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    30 Minutes with Carole Copeland Thomas

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    Here's an ideal opportunity to learn more about Carole Copeland Thomas, her business philosophy, how she started her company and her plans for future endeavors. Carole opened a temporary employment agency in 1987 after business school, a MBA degree, a corporate job. a husband and three children.  Now fast forward 24 years later, she's a grandmother on a mission to connect the world in conversation about multiculturalism, empowerment, global diversity and leadership issues.
    Learn more about the launch of her September Webinar Series, her upcoming 5th Multicultural Conference on October 27th and Membership opportunities in the Multicultural Symposium Series.
    It's a rare opportunity to sit back and learn from one of the earlier diversity professionals in the industry. 
    And before or after you listen to the show, visit Carole's newly launched websites: www.tellcarole.com and www.mssconnect.com.
    Enjoy the journey!

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    Inside The Mind Of An Entrepreneur: Carole Copeland Thomas

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    Ever wonder what’s it’s really like to be an entrepreneur, or even a social entrepreneur?  It’s one thing to dream about it.  It’s something very different to “live it outloud” every day as a full time profession.

    Carole Copeland Thomas shares secrets, successes, obstacles, and little known realities about the day to day life she has led for the past 25 years as a self employed entrepreneur. This up close and personal encounter will be especially useful for those thinking about entrepreneur but are afraid to take the leap.

    It should also be helpful for those already self employed and looking for some inspiration and insight toward the next level of your business journey.  

    It may look glamorous, but becoming your own boss is hard work, offers no guarantees, and requires much stamina and determination. You’re constantly reinventing yourself and always looking for new opportunities to identify new clients and customers in the pipeline.  

    As a speaker, trainer, global thought leader, author, and community builder, Carole has worked in nearly every state in the US, and has taken her work to the UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, and El Salvador.  Listen to today’s show and see if the world of entrepreneurship is right for you.

    Learn more about Carole at either www.tellcarole.com ...  or ... www.mssconnect.com or email her at tellcarole@mac.com.  Phone: 508 947-5755

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    Christmas, Kwanzaa, Music & Milestones with Carole Copeland Thomas

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    On today's show, put your feet up, relax, listen to the music and celebrate the holidays with Carole. We'll look at the dramatic events of the Lame Duck Congress, where remarkable bills were passed despite the naysayers. And we'll reflect on the beauty of Christmas and what it means around the world to millions of Christians who honor the birth of Jesus Christ. Then we'll look at the week long celebration of Kwanzaa, a secular celebration with African roots, that has caught on in many parts of the world. Let's celebrate the end of 2010 in triumph!!!

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    Remembering Our Stories On Flag Day w/Carole Copeland Thomas

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    For some, it's Flag Day, a day to remember the rich history of the American flag.

    For others, it's just another work day.

    For me, its a day like no other in my entire life.  It's the day my only son was killed in a single occupant car accident on June 14, 1997.

    This is Flag Day -- marking the date in 1777 when John Adams proposed the stars and stripes as the official flag of the United States.  Making flags, banners, and pennants is a nearly $5 billion annual business in the U.S.

    Today we'll listen to the Census Bureau's profile on the American Flag. Then we'll turn our spotlight on three remarkable  "slice of life" stories from  StoryCorp, the national organization archiving real stories about real people around the United States.  One story details the transference of anger, pain and suffering into good when a father is murdered.  Another story describes the personal partnership of a couple in the classroom. The third story is an unusual love story that transcends the stereotypes.

    And then I will share some special stories of my late son, his twin sister and his older sister, and how the bonds of family love and connection even transcend death.  

    This show is dedicated to the memory of my late son, Mickarl D. Thomas, Jr.
    Visit My Website And Learn More Under The Student Safety Month Tab:  www.tellcarole.com

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    Looking Back at 2010 and Looking Forward To 2011 with Carole Copeland Thomas

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    Soooooooo much has happened in 2010! In today's show Carole will highlight a wide range of events, disasters, miracles, and milestones that happened in 2010, making it one of the most memorable years in recent history. Then she will make a few predictions that will leave you scratching your head for more! Happy New Year and Thank You for listening to Focus On Empowerment All Year!

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    Leaving 2015 In Our Rear View Mirror As We Embrace The New Year

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    No matter how hard you try, you can’t hold on to 2015.  It’s nearly over and you must move on to the New Year.

    Very much like driving a car, the rear view mirror helps us to anchor those things behind us. But you can’t drive a care totally looking through that mirror.  It’s a reference point….that helps you measure the distances of events now gone.

    Much like that rear view mirror, you must learn from your mistakes, celebrate your victories and move on to your future. 2015 is almost gone and 2016 is a brand New Year!

    On today’s show we’ll look at ways where we can celebrate your great achievements of 2015.  We’ll also look at New Year’s Eve practices of old, including the tradition of Watch Night still very important in the Black Community.  We’ll trace the history of the New Year’s song Auld Lang Syne…

    And we’ll determine how to put your best foot forward in 2016 so that you can better predict how to succeed, achieve AND cope with the realities of the new frontier.

    Happy New Year To You And Your Family From Carole Copeland Thomas

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    Vision: Mapping Out Your Future For 2016 And Beyond

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    January is a favorite month of mine.  At my church, Bethel AME in Boston, the theme in January  is always Vision Month.  Not just from a religious perspective, but from a pragmatic personal one as well. And for more than 20 years January has provided the anchor for setting my course of action…not just for the current year but for future years to come.

    Creating a vision statement provides a real time mapping strategy for future aspirations.  These statements are created in corporate board rooms, in educational institutions and with military and governmental stakeholders.  

    Now we are going to help YOU…an individual citizen of the world to determine the BEST vision statement for your life.  

    Trust me.  I live by my personal vision statement. And it has served me with NO changes for over 18 years!  

    Bring your mind, your hopes and your aspirations to this program and let’s get started creating YOUR personal vision statement. 

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    Facing Problems, Obstacles And Your Fears

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    Let’s face it.  No matter how much you plan (or don’t plan) your life, problems will come your way.  And often those challenges land in your lap when you’re already facing other issues and obstacles. This is particularly difficult at the end of the year when the holiday music is blasting and society tells you you’re supposed to be happy.  What should you do when the bills are mounting up, the health results were unexpected or relationships continue to be strained and off track?

    Carole will tackle these unwanted life realities during today’s show and will help you get through your latest crisis with a bit more ease, comfort and confidence.  

    As you plan for the New Year, let’s determine how you can overcome the difficulties you face now so that 2016 will indeed become a new chapter in your life!

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    Vision And The Black Community: From Woodson to Allen To Tuitt

    in Culture

    Adversity has always been the resilient spark that ignites the courage and tenacity of Black people. Through the darkest days of American history, the African American spirit always rises from the ashes of hate, discrimination, and most recently rising levels of micro-inequities. 

    The stories of personal achievement overcoming problems show the true merit of Black people and give us the hope and promise to move forward in spite of our difficulties .  On today’s show we’ll capture that spirit by telling the stories of three great Americans both past and present.  

    Dr. Carter G. Woodson.  Bishop Richard Allen. And Mary Tuitt.  Woodson was the founder of Black History Month.  Allen was the founder of the AME Church.  And Tuitt is a modern day Navy veteran turned public servant and community activist.  

    Three different individuals from three different era.  But all representing the best of the best in the Black community. 

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    How To Create A Mission Statement That Makes Sense & Moves Your Message Forward

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    There’s  big difference between a mission statement and a vision statement, and today’s show will clarify how they differ.  We’ll give you a step by step plan to establish your own personal mission statement that will enhance your business, your service organization or even your family unit.  

    Creating a mission statement can be simple and easy. Now is a good time to determine the most effective way to position yourself in a clear and concise manner that will deliver the right type of message to help you grow and expand your base.  

    Get out your pen, paper and your thinking cap and let’s get busy creating a mission statement that will work for you!


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    5 Steps For Planning For A Better 2016 -- Game On!

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    Let’s face it.  The outcome of your future can’t completely be left to luck and “seat of the pants” actions.  And even with the realities of life that you cannot control, you still need to develop a discipline of planning for your future.  Today’s show is designed to help you do just that: plan for a successful 2016 regardless of where you have been or where you currently find yourself in life.

    The New Year provides a blank slate for your career path, your business prospects, your health, your finances and your personal walk in life.  Let’s determine how you can develop a 5 step plan of action that will give you the confidence and the courage to move forward in 2016 with enthusiasm mixed with a healthy dose of pragmatism.  

    Get out your pen and paper and let’s get to work!