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    Noon Wednesdays (Eastern), "Let's Coach!" hosts Carolyn Owens and Mark Thorn

    Join the Coaches, Mark Thorn and Carolyn Owens, every week for the best coaching tips from the sports world and the professional world! 

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    Let's Coach with Mark & Carolyn

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    The Maverick Road Trip... What's It All About?

    What would your life be like if you stepped out of your comfort zone  and did things differently? What if you focused, not on your worries and fears, but rather on your gifts,  strengths, opportunities, and dreams? Our guest this week Sandy McDougall is the person to go to  when you want more "life" in your life and are ready to use your voice for good in the world. She is an inspiring transformational coach, a published writer, and dynamic speaker and her own personal life journey has enabled her to develop a unique coaching program - The Maverick Salon.  Sandy helps you get real about your relationship with your life, your dreams, and your money so that you too can find fulfillment, success, and a whole lot more fun along the way. Tune in to learn all about The Maverick Salon and how you can create your own "Maverick Leap of Faith."

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    Let's Coach with Mark & Carolyn with Dr Natalie Forest

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    Noon Wednesdays, "Let's Coach with Mark & Carolyn," hosts Carolyn Owens and Mark Thorn

    Women Supporting Women

    Join guest Dr Natalie Forest as she talks about empowering women and the Global Kindle Launch of Empowered Women of Social Media and her two Global Women's Summits coming up in October.  

    Natalie is a mom, student of life, and loves to bake!  She takes her expertise in history, coupled with her long-standing mentoring to females and female entrepreneurs across the globe to help her clients transform.  As a speaker, executive coach, and mentor Natalie is here to serve you revolutionize YOUR potential by liberating your life so that you BE all you are here to be.

    Let Natalie, the teacher, walk with you as you learn to dissect and interrupt these patterns and create new consistencies that get you where you want to be on the fast-track.   When Dr. Natalie speaks, as a speaker, trainer, mentor, radio or eTV host,  people listen and that she has a record of improving lives by working with YOU on YOU and getting YOU to lead your true potential and authentic purpose without apologies.

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    Let's Coach with Mark & Carolyn

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    An Amazing Journey...   

     Imagine being told you have cancer but then being told seven, not one, but seven additional times, the cancers back.  Not only did you face several diagnosis of cancer, you are struck by lightning and in a tragic car accident.  This story, may not seem true, but it is.  It the true story of Anna Renault, Anna's Journey. Most people would want to just scream, give up and stay in a place of self-pity and despair but Anna did not do that. For each event that she was faced with, she stood by her faith in God and had a strong, positive attitude. She has been a blessing to many, both adults and children, by sharing her story in her book  “Anna’s Journey: How many lives does one person get?”, writing a book series about a butterfly named Mitzy and many other books.  Join us as we speak with our special guest, Anna Renault, and learn how even through many tragedies you can have a life well lived...  


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    Let's Coach! with Mark and Carolyn

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    Building Better Relationships by Mastering The Twitterverse, Part Two...

    This week we will continue our discussion on Mastering the Twitterverse with Gary Loper, certified Twitter expert and teacher, author, Motivational Speaker and highly successful entreprenuer. Gary has created strategies around growth for TWITTER that are unique and unusually successful. With over 160,000 followers on Twitter, Gary has been instrumental in helping others build a huge following in just a short period of time.  During the show Gary will not only provide you with tips and techniques but will tell you how you can get a FREE 30 minute Twitter review in an effort to help you become an effective Tweeter and turn on the attraction magnets, so that followers may become prospects and eventually customers. 

    So if you are ready to step up your engagement on social media, build a huge following, and take flight in the world of social media - Don't miss this show! 

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    Let's Coach! with Mark and Carolyn

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    Are you a woman who wants more out of life, longing to express your authentic voice, or wanting to make your mark in the world? Are the stories about your past stopping you from living the life you really, really want?  In this weeks episode of Let's Coach with Mark and Carolyn you will learn tips on how to turn your trials into trumph and your pain into power with speaker, author and intuitive coach Lane Cobb. 

    Women are powerful beyond thier knowing, but many live in a cycle of disempowerment,  brought on by negative experiences and circumstances that leave them afraid to be fully who they are compromising on thier values, beliefs, and desires. Informed by her own struggles to overcome crippling low self-esteem, Lane inspires women and teen girls to know and appreciate themselves for who they are and what they bring to the world, so they can live their purpose and fulfill their rightful destiny through authentic self-expression and the passionate execution of a life well-lived.  If you know there’s more to life and you’re ready to experience it and create it boldly NOW is the time to join Mark and Carolyn as Lane Cobb helps you move past what is holding you back and claim your power and your voice.  After the show be sure to visit Lane's website at www.LaneCobb.com to learn more about her signature style and unique coaching programs.   


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    Let's Coach with Mark and Carolyn

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    Building Better Relationships by Mastering Your Twitterverse...

    It is rare today that you will find someone who has never been on some type of social media platform.  It has even been said, "If your business is not present on social media, you will not be successful." Social media can connect people across town, to other cities, countries, and continents. It spans across all socioeconomic and religious upbringings, ages and gender, professional and non-professional backgrounds; it reaches both personal and business levels. According to this weeks guest, Gary Loper, it is much more than a marketing tool, it is all about engagement, reaching audiences with a specific message.

    Gary Loper, Author, Motvational Speaker, highly respected entrepreneur, Twitter Expert, and a Business, Life and Social Media Coach, has been a successful entrepreneur for over 18 years and has 30+ years of superior customer service experience. He has been trained and coached by Loral Langemeier,  one of today's most dynamic and financial strategists and was selected to be a Bob Burg (author of  The Go-Giver) Consultant. With over 160K followers on Twitter, Gary has been instrumental in helping others build a huge following.  Gary’s specific guidelines dramatically drive customers to your website and shift your business to a level of success.  

    If you are ready to step up your engagement on social media tune into Let's Coach with Mark and Carolyn as Gary gives tips on how to take flight in the world of social media.  


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    Let's Coach! with Mark and Carolyn and Artist/Author Robin Gilliam

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    "Let's Coach with Mark & Carolyn" November 12, 2014 Noon EST

    Creating Healing

    Life happens and happens hard. Robin M. Gilliam uses creative expression to deal with tragic events, and not only heal and recover but find hope and strength to help others.  Join Mark and Carolyn as they talk with Robin about how she uses art and writing to heal herself and others.

    Robin is an Annapolis, Maryland, indie artist and author. She created abstract collages to deal with her rape. Her artwork changed her from a victim to a survivor and helped make her passion for art and healing come true. She now shares her art and story to heal others.  Inspired to do more, she also wrote and published a novel, Gift of Desperation. The novel tells the story a young woman professional, who is a party girl by night, whose journey of self-discovery is aided by a female wounded warrior with her own story of trauma, tragedy, and triumph. Robin has used her artwork to build her novel.

    Join Robin, Carolyn, and Markas we show how creative expression fuels healing.

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    Let's Coach! with Mark and Carolyn

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    Traci's BIO:  The Beauty of Breast Cancer Survivors 

    You think it can't happen to you, it won't.  When you get that call from your doctor, "I have some bad news for you. It is as if time just stops and you know your life will never be the same. You have heard the awful, painful stories about loosing so much during your process - your hair, your strength, sometimes your dignity. The chemo, radiation - How will I survive?  What you thought defined you as a women is being taken away from you; how can you find any beauty in this! Less then a year ago, Traci Smith found herself in this situation.  She received a call that would completely alter the path that she was on.  A mist the sadness, the pain and the tears, she found the beauty of cancer and began sharing it with others.

    A true believer in giving back and helping others, Traci founded Traci's B.I.O.: Beautiful Inside & Out.  The mission of Traci's B.I.O. is to help survivors maintain a level of normalcy during an abnormal process.  They provide services during the life-changing cancer-related process, and give practical information to encourage inner strength. 

    With many more indviduals receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer, even at much younger ages, we all at some point will know someone who has experienced the pain of breast cancer.  This show is one that will uplift and inspire.  Tune in to "Let's Coach with Mark & Carolyn" as Traci shares her story of strength and courage as she helps survivors not only survive, but thrive!


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    Join hosts Tom Riddell and Robin Eduardo as they welcome author Carolyn Bennett to The Writers Lounge. Sit back and relax as Carolyn discusses what it's like to be a writer and she will also talk to us about her book: COAST TO COAST PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION- THE JOURNEY UNDERNEATH.

    Eight years after her young husband’s death, Leigh MacLeod was finally able to realize her dream of starting her own paranormal investigative team. They set out to investigate some of the most haunted locations in Canada and the United States. Coast to Coast was the only team given permission to investigate the notorious Greenhurst Hospital, closed for over twenty years. No team had been allowed in because of reports of violent entities attacking those brave enough to sneak in after dark. As the team began their biggest investigation yet, they were not prepared for what was waiting for them in the dark halls of Greenhurst. Uncovering the mysteries of Greenhurst could be dangerous, even fatal for the Coast to Coast paranormal investigators.


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    #259 - Rev. Carloyn E. Jackson, Christian author

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    Listen to the Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show on Friday, 12/26, to hear a LIVE interview with Christian author, Rev. Carolyn E. Jackson.

    Rev. Carolyn E. Jackson is the author of 21 Solutions for Financial Success:  The Ability to Obtain Wealth and the owner of Carolyn Jackson Solutions where among other things she offers solutions and entrepreneurial training to people drowning in debt.  

    Rev. Jackson currently serves as an associate minster, church worship leader, Education Director and minister's liaison at Galilee Baptist Church.  This woman of God is a sought after speaker for women's conferences and staff retreats.  A gifted teacher with a passion for teaching the Word of God, Rev. Jackson is also is an exemplary culinary arts professional.  She is the proud parent of one daughter, Carmen.

    Call (858) 357-8408 to ask questions of the scheduled guest. Don't worry if you can't listen LIVE, you can always download, at your convenience, FREE On-Demand podcasts of this interview and hundreds of other inspirational interviews with Christian authors on the Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show at www.blogtalkradio.com/christianauthorsontour.

    Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT)




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