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    BREAKING NEWS Rolando McClain "could" be CUT. we will be discussing thepossible release of McClain and the impact it could have on this football team.
    We will be discussing the good the bad and the worst from our play in Cincinatti also will be previewing our game against the Browns. our topics will also consist of who would you rather have at quarter back Alex Smith or Carson Palmer?.Who is to blame for this years debacle What is your take on the brawl that got some of our players ejected in Cinci?you have other topics you want to talk bout? feelf ree to call in!

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    The Good, the Bad, and the (kid)Knapp(ed)

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    QUESTION OF THE WEEK- "Is Carson Palmer over rated,or Under rated?"
    We will be discussing the Good the Bad the Knappy, I mean ugly. "I'd rather have an ugly win than a pretty loss"- Carson Palmer after the Raider Jaguar game. Once spencer and bartell are back does should huff stay at corner or go back to safety? Dmc's problems who fault is it, is it because of his injury, the offensive line or gregg knapp? What player do you miss the most from last year?

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    What is wrong with the Raiders 2012

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    We will be talking about the Raiders 0-2 dismal start, what their problems are, and what we expect for the rest of the season. Many other topics from the zone blocking scheme, to defense, Reggie Mckenzie, Darren McFadden. ALSO I WILL BE TALKING ABOUT FANDOMONIUM. What is the meaning to being a  TRUE DIE HARD FAITHFUL. What does it mean to be Raider Nation, to be a Faithful of any team.Do WE AS DIE HARDS have standards to up hold? I ask EVERY ONE  to listen to this. I'll bring this up  last 30 minutes of the show.

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    The current and future state of the Oakland Raiders

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    I will be having two guest hosts  Adam from New Jersey, and Brian from Pennyslvania. We will be talking about different topics of the Raiders  from Hue Jackson being fired, to the Carson Palmer trade and many other Raider topics. After the ten minute mark I will be taking callers to get their input or if they have questions.