.. CALL IN, AFTER 7:45 pm EST...  

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    Inter-racial relationships

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    As times change, is it truly possible for the only race that God created, the one, HUMAN RACE, successfully overcome cultural differences. It is accurate to say that people of similar ethnic groups tend to share some core values, in areas such as religion,traditions etc. It is quite accurate to also note that individuals, though  products of their environment will differ in their approach to life, and can be as different as people from other ethinicities due to choices made.
    The color of our skin, eyes, etc does not define who we are. Our  approach to life, determines who we are or eventually become. When we sow love, we reap as such, when we sow discord, tribalism, racism, it is clear that any perception of reaping anything short of a catastrophy would be for lack of a better word, foolish. 

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