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    Suvivor Voice: Morgan #Project1000000Voices Disabled Male Struggles W/Autistic

    in Relationships

    This is a male survivor of abuse (disabled, autistic himself, a stroke survivor, on oxygen) with an austic child (who is also diagnosed with dysgraphia, gastrointestinal issues, and a mood disorder).  The abuse stems from partner abuse of 10 years, abuse from caregivers and teachers.  

    In Arizonia, he struggles with CPS issues as well.

    He wants others to know that:  "This boy deserves not to be abused ever again. Not by his mother, not by teachers or caretakers, no-one!"

    This is a story of dispair and frustration and the hopes/dreams he may have for the future of he and his son.

    For more voices and ways to share your voice, also go to http://facebook.com/DomesticViolenceVoices.  If you are interested in also sharing your story on my radio show, please submit your request to http://goo.gl/forms/rqo8jg28j1.




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    WTF - with Kevin A. Phillips - Caretakers vs Caregivers

    in Health

    THIS WEEK: Caretakers vs Caregivers, What do you CARE?, Is there a difference between caretaking and caregiving? Although many people interchange these two words,  it is imperative that we understand how they are not the same. Remember,  the words we use in thought and speech,  creates the realities that we see. While "care" is the same in both words,  it's the 'give' and 'take' that significantly impacts how care is provided. One crosses boundaries while the other creates new ones.  One is judgmental and the other is nonjudgemental.  One "fixes" the problem while the other creates solutions.   Tonight,  Kevin will share his experiences of having people in his life who took on one or the other role during his journey,  particularly after acquiring his brain injury. Kevin will examine these roles as he points out the key differences between caretaking and caregiving. While it is true that "One person caring about another represent's life's greatest value," (Jim Rohn) it is the presentation of caring that makes the difference in creating a FUNctional life. Call in @424.243.9549 or join us online http://www.
    If there is something in particular you would like to hear Kevin discuss, join us on Fridays and share in the chat room with the "Marvelous Maggie" (Kevin's 24/7 Partner and Professional Care Assistant)

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    InnerSpeak - Jean Adrienne and Terry Basile

    in Spirituality

    Terry Basile will join me to will offer strategies for healthy communication between adults and young children. Just as important as the food they choose to nurture their bodies is the emotional food we give them to express their feelings. It is vital to a child’s emotional growth that adult caretakers teach how to share feelings in a healthy way and respond appropriately. Tantrums are not pretty on a young child but are disastrous on a teen. Your audience will learn how to use the strategies of her book Let’s Color Your Feelings! to engage children early and create a safe language of feelings in their family!


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    The Fire of Our Lives Needs Some Tending

    in Art

    As women we are told, both directly and indirectly, that stirring up our passions and feeding our desires is wrong. We are the caretakers and the nurturers. We are the compassionate guardians and the devoted mothers.

    We are all those things, but we are also the lover and the fighter. We are also the driven professional and the passionate creative. We are the open heart, the courageous hero and the powerful, soulful, divine light.

    When we feed our fire by discovering and honoring our desires, there is a light within all of us that will shine brightly. Our embers will burn and we will be able to live with heart and with wholeness - open and authentic, vulnerable and strong.

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    Episode 2 - Tai Chi Generations

    in Lifestyle

    In this episode we will be interviewing Stephen McLaughlin of White Cloud Kung Fu Academy as we discuss the practice of lineage succession. Located in Blackburn, Lancashire of the United Kingdom. White Cloud Kung Fu Academy was founded by Sifu Derek Gordon in 1962 and is today guided by 2 of his students, Dave Cowell & Head Coach Bill Keith, both with more than 40 years of Martial Arts experience. Steven McLaughlin is one of 2 senior instructors both with nearly 2 decades of continuous Martial Arts experience under their belt. He currently teaches Long Boxing(Chang Chuan), Wing Chun, Hsing-I , Bagua Zhang and Yang style Taiji Chuan. He began his training in Chinese Gong Fu at the age of 6 and at age 20 he received his 3rd rank of black belt in 2010. 

    Lineage succession is the practice of grooming specific students to act as a vessel of transmission for a particular martial style. Tai Chi Chuan is one style in particular that uses lineage documentation much like a family tree to trace its roots and origination. These lineage holders are then entrusted to become caretakers of a particular style ensuring their art continues to thrive in its entirety. Lineage succession is predominantly practiced throughout Asia but we are finding that this method of knowledge preservation is also surfacing in the Asian martial arts in the western world. 

    Although White Cloud Kung Fu Academy does not officially use Lineage succession the principles of personal growth, self-realization, and lifetime cultivation, are carefully fostered and guided. Steven Mclaughlin is now the 3rd generation of instructors at White Cloud Kung Fu academy.

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    Lord Terry's Power Hours

    in Religion

    Self Care for Caretakers.... An all too often overlooked aspect of our spiritual and physical well being.  Caretakers truly need to care for themselves so they can care for loved ones who depend on them. So join Robin and Lee to talk about simple and quick ways to incorporate self care into your day, no matter how little time you have. So please call with questions or suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you all! 

    Tonight, Robin Albright will be guest hosting for Terry. Robin will be joined by Lee, as co-host. 

    Spiritual Unity Radio Network is dedicated to the concept that “All Manifestations of the Divine are equally valid.”  We are committed to bringing you quality programming each week.  Our vision is to provide nightly shows covering a wide range of spiritual topics spanning multiple Expressions of Faith. We wish to see programming developed to fill a niche of broadcast for all people who understand that all Manifestations of the Divine are sacred.

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    Men What Are You Doing to Empower Young Boys? (The Real Mentors Please Stand Up)

    in Entertainment

    “Mentoring is critical if we intend to address much of the pain, abuse and abandonment that African American males suffer from. While we struggle to find mentors for young African American males, it is equally important to locate the fathers of these young brothers. A young boy’s first mentor should be his father and the other men in his family. Responsible fatherhood must be viewed as a necessary action step to begin the healing process among African American males.”


    What can we do?

    As I examined this problem and searched for strategies that we could implement, one thing struck me in particular—the reality that approximately 50 percent of black children in the United States live in households without a father figure present (U.S. Census Bureau, 2012). I began to ask myself, Who is going to provide boys with the proper male guidance, direction, leadership, and structure that they desperately need? I want our youth to see adult males who is striving to fulfill their own potential and who is also committed to the growth and development of the younger generation. If our young boys had men in their lives whom they could relate to and identify with, they would look at their education differently and the probability for their success would increase exponentially.

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    THE TIME IS NOW! (Rise of the Super Herus) ft Red & Blue Pills

    in Spirituality

    The Time is Now for you to rise into your higher selves! To become in tuned with the true you. This transmission is transmitted to open your chakras & energize you down to the molecular cellular level. DNA REACTIVATION!!! 

    We are accompanied by two Pillars of the Conscious Community: Red & Blue Pills. These brothers have dedicated their lives to educate & reactivate our people. Tonight we will build on the future of our Supreme Melanated race.  We also challange you to stand up as Gods & Goddesses and reclaim your Divine Birthright as the original caretakers of the planet!  THE TIME IS NOW!!!


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    Unique Animal Bonds (Pet Emotions)

    in Pets

    Do you believe that animals have the ability to feel as deeply emotionally as humans?  Do animals who share sibling or parent/offspring relationships, have the ability to feel affection in the same way as their human counterparts?  Does an animal who's shared the same living space with another animal feel a sense of loss if its partner dies or is taken out of the shared environment?  And what about the special relationships animals share with humans?  Can animals feel a sense of sadness if they are separated from their human caretakers? In this episode, we explore the topic of the unique bonds that animals share with each other and humans.  Please be sure to join us on this upcoming edition of The Missy Show--and we'd love to hear about your experiences on this topic!

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Helpguide's Dr. Jeanne Segal

    in Self Help

    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Dr. Jeanne Segal. Jeanne Segal, Ph.D., Editorial Director, has been helping individuals and families for over 40 years as an innovator within the fields of emotional intelligence, holistic health, attachment, stress reduction and relationships. She coordinated a series of conferences linking brain development to the emotional relationship between infants and their caretakers. She has written five books, which have been published in 13 languages.

    this episode Q&A- includes:

    • endometrial cancer, chemo and metal taste- slippery elm balls to neutralize poisons..

    • radiation and eating carotene rich foods such as baked sweet potato and carrot juice- after radiation wakame and kombu in soup or infusion..

    • medicated abortion- any time a pregnancy ends we give birth and releasing the spirit from the womb..

    • improving sperm count over time with pumpkin seeds, astragalus, oatstraw infusions, zinc rich foods, avocados, limiting heat exposure and more..

    • vivid dreaming and pillow with artemisia vulgaris..

    • nourishing the thyroid with fucus and changes in thinking..

    •  acid reflux, fruit and dietary changes..

    • oatstraw bath for comforting the grieving spirit..

    • vaginal fluids and yeast infection..

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    Curious Times - Taming the Red Angry Dragon in Your Child

    in Spirituality

    Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern. (Second hour is open mic)

    Tonight for the first hour we will be joined by Parenting Expert, Marriage/Family Therapist and the Author of "Let's Color Your Feelings", Terry Basile.

    Terry Basile has been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over 25 years. She has also been a mental health program administrator for such programs as Head Start, First Five and Parent Education Network. Working with troubled teens and their parents she became aware that patterns of miscommunication often started as young children. She created the book Let’s Color Your Feelings ! to encourage a language between children 3-8 and adults of color and positive behaviors. Terry believes that an educated heart is the best parenting tool. She also writes a question and answer column in parenting magazine, Growing Up Chico which is also available online. She is currently writing a chapter book for pre-teens who face the challenge of being different.

    Terry will offer strategies for healthy communication between adults and young children. Just as important as the food they choose to nurture their bodies, is the emotional food we give them to express their feelings. It is vital to a child’s emotional growth that adult caretakers teach how to share feelings in a healthy way and respond appropriately. Tantrums are not pretty on a young child but are disastrous on a teen. Listen in to learn how to use the strategies of her book Let’s Color Your Feelings! to engage children early and create a safe language of feelings in their family! 

    Pick up your copy of Let's Color Your Feelings at Amazon, and check out Let’s Color Your Feelings on Facebook at:


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