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    The CAC Show: Ep. 62 - Filling In The Blanks With Cody Daniels And Kate Carleton

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    January 8th, 2015 - Call in (347) 884-9479 and join us at 7pm est when we welcome independent wrestler Cody Daniels and comic book artist/inker/colorist Kate Carleton! Cody and Kate will both share their stories, talk about their suggestions for best new talent in their respective industries, and much more! We will also talk more about the current state of the WWE heading into the highly anticipated Royal Rumbel Pay-Per-View and Wrestlemania XXXI; give our picks for the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs; and look ahead to Oscar season! 

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    Redemption and Trailing Sky Six Feathers: One Man's Journey with His Muse

    in Spirituality

    Redemption and Trailing Sky Six Feathers: One Man's Journey with His Muse

    Ian Prattis is a poet, Professor Emeritus, founder of Friends for Peace and a spiritual warrior for planetary care and social justice. Ian now lives with his wife Carolyn in the west end of Ottawa where the Pine Gate Meditation Hall is located in the lower level of their home. Since retiring from Carleton University in 2007, he has authored four books on dharma, two on the environment, a legend/autobiographical combo and this novel. He enjoys the freedom to create at his own pace and has yet to discern the ordinary meaning of retirement.

    Fot more information visit: http://www.ianprattis.com/

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    The Big Reveal for Young Adults - How to Create Confidence For SUCCESS?

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    The lower percentage of Confidence and Character can hold any one of us back.  Because the young adults are seeking who they are, the lack of Confidence and Character has a huge impact on them. We are going to explore factors that undermine and build confidence and character to help our next generation leaders to achieve success despite challenges.

    Tonya is a Certified Professional Coach with Puddle Jump Coaching based in Ottawa, Canada. She graduated from International Coach Academy, and is a member of the International Coaching Federation. Tonya is a Certified Career Development Practitioner with a diploma in Public Relations and a degree in Sociology-Anthropology from Carleton University. She has worked for years with youth in an employment setting and is thrilled to support young people as they identify and reach their goals. She has developed a reputation among her clients for her warmth, optimism and positive energy.

    Divya Parekh, CEO of The DP Group (www.divyaparekh.com) and Career Community Leader for ICA has over 25 years of rich and varied experience as a university associate professor, scientist, biotechnology professional and global leadership wellness coach. Through inspired leadership, focused and tailored plans, she helps executives, professionals, coaches and youth embrace their inner confidence and endeavor for continual enrichment to achieve desired potential and success. She helps coaches, trainers and service providers develop customized information products for their clients. If you are interested in knowing what is holding you back from success, request for Success Hidden Motivators Profile


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    Denny Carleton- You Tube Experiment

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          I have uploaded some new You Tube  Videos that have some good stories behind them. Whiskey Island which traces the history of Cleveland Ohio's first  settlers, This Is Your Life based on TV Game Shows, JourneyTo The  Manger an Advent Song and My Rust Belt a song that I wrote about my home town region and then recorded it  with Randy Klawon who I played with in The Choir (It;s Cold Outside)..First three callers will recieve a copy of  Randy Klawon's and I new CD Where Angels Sing

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    I AM WELL Show w/ Annemieke

    in Spirituality

    This week the I Am Well Show welcomes Kaariina Saarinen. Kaariina is holder and keeper of her Grandmother's Medicine Bundle, Reiki Master, and author, empowering the young ones and engaging olders through conversation and ceremonies. A 15 year career as guidance counsellor let Kaariina realize that she is a seer and has the wisdom to intuit. Incarnating in Ontario deeply influenced her psyche. She initiated the first ever Parent Education Conference in Ottawa Ontario, and she has been awarded a Shell Fellowship in Career Education in Canada, as well as Parent Educator of the year for Ottawa Carleton, Ontario. In the 90's she was initiated fully into woman chief of sweatlodges, receptacle for more medicine ways and shamanic tools. At the heart of this is the deep covenant that women are sacred, all comes from women, sexuality is sacred, and the home is a holy making place, she is initiated in the Cherokee Dances of Four Directions, living the Medicine Wheel Tradition, talking stick, healing circles, and the  way of the chunupa! Grandmother Kaariina sits with many elders, wisdom keepers, lamas and more. Most recently she has seeded crystals and gridded medicines in many locations, to offer releasings for Mother Earth, and celebrated the genius and gifts of young people. 

    Email: innersightmedium@gmail.com

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    Local Law 87 New York City | LL87 Specialists in NYC

    in Energy

    Local Law 87 New York City - http://www.CarletonEC.com  - LL87 NYC: CEC Shares Local Law 87 Tips for the Winter. Carleton Energy Consulting Specializes in Energy Auditing, Management, Online Boiler Management and much more, 10025, 10002, 10029, 10009

    With winter approaching, and temperatures dropping quickly, building managers need to start thinking about how Local Law 87 in New York City will impact them. 

    Compliance with the law is mandatory, and reducing carbon footprint and energy waste for cost savings is a smart strategy. Here is some important information on Local Law 87:

    For many property owners, understanding Local Law 87 can be a challenge. The law is complex and even though it can be accessed online at the NYC Green Building & Energy Efficiency Website, having the text does not ensure compliance. 

    According to the law, all single structures 50,000 square feet or more and multiple buildings 100,000 square feet or more must comply. The law is a bit different concerning condominium units and the single tax lot description does not apply when there is a single board of managers. 

    Energy evaluation and assessment typically takes up to 3 or 4 weeks to complete. And retro-fitting may takes months. However, it’s a smart strategy to begin the process immediately to secure the quickest return on investment. 

    To learn more about Local Law 87 New York City, check out our Local Law 87 Helpful Hints on www.CarletonEC.com or contact Carleton Energy Consulting at 516-672-8277.

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    SpotLight on Angelina Carleton

    in Business

    Angelina Carleton is a life coach to entrepreneurs and successful business owners.

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    A Time of Encouraging Words with Pastor Debra Tate

    in Religion


    When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all that He has done for me, my soul cries out Hallelujah! I thank and praise God for saving me.

    Our Series for the Month of November will be called “Think and Thank.” We will be coming out of Psalms 9 David looks backs over his life and acknowledges that God has not only protect him, but has protected them as a nation.


    Our musical interlude will be done by Denny Carleton, “He is Your Everything.”







    Also join me on live365.com/stations/thecrowngem\


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    LL87 New York City | LL87 NYC | Local Law 87 Experts

    in Energy

    LL87 New York City - http://www.CarletonEC.com  - NYC LL87: Helping Building Managers Understand LL 87 New York City.

    CEC’s goal is to make it easier for property owners to take steps to not only reduce overall energy consumption and cost, but also improve efficiency in the city. As a building owner in New York City, here’s some important information about Local Law 87 and what is involved in compliance.

    Local Law 87 Background - In 2009, Local Law 87 was passed as a solution for the city of New York to reduce its carbon footprint and decrease energy waste. Compliance with the law is not optional, and property owners are required to undergo the appropriate auditing and reporting to prove that they have fulfilled the necessary requirements. 

    A Professional Consulting Company Can Help - On account of the law being relatively new, the government created a graduated system for businesses to avoid the system becoming overloaded with new audits. Owners must comply by a given year, although property owners are encouraged to move forward with the process to start reducing energy use and saving money now. 

    When it comes to New York City LL 87, the right consulting company makes all the difference. Carleton Energy Consulting specializes in assisting property owners and management through energy auditing services, retrofitting, benchmarking and online fuel systems management. In addition, they offer proven reduction methods for electricity usage, water usage and fuel.

    To learn more about Local Law 87 New York City, check out our Local Law 87 Helpful Hints on www.CarletonEC.com or contact Carleton Energy Consulting at 516-672-8277. 

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    The Annulment of Civil Liberties: Are we a post racial america?

    in Lifestyle

    On this episode the host, Denisha M and cohost Candace Simpson discuss Ferguson, Police brutality, murder, mass incarceration and harassment. Listen in as the hosts dissect the notion of post racial America and talk about differences in police interactions between minorities. 

    Topics for the show include:

    Are black citizens protected under law? What prohibits protection for persons of color?

    Police brutality, murder, mass incarceration and harassment--- who is affected, is this an issue and why? Discussion of Ezell ford,  Ramarley Graham, Amadou Diallo, Alan Bluford, Michael Brown, Oscar Grant, Kimani Gray, Mohamed Bah, Sean Bell, Eric Garner etc 

    What is the problem with people wanting to ignore racial issues?

    Is there a desensitization to black and minority issues? 

    Prediction and foretelling of Ferguson over the next months as they wait for a grand jury decision and arrest.

    Vonderitt Myers. Will this affect the tensions in the next few months? Is this a different situation. Can we be upset for this killing as well?

    What can be done in America to truly move past race? Is it possible?

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    Red River Radio Dellani's Tea Time

    in Books

    This month, Dellani & Christina welcome three fantastic authors.

    First up, Ethel Cook-Wilson, author of My Mother's Southern Jewels and Julian Carleton - I Am Not Just Another George!:Taliesin Murders.

    Next, they welcome Paul England, author of Sarah's Child and Sarah's Turn (Sarah's Story books 1 & 2) among many others.

    Third is Margaret Skea, author of Turn of the Tide.

    As always, this will be a fun filled show with lots of laughs and book excerpts!

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