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    Ask The Cat Doctor Talks Cat Facts and Trivia

    in Pets

    How fast can a cat run? Why do cats have whiskers? Do cats see better than humans? In this broadcast of Ask The Cat Doctor Talk Radio, we offer up some fun cat facts and trivia for you to better understand your amazing feline!
    We also take your questions, whether on this topic or any other topic, since no question is too big or too small! Cat talk radio with feline veterinarian Dr. Shelby Neely is the place to learn everything you could ever want to know about cats. Join us every Sunday and Wednesday and call or write in with your own personal cat questions at http://www.askthecatdoctor.com/cat-talk.html . For more on these and other cat health and news topics, visit Dr. Neely's website at www.askthecatdoctor.com, which was chosen as the Best Cat Health Website in 2012.

  • 01:10

    TW57: Trivia Tournament Final Four!

    in Hobbies

    It's the Final Four of our Listener's Trivia Tournament. These competitors have each won two games to get this far and the prize is in reach. We start with Scott Barber vs. Amy Ningen. Scott was tested early against Nick Seuberling and then squeaked out a win against Jeffrey Seguritan in one of the best matches in the entire tournament to get here. Amy won her first match against Chris Daly in a runaway and then subjected Jeff Revilla to the same treatment in her quarterfinal match.

    In the second matchup we have Russ Friedewald facing off against Kris Eve. Russ started the competition with a stiff matchup but managed to win running away and then did it again against Bob Oakes in the quarterfinals to earn his spot in the Final Four. Meanwhile Kris survived his match with John Spahr in Round 1 before shocking many of us by dispatching my normal co-host Chris Hollister with relative ease in the Quarterfinals.

    Who stands and delivers and who falls to the wayside? You'll have to listen to find out.

  • 00:16

    The Big Cat Coalition Episode 1: The Detroit Lions and the 2016 NFL Draft

    in Football

    In the first episode of The Big Cat Coalition, Max DeMara of Detroit Lions247 talks about what the Detroit Lions should do in the 2016 NFL Draft. He reveals his mock, and talks about the issues the team will face next Thursday and into the weekend.

  • 01:28

    Cat Scratch Radio: Post Draft Edition

    in Sports

    Join us to discuss all the latest Carolina Panther news and notes with a focus this wek on the recentlycompleted NFL draft.

  • 01:06

    TW53: Trivia Tournament Round 1d

    in Hobbies

    This week features that last two first round matchups in our Trivial Warfare Listener's Tournament. The winners will join Amy Ningen, Jeffrey Seguritan, Chris Hollister, Bob Oakes, Kris Eve and Scott Barber in the Quarterfinals!

    The first matchup features Jeff Revilla, the host of Stuff I Never Knew, facing off against world traveller Jeff Jones. Two Jeffs enter, only one leaves.

    The last matchup of the first round is one that everybody has been waiting for. It's Carmela Smith, the First Lady of Trivial Warfare, squaring up against the Trivia Workshop guru and recent GeeksWhoDrink champ Russ Friedewald!

  • 01:44

    Cat Scratch Radio: 2016 NFL Draft Preview

    in Sports

    Join us to discuss all the latest Carolina Panther news and the upcoming NFL draft

  • 01:03

    TW51: Trivia Tournament - Round 1b

    in Hobbies

    This is the second round of matchups from the first round of our listeners tournament. Bob and Chris won their matchups last week to advance. Who will join them this week?

    The first matchup features the host of the Cincinnati Bengals podcast "Inside the Jungle", Nick Seuberling going toe to toe with Scott Barber. Scott is a member of a championship winning Trivia team and is a fan of both TW and ItJ.

    The second matchup features John Spahr - the head man at the radio station WTTF in Tiffin Ohio going up against long time Warhead Kris Eve.

  • 00:16

    I'm Just Sayin'...™ - Trivia Day

    in Entertainment

    CG PRESENTS™ I'm Just Sayin'...™ - the quirky radio show where you can experience your favorite things – great talk & great comedy! Join Carla G and Butch B for some fun trivia!


    Sundays at 10:30am ET, Carla G. invites you to share the fundom by calling (646)716-4732 during the show! And if the live show or the podcasts have you drooling for more of the duo, then just connect with her on Twitter: @IJSTweets !

    Click the links below for CLASSIC "stuff"!

    HILARIOUS DHCH™  episode right here! 

    SWAG! right here

  • 00:46

    Gridiron Moe Super Bowl Trivia Show (live)

    in Football

    Join Mike Goodpaster and Matt Andruscavage as they welcome to the show Gridiron moe counder Aris Persidis, as they will play gridiron moe's super bowl trivia app against two winners who won the drawing to compete on the show. If you want to be a contestant email the grueling truth at thegruelingtruth@gmail.com. Make sure you check out Gridiron Moe at www.gridironmoe.com, gridirn moe is available on itunes and will be on android systems very soon. Gridiron moe is by far the best interactice football app out there.

  • 01:04

    TWX5: Movie Trivia w/ Joanna Langfield, Neil Rosen & SharkDropper.com

    in Hobbies

    We're sharing this special All-Movie Trivia show right on time for the Academy Awards!

    We're joined by two professional movie critics and two movie loving podcasters and we're pitting them against each other to see who really knows more about movies.

    On the movie critic team we have Emmy Award winning movie critic Neil Rosen (Sitting Around Talking Movies) and internationally syndicated movie critic Joanna Langfield (The Movie Minute).

    The podcaster team features Jonathan Maas and Kyle Appleyard, two up and coming talents from Shark Dropper Studios. Their Dopple Avenue Hurt podcast is a quirky and enjoyable mix of film noir and intelligent humor. It comes highly recommended!

    Enjoy the show. It's one of our best yet!

  • 01:30

    Friday Night Drunken Trivia- Drunken Dead Trivia

    in Comedy

    This week Saucey battles his old pal Dave in Walking Dead Trivia. Who will be a kick ass zombie slayer and who will die in the first scene?

    Tune in this week for all the Zombie Apocalypse Fun we can Violently Machete into your Undead Earholes!

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