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    the Conversation: Melba Moore...nuff said!

    in Self Help

    Thank you once again for tuning into the hottest talk radio show out...."the Conversation" hosted by Klarque Garrison & Michele Gilliam-Morrissey. Each week we look to bring on guests who will inspire, motivate and educate our listeners Worldwide! Tonight's guests are:

    Paul D. Jones- speaker, author and financial educator Paul Jones drops by to talk about how to stop being "BROKE"

    Maya Lynne Robinson- Maya is an up and coming stage, film & tv actress based in Cali...She's even put on her producers hat with her 2nd Web-series HTMAST

    Melba Moore- the Iconic Melba Moore, recording artists (4 time Grammy nominee) and Tony Winner drops by to talk about her new Album (Forever Moore) and more...

    Also, Kamasi Washington Jazz funk saxophonist is in concert here in the ATL...Wed. night May 4th at the Variety Playhouse theater....! and he's dropping by to give us a taste!

    See you then

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    The Conversation: Vicki Irvin & Matthew Knowles

    in Self Help

    Thank you for stopping by the hottest show out.... "the Conversation" with hosts Klarque Garrison & Michele Gilliam-Morrissey. Each week we look to inspire, motivate and educate our loyal listeners Worldwide by providing you guests who are making a difference in the World. This week's guests are:

    Vicki Irvin- Master business strategist and women's empowerment Coach stops by to share a few nugggets.

    Matthew Knowles- He's the brain child behind "Destiny's Child and Solange Knowles and he's back to talk about his newest group "Blushhh"!

    All this and more!



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    The Conversation: Marc Parham & Joan Henry

    in Self Help

    It's time once again for the Hottest online Talk Radio Show out.... "the Conversation" with your hosts Klarque Garrison & Michele Gilliam-Morrissey. Tune in each week as we provide you with guests who'll inspire motivate and educate you our loyal listeners. Tonight our guests will be:

    Marc Parham- Business expert Marc Parham drops by to talk to us about the power of having a great Coach!

    Joan Henry- is here to speak to us regarding the upcoming "Women's Entrepreneur Expo"...

    All this and more!

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    Combat Conversation

    in MMA

    Today's topics include...

    Mayweather beats Berto: taking a look at the numbers and is this his last fight?

    Bellator/Glory "Dynamite"- on Sat. Sept. 19th

    PBC Fights: Zerafa hurt in his KO loss to Quillin.

    Nick Diaz suspended 5yrs for weed, does the punisment fit the crime?

    Pedro Rizzo retires


    On YouTube and Facebook: Combat Conversation

    On Twitter and Instagram: combatconvoblog

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    Provocative Thought with Carlton Steed: Casual Sex

    in Self Help

    Join us Saturday 2.6.16  Time: 8:00pm till 9:00pm EST for Provocative Thought with Carlton Steed.  Call 3479890180 to speak with the host.

    Carlton Steed is a self proclaimed student of life in the search, discovery, and revelation of life on life’s terms.

    Topic: Casual Sex

    This is a journey into the idea of self, social, media, and cultural subjugation, exploitation, and objectification of sexual energy. Is it simply a matter of opinion or do the conditions that we choose to behave sexually in define who we are, what we are, and how valuable our sexuality is or isn’t. Is casual sex an esteemed behavior? Are there more admirable and ethical conditions to initiate, perpetuate and maintain a sexual relationship? This is definitely a heavy topic to discuss. Make your opinions known call in 3479890180


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          Get ready to drizzle through these rhythmic beats, blasted through your system to create the effect of relaxation and peace, so get your piece of this pace, and pick up the pulsating flow of good good, good.  Donald Grammer on this ship of soul, jazz and whatever have you, hello, I'm Lynn Tolliver - join us for this mental bath of blends, this mixture of music, these blasts of beats full of flavor and funk, just for you, right here on the FUNKY RHYTHM CONNECTION - yep - the JKN.

    Then on the last Saturday of each month, she will give you something to think about.  It's CONVERSATIONS with AMENTI - the Writer.  She's is not afraid to let you have it New York style.  Talk Talk on any subject she feels she can sink her teeth in.  Join her, 347-205-9366.  She is raring to debate you, east coast style, but be prepared, you are going to want more of her than just the last SATURDAY of EVERY MONTH - Let her know.  347-205-9366

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    Conversation with Trent - Investing in Yourself

    in Self Help

    Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. it will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you. It takes courage to walk out on that limb when no one has gone before you to test the strength of the branch you are standing on. 

    Join Lisa and I tonight as we discuss "Investing in Yourself" (Do you have what it takes sustain the journey?)

    Download the FREE YRN1328 APP and listen or call in through the APP. 




    Your Radio Networks 

    "Your Radio Your Conversation"

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    the Conversation: Robert Watkins & Patricia Reid

    in Self Help

    Welcome to the hottest online talk radio show out "the Conversation" hosted by Klarque Garrison & Michele Gilliam-Morrissey. Each week our goal is to bring you those who would inspire, motivate and educate you our loyal listeners Worldwide. Tonight our guests are:

    Robert Watkins- Acclaimed author of the books "How To Hear From God" & "Never Chase A Paycheck Again" Mr. Robert Watkins stops by to talk about how he's influencing and educating minds everywhere he goes

    Patricia Reid- Well traveled former flight attendant Patricia Reid writes an expose entitled "Flying with the Rich & Famous". Well chat with her regarding why this book needed to be written, her 1st hand experiences and more.

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    The Weekly Conversation with Kyle

    in Current Events

    This week on the conversation is the bathroom transgender Issue just another roose to have Americans looking one way while the government take things from you on the other.  Also Trumps wins big this week in primary's through out the US. Remember the goal is to get a Conservative in the white house not attack Trump. Does the GOP really want to fix the real problems in the US or do they care just that is best form their own pocket books like the Dumdocrats do.  Clinton as a white white person I need to talk about racism more really? Morgan Freedman was on 60 minutes last year and what he said is how we need to think now and moving forward. The Klove spring pledge drive is going on right now and it is great to hear all the people who have been blessed from the radio station.  The Premiere league is hitting the home strech Man. Utd. plays Number one LC. do we have a chance in winning I will break down the game. Also the Detroit Tigers are up and down looking forward where do we stand in the AL. That and much much more so join mefor the conversation your apart of. 

  • 02:58

    Clear Talk w/ Mustafa & Kim Mujahid, Al Islam Based Conversation w/ Nazim Pasha

    in Islam

     1st and 2nd Hour: Clear Talk w/ Mustafa Mujahid and Kim Mujahid

    “A believer is not abusive" - Mohammed the Prophet (pbuh) 

    What precautions can we take to prevent abuse and what can we do when it's beyond prevention and the abuse is clear and present.

    Also in todays line up –    

    - A talk with Latifah Hameen, Host of a new upcoming broadacst here on AM360 - 'Powerful Choices Now'                          

    - Word of the Week with Imam Abdul Azeez                                                     

    - Faith and Industry with Abdullah Rasul

    For archives and more information go to: www.cleartalkradio.com  or email us at cleartalkradio@yahoo.com

    3rd Hour: Al Islam Based Conversation with Imam Nazim Pasha: ‘Language, Logic, and Sensivities.

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    Conversation From The Spiritual Realm with Ms.Blue

    in Spirituality

    Join Ms.Blue and Planet Remix for Conversation From The Spiritual Realm with Ms.Blue

    Contact MsBlue: question4blue@gmail.com 

    Readings | Know Your Magic Audio WorkBook | Know Your Magic Oracle Deck | Self Invested Workshop | Akashic Records Readings | Radio Host | Medium | Intuitive Healer | Psychic | Intuitive Healer | Psychic |Certified Holistic Practitioners | Metaphysician | Cosmic Creator | Soul Contracts | Pass Lives |

    Twitter: @BlueRasberry |  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Remix-Radio/114209487075

    www.msblueblast.com | www.msblueblast.com/cards   | http://tinyurl.com/MsBlueRemix

       Do The Work !     http://msblueblast.com/digital-rituals-courses/