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    Sunday Sermon: Sibling Rivalry (Genesis 37)

    in The Bible

    In this continuing chapter-by-chapter and verse-by-verse Bible study, teacher and commentator Randall K. Harp explores the envy of Joseph by his brothers because of the favoritism shown him by their father.

    If you enjoy this episode, you may also enjoy the devotional book Illumine Me by Randall K. Harp.  Click here to learn more.

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    Table Talk: Caring for a Brother

    in Caregiving

    Katherine Flannery Dering, author of Shot in the Head: A Sister's Memoir, A Brother's Struggle, shares her story of caring for her brother, Paul, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 16.

    About Katherine:

    Katherine Flannery Dering, author of Shot in the Head: A Sister’s Memoir, A Brother’s Struggle (Bridgeross Communications; 2014) is the second of ten children. Her younger brother, Paul, was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 16. Busy with her own family and career, she helped with his care only intermittently for many years, but took on a more intense role after her parents death and especially after he developed physical ailments, as well as the psychological ones. She found herself very moved by the experience and writes about caring for her brother in hopes that it will enlighten the public on the role of caregivers. Katherine holds an MFA from Manhattanville College, a BA from Le Moyne College, an MA from the University of Buffalo and a MBA from the University of Minnesota at Duluth. Her poetry and essays have appeared in Inkwell Magazine, as well as The Bedford Record Review, Northwords Press, Sensations Magazine, Pandaloon Press, Poetry Motel and Pink Elephant Magazine. A narrative non-fiction piece, which later became a chapter of Shot in the Head, was included in Stories from the Couch, an anthology of essays about coping with mental illness. Dering taught Spanish briefly and is a former CFO at a community bank in New York. She currently serves on the board of directors of a startup bank and actively volunteers with the League of Women Voters and the Northern Westchester Community Center. For more information please visit http://www.shotintheheadbook.com and find Katherine on Facebook and Twitter

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    Caring from a Distance

    in Caregiving

    Claire Day, our dementia care expert, joins us to share how she's managing as the long-distance caregiver to her parents.

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    Kindness and Caring- New World For 2015

    in Spirituality

    Annette McCoy and Liam Phillips
    Kindness and Caring
    HOW does it happen for U
    WHAT kindness and caring do U do

    Let Liam open your eyes to what is possible when we are kind and caring
    to OURSELVES and OTHERS.......and planet Earth

    There is always fun and usually surprises with Annette and Liam

    JOIN US and discover how wonderfilled life can BE


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    Chris Seman of Caring Transitions takes your questions

    in Lifestyle

    Chris Seman, President of Caring Transitions, takes your questions on helping the elderly transition. 

    Call in to 646-727-2255 and talk live with Chris.



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    Caring For Animals

    in Entertainment

    Lexie talks about the care of animals

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

    in Writing

    Our Broadcast to day will continue where we left off  but in a gathering of  individuals who have shared feelings.  How many of them have been displaced by this Development process that makes the rich richer, and the Billionaires even greedier!  Join us as we share opinions and viewpoints on the changes going on in our community with no regards for the needs and desires of residents who have been there over the years,.  Hear the voices of those who have lived through and are fearful of going through renewed challenge.  

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    Living Caring, Learning and Sharing w/Don Durant

    in Writing

    Today we will discuss the reconstruction of our communities with a plan to displace residents and bring in new and more upscale.  Hempstead Village, as well as Downtown Brooklyn, has experienced this climatic change in its residential composition, and it is time for it to stop.   The sale of 18 Parking Lots, Village Hall, The police Station, and the Village Library is going a bit too far.

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

    in Writing

    Todays program will focus on the killing of Jam Master Jay in his studio many years ago.  It will not cast blame but only raise questions...Questions that have been asked many times by investigators, but never adequately answered.   This young and talented DJ, was shot down in his studio and another person present was shot and wounded.  No witnesses have stepped forward to fully explain this shooting, but the world has lost Jam Master Jay.  He was in the midst of producing a 50 Cent album, and it was going to be a  ground breaker, spelling out the who, what, and when, of his own shooting, and attempted murder.  Click on and tune in or listen in on your phone while we are live on air. 718-305-6322

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    Caring For Elderly Parents: Will Your Spouse Help Take Care of Yours?

    in Women

    Many cultures have a specific method for choosing which child will take care of parents when they become old and feeble. It may be the first born son, the youngest daughter, etc. But Americans have no such cultural practice and that means that elders are at the mercy of whichever child decides to take care of them. Is your spouse willing to help care for your parent? Would you care for your inlaws? Or would you put them in a senior citizen homeHow do you discuss the possibilities with your spouse?



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    Caring For Elderly Parents: Will Your Spouse Help Take Care of Yours?

    in Religion

    The Female Solution w/Naimah Latif

    Some cultures have a specific method for determining which child will take care of the elderly parents: first born son, youngest daughter, etc. But Americans leave such a thing to chance, and many couples fail to discuss this important issue prior to the marriage. When our parents age, they may need to move in with us, or we may need to become their live in caregiver. Have you and your spouse agreed how you will handle the care of your aging parents? What if your parent is ill? What if your spouse's parent is ill? How would you feel about putting your elderly parent in a home? Today we examine how to approach this very sensitive subject with your spouse, before the time comes to care for an elderly parent




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