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    Cashless Society and its Future Ramifications
    SATANIC BEAST SYSTEM....Economic Totalitarianism






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    Radio Infocyde 0011 Cashless Society

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    ** Topic Change **
    Join Radio Infocyde for a discussion on some of the latest moves towards a cashless society that are being made around the world.

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    TRICKNOWLEDGY ep7 - Cashless Society

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    1. Saw parking meter that you could pay for w/text from your phone. What if all vendors, even hotdog stands took electronic payments. How long would ppl accept a cashless society the same way they've accepted volunteer surveillance like Facebook?

    Discussion questions:
    • In a cashless society can anybody make anonymous purchases?
    • Would it be probable for a large commercial interest to create a competing currency? Like Facebook dollars? Could that company become s virtual nation state?
    • If we go paperless w/our currancy, could we go paperless w/identification as well? Couldn't driver's licence, work IDs be stored in a phone app like cash in your digital wallet?

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    2. Space shuttle Atlantis being retired. Can we afford space exploration when GOP and Obama is talking about cutting social programs?

    Discussion questions:
    • Where can we cuts govt spending in this time of artificial financial crisis? Space program, military, prisons...

    3. How will the Captain America movie do overseas? Will they do serious money in Europe, Asia, Eurasia, Middle East? Will it be seen as propaganda? Is it?

    Troubleshooting Tips..

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    Bitcoin, Gold and the Cashless Society

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    This week we’re taking a look at the recent hits taken by gold and ‘Bitcoin’ – a so-called ‘virtual currency’. Touted as a solution to people’s concerns with online privacy and protection from overbearing and centralized fiscal authorities, Bitcoin has steadily risen in popularity and value since its launch in 2008… until a couple of weeks ago when its dollar value suddenly plummeted.What happened to make people suddenly lose interest? Or more sinisterly, was the digital currency attacked by financial speculators? What makes prices rise and fall anyway? Speculation, hype and ‘pump-and dump’ schemes certainly play a role in making or breaking products on the markets or manipulating the value of states’ currencies, but are there forces at work here that extend beyond human influence?And what about paper money? Do you still use it? Will it soon become a thing of the past? Is a cashless society, where all purchases are made with digital transactions, really on the cards?Everyone knows that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, but where then does money come from? Why is there never enough of it for most of us and far too much of it for the 1%? Is this era of record wealth disparity between rich and poor unique in history? Or do we have historical precedents to compare it with?Join us this Sunday 28th April from 8-10pm CET (2-4pm EST) as we try to unravel the mysteries of the money machine.

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    Cross-Dressing: A Confused Society

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    Cross-dressing is the act of wearing items of clothing and other accessories commonly associated with the opposite gender within a particular society.  Cross-dressing has been used for purposes of disguise, comfort, and as a literary trope in modern times and throughout history.

    Nearly every human society throughout history has expected distinctions to be made between males and females by the style, color, or type of clothing they are expected to wear, and most societies have had a set of social norms, views, guidelines, or even laws defining what type of clothing is appropriate for each gender.

    With social media we have the ability to view variables of cross dressing from men wearing women’s clothing, wigs/weaves, and even the bold and outlandish application of cosmetic make-up.

    On this episode of Hot Topics Talk Radio, we’re going to examine and discuss what many have dared to speak about… Cross-Dressing and how society views those who choose to dress and present themselves as the opposite sex.

    Join us on Wednesday, April 1, 2015, at 8:00pm PST/10:00pm CST/11:00pm EST

    The live on-air number to listen and comment by phone is (646)200-1348.  Or listen online from your computer at http://www.hottopicstalkradio.com/hottopicstalkradio.html.  Or listen and join the chatroom here on BlogTalkRadio.

    *The Hot Topics Talk Radio Network is sponsored by Shades of Afrika (Corona, CA & Long Beach, CA). Visit their website at: www.shadesofafrika.com.

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    On this ongoing series of episodes covering WEEKS #3 -&- #4 OF JANUARY 2015, we pick it back up at TOPIC #12: FRANKEN FOODS & FRANKENSTEIN FEATS to bring the shocking updates there! Then we move onto to TOPIC #13: HUMACHINES AGE OF CYBORGS & ROBOTS to chat about many amazing stories of mankinds rush towards "COMPUTERIZING HUMANS" and "HUMANIZING COMPUTERS".... ALL THIS AND MORE ON TONITES SHOW! DONT MISS IT! SO STAY TUNED! STAY IN INFORMED! GET IN THE KNOW! AND ENJOY THE SHOW...

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    TCH Ep. 65: Fred Vogel of Toetag Pictures

    in Film

    On this episode, we will be talking to the mind behind Toetag Pictures, Writer/Director/Actor Fred Vogel! We will discuss such films as August Underground (2001), August Underground's Mordum (2003), The Redsin Tower (2006), August Underground's Penance (2007), Murder Collection V.1 (2009), Maskhead (2009), Sella Turcica (2010) and Necrophagia: Sickness (2004) as well as discuss the popularity of his films and the impact they have had on the fans and genre!

    We will be reviewing Scream Factory's Special Edition Blu-Ray Release of Class of 1984 as well as Olive Films Blu-Ray Release of Night of the Scarecrow!

    We will also be featuring Apophys and their most recent CD Prime Incursion in our Metal Blade Spotlight!

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    Spiritusl Wickedness Series: The Illuminati

    in Spirituality

    In this series about Spiritual wickedness in high places based off of Ephesians 6, we will be discussing the Illuminati and their influence on society today. We will be addressing a number of issues from their associations, their history, their influence, and a plethora of topics that also feed into this subject matter. You do NOT want to miss this series! Call your friends and neighbors because this subject affects us all!!!

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    New Spirit Radio Show with Messages from Spirit III - #4

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    The New Spirit Radio Show by Novus Spiritus with Messages from Spirit III - #4

    This week we will continue playing special audio clips we call, "Messages from Spirit" from Information Trances with Francine, Sylvia's Spirit Guide.

    Chris will not be on our show this week but will continue to be our special guest on the "New Spirit" Internet Radio Show - Every other Wed. at 6pm Pacific Time!

    You can listen LIVE or when you can listen to the archived shows under On-Demand Episodes.

    Thank you so much for your continued support!

    May Azna Bless You and Yours!

    Society of Novus Spiritus

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    Talk with Tenney: A Conversation with Sarah Knutson

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    April 1, 2015 from 9-10 PM Eastern or a lively conversation with Sarah Knutson.

    For years, activists have been calling attention to psychiatric mystification as an abuse of power. We've opposed the proliferation of DSM confabulated 'mental disorders' as a instruments of industry profit and social control. Yet, for the most part, as a society, we remain confused. What really is going on when someone becomes distressing to themselves or others? Why does this happen? And what could a human rights-informed society attempt to do about it? Beyond this, how do we make change happen? What are we up against? Why is change so hard? And how do we begin to take down the walls that divide us into 'us' and 'them'? As an mad activist, xlawyer, xtherapist, Sarah Knutson has devoted much of her life to making sense of these issues. In this episode, Sarah will draw from both lived experience and social science research to offer an integrated wholistic human perspective that gets us beyond the conventional divide between 'mental health' and 'mental illness.' Sarah will also discuss the challenges inherent in any effort to change conventional human consciousness from the 'tried & true' to the 'radically new.'  Bonus: a conversation about holding your ground with police for activism season!

    Sarah Knutson is a RadMad Didactivist with lived experience as a therapist, lawyer and human rights advocate. Sarah is passionate about creating "positively mad" culture and accessible approaches to mental distress based on shared humanity. She works as a consultant for Intentional Peer Support. Sarah struggles daily to vote with her life for a world she wants to live in. Volunteer activities include organizing around the IPS Learning Community, Peerly-Human Family, Human Rights Recovery and the Wellness-Recovery Human Rights Campaign (more info on facebook.

    Call in (267)521-0167

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    Kassondra Moreland Ministries Presents The Truth with Pastor Gary Weaver

    in Prayer

    Join us as we explore the bible truths while expelling the worldly myths that society is forcing into reality. Your mind, body and spirit will be opened up to the Word of God, by the Man of God.  Please call in and join us for this interactive bible study.

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