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    In this week's episode Jonathan takes on both Chris and Daniel in a handicap match. We'll see if he can maintain his composure with the odds stacked against him. Carmela hosts and really brings the pain with a very challenging set of questions. Enjoy!

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    TW46: Carmela Explains It All

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    This week is an episode focused exclusively on American History. Why? Because 'Murica!

    Uncle Chip, our resident history expert is hosting and Carmela joins Chris and Jonathan in the contestant chairs as a solo player for the first time. Out of the three of us there was one person who significantly underperformed their expectations. Want to know who? You'll have to listen!

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    TW45: Waterloo

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    Jonathan has vowed revenge after last week's defeat at the hands of Carmela and Chris. This week Jonathan is joined by Marc (who is participating as a contestant for the first time) to take on Chris and his Uncle Chip.  Carmela asks the questions in this grudge match.

    NOTE: If you are a parent listening with young kids you may want to skip the intro where we talk about Santa Claus.

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    TW44: We're Going Streaking!

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    We've got a huge crew together for this show. Mark is back in the host chair while Chris and Jonathan see if they have what it takes to lead their teams to victory. Chris is partnered with the lovely and talented Carmela while Jonathan pairs up with Uncle Chip for an epic throwdown. Which teams has what it takes to bring home the win? Only one way to find out!

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    power of perception music with Carmela Rappazzo

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    Carmela grew up in upstate New York with a love for and learning the Great American Songbooks at an early age.In New York City she attended ‘Theatrium’ and became involved in off-off Broadway Theater and appeared in a few independent films, later training with Eric Morris. Carmela moved to Los Angeles in ‘92 , working  with such notable film directors as Rob Reiner, Wolfgang Petersen, Jonathan Lynn and Ken Kwapis. 

    She performed in the L. A. Jazz scene with the Jon Mayer trio and recorded “Black and White”, a straight ahead standards record with them.

    After appearing in many of the local clubs she recorded her second album with Paul Smith, Jim DeJulio and Joe LaBarbera. This project ‘Regarding Frank’ was a tribute record to Sinatra and his 50’s Capitol years.

    Shortly after this she formed her own trio. Out of this trio “The Girl Who Dreams Out Loud” was conceived. This album was a departure from familiar jazz standards and a new exploration of original materials by such notables as Hirth Martinez, Donald Fagen, Mike Melvoin and Carmela.

    Her fourth album “Joseph City” combined straight ahead covers, with some very unique standard arrangements and some originals by Carmela.

    While residing in New Mexico she was nominated for a New Mexico Music Award for best original jazz song.


    Her new album release “Myths and Legends” is a collection of original songs written by Carmela about difficult women, love gone wrong, and the dreams and spirits within us all, plus two covers from Duke Ellington and Al Anderson.y



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    TW42: Spaceballs the Trivia Podcast!

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    It was a sad day in the Oakes household after episode 41. Chris took Jonathan down for the first time since July. Can he win again and start a streak of his own or will Jonathan put a stop to this and start a new streak of his own. Find out in todays' show. Carmela hosts and challenges the guys with questions about things like dwarf planets and the world cup.

    Also, take a guess at what movie Carmela hasn't seen in way too long!

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    TW34: Be Awesome!

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    Chris is back in the house! It was great to get him going on today's show. We had a great time recording this weeks show together and it comes through in the recording. It helps that we had Carmela back in the house as well. The hostess with the mostest was on fire this week. This is one of our snarkier shows which added to the humor. There were a ton of outtakes to choose from for the end of the show, be sure to listen to the end to hear the one I picked.

    In today's show we kick those nasty thoughts and explore what happens when you call 1-900-MixALot as well as 867-5309. We explore the world of Quentin Tarantino and try and guess at his favorite fictional cigarettes and find out what Billy Ripken had written on his bat that got his baseball card recalled.


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    EP20: Don't Panic

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    Thanks for joining us for another episode of Trivial Warfare. Chris is back in his rightful chair and anxious to put me in my place after I won the two handicap matches we held while he was away.

    Carmela is in the host's chair again and challenged us with some really tough questions to start the game. Don't Panic though, it will be ok in the end!

    I hope you enjoy the show!JO

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    EP19: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

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    Thanks for checking out Episode 19 of Trivial Warfare! Chris won't be with us this week but we have some awesome replacements. This is the second episode featuring the team of Chip, Carmela and Kel. These guys did a great job picking up the slack and I think the fun we had recording the show comes through in the results. We think you'll enjoy this crazy episode featuring Deep Throat, the Stink Palm and Jane's Addiction.

    Be sure to check out the show notes at www.trivialwarfare.com to go a little bit deeper and see the handpicked pictures and videos that are related to this week's show.

    Thanks for Listening!

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    EP18: We're Gay About Trivia!

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    This is one of the two episodes that we had to record without Chris because he was off gallivanting around the country. To try and replace him we brought in three friends - Carmela, Chip and Kellum. I decided to set it up as a handicap match becasue that feels just about right in terms of trying to replace someone like Chris. Oddly enough, this was actually the second episode we recorded. You'll hear the first next week as episode 19.

    In this episode we learn about the Mothman, get a lesson on birthstones and hear about Marc's struggle living the Brony life. Sith back and enjoy, then head over to iTunes and share a quick blurb about how much you love us :-)

    Thanks for listening!


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    EP17: There and Back Again

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    This week we introduce our friend Carmela on the show. She's stepping in to do some guest hosting for us and at the same time to "bring a little class to the joint," as Chris would say. Speaking of Chris, be sure to listen for his epic meltdown near the end of the show. It's a thing of beauty.Don't forget to head over to www.trivialwarfare.com and sign up for the Trivial Warfare Army to get in on the show news for insiders. This week's show notes will be a little late but they should be up by mid-week. Don't fret, I'm working on them. I just didn't get a chance to get them done early this week with my Canadian excursion.Thanks for listening!JO