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    Heroes of Katrina: Ten Years After- Rev Lura Lisa...The Spirituality of Katrina

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    The entire premise of our show is based upon where all are now after the train wreck of Katrina...10 years ago.   Many have experienced the miracles of destiny....bringing them to new spaces not even imagined before the storm.  Lives have changed...Circumstances have changed and, in the end, we are faced with a different world to which we may have gained comfort within...only to be torn asunder by the game-changer: Hurricane Katrina!

    Life hits us with circumstances that sometimes seem insurmountable.  When a catastrophe, like Hurricane Katrina, comes and inserts herself into the very essence of our being responding to such is naturally traumatic and devastating.  However, in the end, at least from my experience, all things happen for a reason....and the divinity that has created us as human beings allows us opportunities for growth through such times.

    This radio blog show has always been mostly about the good stuff that has changed human lives as a result of the storm.  Tonight, we will talk about how calamity in our lives can transform us to heights that, perhaps, we never would have imagined otherwise.

    Lura Lisa, a spiritual leader for Unity Association of Churches will join us this evening to give her perspective on the storm as well as to provide inspirational guidance to those folks who have suffered turmoil, PTSD, or other negatives associated with the storm.

    This show will be inspirational to all who have experienced the wrath of Hurricane Katrina.....whether for better and/or worse.  Or frankly the upsets that ocurr in human lives...It doesn't have to be a storm...We all have things that happen outside of ourselves that impact us...Let look at this wit open eyes and open hearts...

    Wishing all well...and bidding you Namaste in your lives...

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    12 For 12s Radio w/Paul Beyer DOUBLE Episode #72 & #73, "12s Helpin' 12s+More"

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    "12 For 12s Radio"

    Paul Beyer <FaceBook>brings you his unique combination of X's & O's analysis w/12th Man love for the Seattle Seahawks.12 topics for the 12th Man.You will hear everything a member of the 12s needs to know..but LOUDER!

    In Episode #73,Paul welcomes previous guests and friends of the program, Norb-Cam's Norb Caoili & Mark Collins. On Sunday March 29th, the 2-have partnered up with a versatile group of fellow 12s to host a special event to raise money and help fellow 12th Man John Bachner.John was involved in a horrible accident last year and needs our help. Get all the info about the event at '12s Helpin 12s' on Facebook.Together, we'll discuss the importance of our Seahawks Community,and some of the biggest news in Hawkland!

    Plus, Tim Weaver from Cover32 comes on to talk Free Agency & more in this SPECIAL DOUBLE EPISODE!

    Go Hawks

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    BAMSRadio talks (lack of) March Madness for Tide!

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    BAMS has plenty to say about March Madness, and will fill the show with basketball news after the Crimson Tide let Anthony Grant go. Upsets have abounded today, but according to us, Bill Battle did exactly what was necessary. We will be joined by Carver Montgomery head coach JJ Jackson at 6. The action kicks off at 5:30 with Cary Clark, Drew DeArmond, and Thomas Watts. Be there or be Auburn.

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    Heroes of Katrina: Ten Years After- Caroline Travis, Illustrator

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    Please join us as our very talented, interesting, amazing and inspirational guest, Caroline Degler Travis, shares her Hurricane Katrina story and where she is ten years after. Caroline will tell the story from the perspective of a Baton Rouge vicinity resident....a first in the history of our radio blog show.

    Caroline was born in 1953 to Ruth and Rolland Degler in Oregon City, Oregon. She moved to Louisiana at 5 yrs of age, married right after high school and had three children within six yrs of marriage. Caroline married Jerry Travis with whom she has one child.

    Caroline, a former nurse, and current artist and painter, provided the illustrations for the children's book, "French Quarter Tori and the Red Owl" (by Cary and Gretchen Black).  A book about the value and specialness of friendship through hard times and great moral and geographic lesson for children of all ages.

    Caroline says, "I feel I have accomplished my dreams but there is still more in store for me. I have become an artist after my retirement although I knew throughout my life this talent was always there. I just never put it into action. I have recently bought a pottery wheel. This will be my next accomplishment. I will make pottery!! I am trying to pass some of my talents down to my grandchildren. My oldest grandson loves art also. I love spending time with my grandkids.

    Please join us for an inspirational discussion with Caroline


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    Life Under Construction...Road Signs to Victory

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    It would seem that our lives are always a work in progress and we find ourselves UNDER CONSTRUCTION, being torn down or built back up in one area or another, at any given time. At other times, we feel lost or we don't have a good sense of direction. On this broadcast of Ministry Along the Way Radio, we want you to know that when you find yourself lost or off course, you can find the direction you need by following the ROAD SIGNS. 

    Mindy Salinger, who pastors a church in Kenner, Louisiana, along with her husband Cary, will join us to talk about Life Under Construction...Road Signs to Victory.

    "I love the Road Signs.They are the signs of Faith. The way back home. Follow the Road Signs." --Mindy Salinger

    To listen live dial (347) 637-3604 this and every Tuesday at 7:00pm CST.


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    Spotlight Unplugged: Singer/Songwriter/Musician Deli

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    The good folks of Lyricist Lab in Richmond, VA, Cary100 Restaurant, and Da BlackTop Radio brings you our second installment of "Spotlight Unplugged" that features singer, songwriter, and musician - Deli! We here from her music as well as get to know her personally through conversations with the "Host Who Do The Most" - Mike Jay.

    If you are in the RVA area, please come out and support Deli: 100 E. Cary Street in Richmond, VA. It is free admission and dress to dance, have fun, eat good, and have a great time!

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    Heroes of Katrina: Ten Years After - Books of Excellence: Cary and Gretchen

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    Tonight is a rebroadcast of the show Bonnie did Sunday featuring Cary and Gretchen...After the show...we will entertain calls for discussion...


    Join us for stimulating conversation!


    C and G

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    BAMS is back with Luke Robinson and Jeff Kelly

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    After a week off due to some technical issues, BAMS is back! We are rolling a bit early to accomodate everyone's schedule, but its still going to be 2 hours of BAMS craziness! We'll be joined by basketball commentator Luke Robinson to get his thoughts on the Tide and Saraland head football coach Jeff Kelly to talk about his upcoming year. The action begins at a special 5:30 CST with Cary Clark, Drew DeArmond and Thomas Watts. Be there or Be Auburn. 

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    Books of Excellence with Bonnie Kaye featuring Cary Black and Gretchen Schott

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    Tonight Bonnie welcomes back author Cary Black, author of “Katrina—A Freight Train Screamin’,” and his lovely wife, Gretchen Schott, who is a musical performer and writer. This year marks the 10 year anniversary of Huricane Katrina, one of the worst hurricanes to ever hit Louisianna destroying lives and homes forever. 

    Katrina—A Freight Train Screamin’ is a most inspirational book to honor those people who rescued others during Hurricane Katrina's destruction ten years ago in some of our Southern states--especially Louisiana. Since Cary was last with us, he met his beautiful wife Gretchen which ironically was through the writing of the book. Cary and Gretchen have become a team not only in marriage, but also in writing, music, and hosting their own radio show. Gretchen and her family were victims of the Hurricane, and tonight we'll hear about the heroism and strength of the people through this crisis.

    Cary and Gretchen have co-authored a children's book about Katrina titled French Quarter Tori and the Red Owl  that we will discuss, 

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    Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable

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    It's fan call in night with Jim "Chet" Chesko and Bill Furman as they go through all the Eagles moves from the LeSean McCoy trade, Jeremy Maclin walk, Nick Foles trade, Brandon Graham signing, Todd Herremans, Trent Cole, Cary Williams releases, Byron Maxwell signing, we will cover it all!!! We want to hear from you!! What's the Eagles next move? Did the Eagles get better in the NFC East? They'll also talk the Phillies and Cliff Lee. Is the end near? The Flyers are finally pretty much dead and oh the 76ers. We will cover it all!! Don't forget our Eagles trivia question brought to you by Carl's Cards and Collectibles as well. All this and more brought to you by shopforkisses.org the online shopping network of the Kisses for Kyle Foundation

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    Talkin Sports with the 12th Man!

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    General Sports Talk with your hosts, Robert Ford, Jaquan Jenkins & Andre Peterson

    Topics:  NFL Free Agency!!

    Revis to the Jets
    Rams trades Sam Bradford to Eagles for Nick Foles
    Seahawks trades Max Unger and 1st rounder to Saints for Jimmy Graham and 4th Rounder
    Ravens trades Haloti Ngata to Lions
    Bills get LeSean McCoy from Eagles
    Jets receive Brandon Marshall in trade and releases Percy Harvin
    Torrey Smith to 49ers
    Frank Gore to Colts
    Shane Vereen to Giants
    AJ Hawk to Bengals
    Jake Locker retires
    Patrick Willis retires
    Falcons signs LB Brooks Reid & Justin Durant. Keeps RB Antone Smith
    Jay Cutler to remain Bears QB
    Roy Helu to Raiders
    LaMarr Woodley to Cardinals
    Byron Maxwell to Eagles
    Colts add LB Trent Cole
    Vikings add Shaun Hill to QB mix
    OT Orlando Franklin going to Chargers
    Broncos get TE Owen Daniels
    Jaguars get TE Julius Thomas
    Packers keep OT Bryan Bulaga
    Titans get Harry Douglas
    Browns get Brian Hartline
    Bengals get OT Eric Winston
    Seattle gets CB Cary Williams
    Arizona gets DT Cory Peters
    Suh to Miami
    Giants keeping Jon Beason
    Packers keep Randall Cobb

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