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    Shifting From Scared to Sacred: The power of ritual with Carol Woodliff

    in Self Help

    Many people dismiss rituals as superstition but living a ritual or ceremony free life may actually be making it harder to get where you want to go in life. 

    Join Shaman and author Carol Woodliff as we talk about ritual and ceremony and what needs they fulfill and how they work with your brain.

    What's your feeling about ceremony and ritual?   Do you dismiss it?  Embrace it or are you somewhere in between?

    We love to hear from our callers. Call in to comment or ask up questions

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    Shifting From Scared to Scared: The ego and our superpowers with Carol Woodliff

    in Self Help

    We hear so many spiritual people talking about getting rid of the ego or making the ego "bad." What if that approach is blocking us from fully embracing our gifts? What is we started looking at the ego as part of the human operating equipment that we need to learn how to drive?

    Join Shaman and Author Carol Woodliff with her co-host Susan Kay Wyatt as we talk about an entirely different way to think about our egos that will empower us to own light and use our gifts for the world.  Carol sees so many sensitive, creative, intuitive people being blocked by their fear of claiming their special powers in the world.  Let's claim and own our superpowers for the good of all!

    Superheros. Photo: by AKARAKINGDOMS at FreeDigitalDownloads.net

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    Shifting From Scared to Sacred: Better Than Perfect with Carol Woodliff

    in Self Help

    What's Better Than Perfect?  

    If you are someone who has strived to be perfect and to improve yourself, you may find yourself tired and feeling like an imposter.  

    Join author & Western Shaman, Carol Woodliff as we discuss how being real is so much better than being perfect.  Let go of impossible expectations and enjoy being human, messy and authentic. Don't let perfectionism keep you from living your life full out.  Love and a Good Sense of Humor are the essential tools for a well-lifed life!




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    Shifting From Scared to Sacred: Healing Circles with Carol Woodliff

    in Self Help

    Are you trying to live your purpose and from your heart?  Having supportive people around you can help you stay on track.   Support circles, masterminds and healing groups are very powerful tools, IF YOU CONNECT with people who have similar mindsets and goals.

    Join Western Shaman, Carol Woodliff with her producer Susan Kay Wyatt as we talk about the different types of healing and support circles available and how you can decide if one is right for you.  We'll discuss how to hold space for each other that keeps us aligned the highest and best good for all!  And when do you need to find a new circle or go it alone?

    Not everyone has a group near them.  The beauty of the Internet is that we can connect with like-minded people anywhere in the world.  Carol will also share about the healing circle classes she hosts to help you be aligned in energy, story and action!

    Circle image courtesy of sheelamohan  / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.


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    Shifting From Scared to Sacred: Behind the Curtain with Carol Woodliff

    in Self Help

    Most of us live two lives: a public life and a private or "behind the curtain" life.  There's nothing wrong with that.   We don't need to share every part of ourselves and every thought we have with every person we meet. 

    But so many of us live lives were we don't look honestly at what is going on behind the curtain with anyone.  This can create fear of being discovered for being an imposter.

    Join Shaman Carol Woodliff as we discuss the common things that are going on in our "behind the curtain lives."   Most often when we share our deepest challenges and fears, someone will say:  "Oh my, I thought I was the only one who felt that way!"

    Who do you let behind your curtain?  Can we live more transparent lives and empower each other? 

    Join us for a lively discussion!  We love to hear from our listeners.  Join us on our Facebook event page before, during and after the show.  (Link will be posted in the comments below!) 

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    Shifting From Scared to Sacred with Carol Woodliff

    in Self Help

    Does Holiday time with your family push your buttons?  Holiday time can be challenging.  No matter how much we love our families, there can be conflict and drama. After all, many of our buttons were installed by our families! 

    In this pre-recorded episode, Carol talks about healing our family and ancestral wounds and holding love for what we feel is unloveable in ourselves, our family and the world.  

    Any time we are activated it is the perfect time to move out of the action/reaction cycle and into the healing power of compassion. 

    This episode contains a reprise of an episode from the Soulful Sunday Experience on 7/14/13, new information and an offer to help you do some healing over the holidays.

    Holding hands photo © Melpomenem | Dreamstime.com .

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    The Lone Blogger: Carol Woodliff

    in Entertainment

    Sammi talks to Carol Woodliff about her new book, dealing with stress during the holidays and how to lead a better, less stressful life! 

  • 00:56

    From Scared to Sacred - Meet Author Carol Woodliff

    in Spirituality

    Meet author Carol Woodliff as she discusses her new book: From Scared to Sacred: Lessons in Learning to Dance with Life.  What would you do if a Spirit Voice asked you to take down its teachings?  If you are like Carol, you’d write and question at the same time.   From Scared to Sacred chronicles her personal journey of discovering how to be guided by those beautiful spirit lessons and apply them in the real world.  How do we navigate the dance of being connected to our spirits and being grounded and practical at the same time? 

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    Purpose Unfolds As We Say, "Yes!" with Carol Woodliff

    in Spirituality

    On Monday, Jan. 6, noon PT/3 p.m. ET/8 p.m. UK when Purpose Talk Radio host Cindy Freeman interviews guest Carol Woodliff.

    Carol is an author, Shaman, energy healer, hypnotherapist and is initiated in the rites of the Q’ero of South America. Her gift is in helping people deal with the shadow or subconscious as a guide and conduit for transformation through powerful one-on-one healing sessions, workshops and ceremonial experiences hosted around the country. Carol blends her skill for storytelling, with a passion for helping others heal wounds and patterns that keep them from fully expressing their unique gifts in life.  Her life has been a dance between navigating the practical and the longings that there had to be more; a feeling that she was called to do something big—if she could just figure out what the big thing was.  She found that the more she worried about what that illusive BIG PURPOSE, the more confused she got.  

    For more of our guest's background, visit Purpose Talk Radio. 

    Each Monday at 12 noon PST/3 pm EST/8 pm UK, our host, Cindy Freeman, and her guests bring insights and ideas to help you grow in your Soul path. Cindy's guests are experts in many areas including spirituality, money, coaching, etc.  Most importantly her guests aer experts on living their life with a purpose and are willing to share with listeners how they got there and how others might benefit from their experience. Join Cindy on Mondays live or archived to explore this area. Check out more information at Purpose Talk Radio and join the conversations on Facebook at Purpose Talk Radio Conversations.

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    Random Talk with Sharea and Carol

    in Self Help

    About Us:

    Random Talk is a product of a long standing friendship, now coming up on 15 years. Recently on one of our weekly walks, Carol and I came up with this brilliant idea. We decided to give people a look into our great discussions and weekly rants.

    Our Friendship:

    Friends since 1999, our friendship has taught us patience, forgiveness, support and a host of other lessons. Since then we have both become college graduates, working professionals, business owner, wives, and Carol a mother. We hope to continue our loving friendship for years to come.

    Contact Information

    Website: radiantsunshine.org 

    Development Page: rsdevelopment.org

    Email: sharea@radiantsunshine.org

    Also like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRadiantSunshine

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    How to Boost Your Child's Confidence This Summer

    in Parents

    What's keeping your good parenting from being GREAT parenting?

    Find out with Carol Tuttle—acclaimed alternative psychotherapist, best-selling author of 4 books, and the creator of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth—as she helps you revolutionize your approach to parenting.

    You will better raise your children true to their natures by using Carol's revolutionary Energy Profiling system. Plus, she'll teach you energy healing methods to empower your children's well-being.

    Carol invites you to call in with your questions during the live broadcast. Her expert advice and hearfelt support will help you become a conscious, intentional parent that creates a supportive experience foreveryone in the family—including parents.

    Want to ask a question before the show? Send Carol an email: parenting@liveyourtruth.com

    Learn more about Carol's Best Selling parenting book, "The Child Whisperer" at www.thechildwhisperer.com

    Learn more about Carol at www.thecarolblog.com