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    Happy Hour Variety Radio

    in Entertainment

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith – publishers of BigBlendMagazines.com, for Big Blend Radio’s Happy Hour variety show.Featured Guests:- Carleen Kemmerling, owner of Springville Inn, in California's Sequoia Country.- Travel writer Linda Kissam ‘Food, Wine & Shopping Diva’ chats about Idaho- Fashion designer Aggie Garcia shares tips on Halloween Costumes- Ruth Milstein – Gourmand award-winning author of “Cooking with Love: Ventures into the New Israeli Cuisine”- Jazz duo “Equinox” - Guitarist Mark Carlisle has major label record credits with jazz legend Donald Byrd, and Domino Biscuit Trio featuring Tenor great Freddie Moye. George Baker has extensive experience as a first call Trumpet & Flugelhorn artist, has played Carnegie Hall, worked with Woody Herman, the Glen Miller Tribute Big Band, and College of Sequoias Big Band.- Monte Reyes – Rocky Hill Speedway in Porterville, CA

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    Happy Hour Variety Radio

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    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith, mother-daughter travel team and publishers of BigBlendMagazines.com, for Big Blend Radio’s variety show. This episode airs live from the Springville Inn located at the foothills of the Giant Sequoia National Monument, as part of Big Blend’s Spirit of America Tour of all 401 National Park units!Featured Guests- Dr. John Cressler – Author of Emeralds of the Alhambra, a historical interfaith love story set in medieval Muslim Spain, Dr. Cressler’s story shows how Muslims, Jews and Christians got along in medieval Spain and opens the discussion about how we might get along today.- Fashion designer Aggie Garcia will discuss Vegan Fashions.- Kendal Rodriguez - Bravo Farms Smokehouse, Visalia, CA- Kip Fallert - Golden Touch Limo, Tulare County, CA- Carleen Kemmerling - Springville Inn, Springville CA- Dale Waller & Corey Carlson, PGA - River Island Country Club in Porterville, CA

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    A Taste of Tulare

    in Food

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith, for Big Blend Radio. We're talking Food & Wine in California’s Sequoia region with Donnette Carter – Porterville Chamber of Commerce; Marti Woodmansee - La Belle Winery; Rob Taylor - Stafford's Famous Chocolates; Sandy Blankenship - Exeter Chamber of Commerce; Carleen Kemmerling - Springville Inn; Leah Launey – Three Rivers B&B & Sequoia Foothills Chamber of Commerce; Antoinette Cloutier - Antoinette's Coffee & Goodies; Aurelia Mendoza - Casa Mendoza; Jeri McNabb - Anne Lang's Emporium; Kim Payne – Valhalla Restaurant. Show airs live from Holiday Inn Express in Silver City, NM, as part of Big Blend’s  Spirit of America Tour .

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    Breaking Taboo with Carleen Anderson

    in Women

    Today I'm delighted to welcome Carleen Anderson, author of "Breaking the Taboo", who will be sharing her message of healing and solace and breaking the taboo on keeping silent about sexual violence.
    Within our culture - in fact, within MANY cultures - there is the taboo on talking about sexual violence. We make choices not to discuss or confront. 
    The truth is that it doesn't go away just because we don't talk about it. We must make the choice to have a meaningful discussion about what sexual assault is, what it does to us as individuals and as a culture, what resources are available to those who have been assaulted, and other truths.
    Carleen Goodridge-Anderson Woman on a Mission Breaking the TABOO 214-918-5536 facebook.com/taboobroken Twitter: @taboobroken
    RESOURCES -Texas Association Against Sexual Assault: http://taasa.org
    -Statutes of Limitation (state by state): http://www.ministrysafe.com/stories/ssolt.htm
    MinistrESpace ministrespace.com/  

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    Woman Thou Art Loosed-Healing from Unforgiveness

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    Today’s Topic: Woman Thou Art Loosed-Healing the wounds from the past by T.D. Jakes. On today’s program we have two special women of God, Bishop Essie Ingram from Michigan and Bishop Carleen Riley of South Carolina to share with you how you can overcome the pains and hurts from the past. Each situation and circumstance is unique, because every woman’s has undergone something in her life that she had to overcome with God’s divine intervention.  Be sure to listen in and share their testimonies with others.
    Apostle Loretta Williams and Evangelist Barbara Anderson are on Face Book subscribe to their page today!  Visit the Oasis News Publication Website at www.oasisnewspublication.com

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    Soul Music Legend...Vicki Anderson

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    Vicki Anderson (born Myra Barnes) is a soul singer best known for her performances with the James Brown Revue. She is acknowledged by James Brown in his autobiography as the best singer he ever had in his revue, and probably the best female singer he has ever witnessed!!
    Anderson joined James Brown in 1965 and is the widow of Bobby Byrd (the originator of The Famous Flames) and the mother of  UK based soul singer Carleen Anderson.
    Vicki married James Brown's right hand man Bobby Byrd in the mid sixties.
    In 1970 she released her most famous song, the feminist anthem "The Message From The Soul Sisters"...(which was sampled and used by several hip-hop artist).
    Vicki also toured the UK with the James Brown Funky People revue in the late 1980's and again with her late husband Bobby Byrd in the 1990's.
    So please be sure to tune into this unique episode of "The Get Heard Show" and hear the upclose and personal life story of the legendary soul singer Vicki Anderson and hear what it was like to perform along side of the late great James Brown.

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    Trunews January 31, 2013

    in News

    Guest:  Pastor David McIlveen from Belfast, Ireland
     Topic: The triumph of the Church of Jesus Christ as the world grows darker 

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    The 4 yr Anniversary show feat Carleen Anderson!

    in Entertainment

    Time flies!!!!!!  This Sunday I celebrate 4 years on air!  It has been such a delightful ride indeed,and I cannot thank you enough for riding with me..but I shall try..I have a gift for YOU!  Celebrating with me on this episode is one of my most fave singer/songwriter/poets in the universe...Yep..CARLEEN ANDERSON returns to my show...and it shall never be the same.
    -With perhaps the rarest and most beautiful of voices in the world of music, Carleen Anderson's ability to enchant remains undiminished
    Carleen will sit a spell to speak about her latest projects,including the new play she is working on...and of course..her new album!

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    Speaking to Harmony

    in Social Networking

    The radio voice for the organization  "SISTERS IN HARMONY"
    The guest and co-host for this show will be
    1) Poet- Nichelle Calhoun 8:00- 8-05pm
    2) Dr. Anita Davis Defoe 8:05- 8:30pm 
      topic: What words have done to the image of women
    3) Author Carleen Bowman Roley 8:30 - 9:00pm
    4) Author Cathleen Williams 9:00pm - 9:30pm
    single mothers the new Fathers
    5) Carolyn butts 9:30pm - 10pm  African Voices Mag.

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    Harold Golden of Golden Violins

    in Music

        Harold Golden began his career in music as a professional guitarist and string bassist but his keen interest in the construction and sound of the violin put him on the path he has been following for 30 years. After having apprenticed in a prominent violin shop in Philadelphia for 15 years, Mr. Golden opened his own shop and has been making violins and violas since 1990. He has studied violin making with expert craftsmen Sofian Zapf, originally of Bayreuth, Germany, Carleen Hutchins, founder of the Catgut Acoustical Society, and Ed Campbell, founder of Chimneys Violin Shop. Also, he has attended Varnishing and Acoustics master classes with Geary Baese. 
        Mr. Golden is a member of the Violin Society of America, the Violin Makers Association of Arizona International and the British Violin Making Association. Mr. Golden has won Certificates of Proficiency from the Violin Makers Association of Arizona International and the prestigious 2008 Bob Wallace Award.

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    Help, I want to stop hurting

    in Women

    Apostle Loretta Williams is a Motivational Speaker and Editor, as the hostess with Rev. Pamala Adkinson,  featured special guest Author Carleen Bowman Riley on her book, Help I want to stop hurting.  This broadcast will help hurting and abused women, build strong and stable relationships,building your self esteem with having positive attitude and tips for spiritual renewal and restoration! This broadcast is a necessity for women seeking a solution to probems with unforgiveness, anger, resentment and bitterness and it will set you free to be more beautiful and healthy in mind, body and spirit so you can enjoy a long and happy life- for women of all ages!
    Visit the Woman 2 Woman Website at: http://woman2tx.tripod.com for Special Ministry Resource Materials:
    CD's, Written Transcripts, Books and join in the discussion on the Book of the Month Club.
    Submit your questions and concerns in the Comment Box on Blog Talk Radio Woman 2 Woman
    Apostle Loretta Willaims is on Face Book send her a Friend's Request.