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    Will Carmelo Anthony Return To The Knicks?

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    2014 FIFA World Cup update; Carmelo Anthony and NBA Free Agency; MLB; Hot Stove; WWE

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    NLP Podcast Episode 18: Do the New York Knicks Still Belong to Carmelo Anthony?

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    With the fourth pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, the New York Knicks selected Kristaps Porzingis to an array of boos, and quietly reinvented their team in the process. Competing for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, the No Look Pass Podcast is curious what the team that occupies MSG has to offer to the playoff picture. Is Arron Afflalo this generations Jamal Crawford? Can Three Six Latvia kill a White Walker? Should the Knicks consider moving Carmelo Anthony?

    With the trade deadline approaching, the fellas will also build on their segment from last week, where they proposed a few teams that should make a move, and provide a couple of hypothetical trades with the help of the almighty trade machine.

    Follow the podcast on twitter @NLPPodcast and listen to archived episodes at WRSPN.com

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    What will become of Carmelo Anthony?

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    LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade entered the league as four of the top five selections in the 2003 NBA Draft.

    Now, 11 years later, they all could join forces in South Beach.

    With rumors swirling about a possible alliance in Miami, Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher will reportedly meet with Anthony this weekend to discuss the player option on his contract and how he can be a fit in the triangle offense with the Knicks going forward.

    Can Jackson and Fisher sell Anthony on remaining in a New York state of mind?

    Can James convince Anthony to take his talents to South Beach?

    Mick Scotto of SheridanHoops.com joined Chicago’s 670 The Score and host Joe Ostrowski to discuss the chances of Anthony joining the Heat, his upcoming meeting with Jackson and Fisher, and more.

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    Carmelo Anthony to the Bulls?

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    New York’s worst nightmare became a reality when the Knicks were officially eliminated from the playoffs.

    “The beginning of the season, nobody ever thought we would be in this situation, this position that we’re in right now,” Carmelo Anthony said Sunday.

    After missing the playoffs for the first time in his career, Anthony appears further from competing for a championship than ever before.

    As a result, the Chicago Bulls have become New York’s top competition for Anthony’s services this summer.

    Anthony spoke glowingly of Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau as Frank Isola wrote for the New York Daily News.

    Will Anthony leave New York for Chicago?

    Michael Scotto of SheridanHoops.com joined Chicago’s 670 The Score and host Joe Ostrowski to discuss the chances of Anthony leaving, what will factor into his decision, and how Phil Jackson believes he’s a fit for his Triangle offense.

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    The Opt In/Out Special - Carmelo Anthony

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    Dial in 929-477-4171 to talk with the #BleedBlueShow.  We are talking Carmelo Anthony: opting in or out of his contract.  Will he stay a Knick? Is he going somewhere else?  What are your thoughts?  What are the plans of Phil Jackson with the 2014 NBA Free Agency class? Will the Knicks somehow make moves to get a draft pick in the 2014 NBA Draft this Thursday regardless of what Carmelo Anthony does with his contract situation?   Knicks Nation unites on the #BleedBlueShow 

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    NBA All Star Weekend/Carmelo Anthony/Charles Barkley vs. GM

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    Me and my partner Damian talk about All Star weekend so far and All Star Saturday night predictions...Carmelo Anthony and why I completely disagree with him playing in the All Star game then shutting it down. Why that shows his clear lack of interest in winning and what his true motives are. Is it about winning big in New York or his brand?  Talking Charles Barkley and Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey fued...whose side are you on?

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    Carmelo Anthony Opt Out - Pt II

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    Dial in Number 929-477-4171 to the #BleedBlueShow.  We are doing an extended part II of the Opt Out show.  We are talking Carmelo Anthony.  We are talking Phil Jackson.  We are talking Derek Fisher.  We are talking with fans the most passionate fan base the New York #knicks

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    Over and Back: NBA’s 50 Greatest Players - Carmelo Anthony

    in Basketball

    The Over and Back Classic NBA podcast continues its offseason series looking at the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players in history, with a look at the career and Top 50 candidacy of Carmelo Anthony.

    Jason Mann and Rich Kraetsch discuss Anthony’s low rankings in advanced stats, how he compares to other high-usage players, and what he might have to do in his 30s to make a Top 50 list.

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    Carmelo Anthony Trade Talks

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    Some of the latest news circulating around Carmelo Anthony as we hit All Star Weekend

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    Will the Knicks trade Carmelo Anthony?

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    Carmeo Anthony has 30 million reasons to remain with the New York Knicks after he becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer.

    But if the Knicks don't have his word that he'll re-sign with them for five years at a max salary, can they afford to take the risk that he might leave? That is the question owner Jim Dolan and his tight-lipped lieutenants are asking themselves as New York struggles through the first half of the season, entering tonight's game against the Miami Heat as the 11th-seeded team in the Eastern Conference, tied in the win column with the overachieving Philadelphia 76ers and the underachieving Cleveland Cavaliers.

    Across the East River, the Brooklyn Nets just won their fourth straight game, preventing the Golden State Warriors from becoming the first team in NBA history to go undefeated on a road trip of seven games or more.

    So while the Nets are making positive headlines, the Knicks are suffering. They go into tonight's nationally televised game against the Miami Heat as the league laughingstock, and they don't gave the fallback of having a chance to win the draft lottery because they traded away their 2014 pick in the deal to acquire Anthony.

    Is it time to declare the Anthony era a failure?

    And if so, is it time to get what they can for 'Melo rather than risk losing him for nothing to a team such as the Lakers would will be able to offer him a max contract? 

    I discussed that scenario -- along with several other topics from around the NBA -- in this interview with Bob Kemp on SportsZone 1060 in Phoenix. Enjoy.

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    Carmelo Anthony doesn't care about winning/Charles Barkley/NFL free agency

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    Talking Carmelo Anthony, and why it's becoming more apparent that he doesn't care about winnning. Charles Barkley and why he is right to a point about analytics and why talent matters ...but needs to get more informed on the whole picture and accept the fact that it is here to stay. Also talking upcoming NFL free agency, and why Dallas Cowboy fans sadly may have to come to the realization that Demarco Murray probably will be wearing another team's uniform next season.