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    divine destiny career coaching

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    we are a team of career coaches and consultants who help women that are confused of their career direction restore clarity and help them step into a career they love for the rest of their lives!

  • Empowering Nurses through Career Coaching

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    Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Nurse Emma Soy. Nurse Soy has her Bachelors of Science in nursing as well as her Master’s degree. As a graduate of North Park University and Liberty University, she carries 25 years of experience as a nurse. She began her career working in pediatrics and then began to expand her knowledge with various positions in the nursing field. After being exposed to different experiences, she became an advocate for patient care initiatives. She used her passion to provide top quality patient care and motivation to help fellow nurses develop more skills, Emma then began to focus on becoming a nursing career coach.  Although she was able to observe her patient’s health status improve, she gained much appreciation getting the opportunity to witness her fellow nurses improve on their clinical knowledge as well as develop better techniques so that they could become better nurses.

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    Career Coaching - Website

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    This short show is dedicated to introducing Global Empowering Solutions which is an on-line career coaching practice. 
    If you want to find out how to plan and prepare effectively for a Job search,  a well deserved promotion and career success, listen to this recording, check out our Archive or visit our website. 
    If you want to know more about Career Passion and how to avoid self sabotage OR if you want to know what Christy Whitmen said about the Law of Attraction, David Riklan said about the "10 commandments of self development", Michael Neill explained about "living inside out", Richard Winfield described as "Invisible Coaching"  and Fred Coon mentioned about "Your Added Value" listen to this short recording or to the great interviews we have in our archives on the Blogtalkradio OR visit our website and see what we have on there. 
    Website:      http://www.globalempoweringsolutions.com/
    LinkedIn:      http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=183132659&trk=tab_pro
    Facebook:   http://www.facebook.com/pages/Global-Empowering-Solutions/198590180268109?ref=hl
    Twitter:        https://twitter.com/Moe_Vara
    Blog:           http://www.globalempoweringsolutions.com/blog/

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    Career Coaching with Genevieve Flight

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    Join Host, Author, Life Coach & Business Coach Genevieve Flight as she tells more about Career Coaching.

    Feel free to send her questions or leave a comment in the comment section of the TalkShow and she will be able to respond back to you 

    Connect with Genevieve on Social Networks 

    LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/in/Genevieveflight

    FaceBook- http://www.facebook.com/Genevieve.flight

    Twitter- http://www.twitter.com/Genevieveflight

    Skype- gold2617

    Website- http://www.genevieveflight.com

    Join Smart Destiny Coaching Network 



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    Career Coaching With Moe Vara

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    Hello Everybody. In this show Scott Masciarelli interviews me.
    Scott is a certified professional coach who works with individuals and organizations to improve their performance and contribution. 
    He holds a BCC (Board Certified Coach) certification and is a graduate of the International Coach Academy. His university education is in Psychology and he has a keen interest in the areas of personal development, business and finance. His focus is to inspire others to recognize their greatness and create an integrated life for themselves.
    In this interview Scott asked a lot of question, but the key ones are listed below: 
    1. You are a Strategic Interventionist. What s that?
    2. You are also a Career Empowerment Coach. How is that different to the general Career Coaching?
    3. What benefits do your Clients get when they work with you?
    4. Who would benefit from your work?
    5. How do you help people find passion in their jobs?
    6. What is the Tranquility Zone? You seem to have arranged a few of these. What are they?

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    Invoking the Scarcity Principle in Sales & Business

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    If used authentically or ethically, the scarcity principle can help create an awareness and demand for your product. The theory of psychological reactance (Psychologist Jack Brehms, 1966) states that when we are deprived of our freedom of choice then we react to compensate for that by trying to acquire that which we cannot choose freely to obtain. I employed this theory, albeit unknowingly many years ago but later on came across the science behind it while reading dr. Robert Cialdini's bestseller Influence - the Psychology of Persuasion. I personally loved the book and would strongly recommend it and along with it I would also highly recommend Daniel Pink's bestseller To Sell is Human.

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    How To Harness The Power Of Feedback

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    This episode is based on an article I posted on LinkedIn. Feedback is the lifeblood of growth and development and is critical for success. You can view the entire article on my LinnkedIn page at:




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    Is Yoga a Religion or a Science? And is it only for Hindus?

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    Encinitas, CA, a suburb of San Diego's North County is a great town. It is home to many surfers and Yogis. You will find plenty of Yoga studios all over town and also the temple of the Self-Realization Fellowship which is run by the disciples and followers of Sri Yogananda Paramahamsa along with their beautiful meditation gardens. While the town has great karma and energy, it was recently brought to the forefront of global news when parents of about 40-45 children went to court stating that the Encinitas School District was teaching religion and proselytyzing to their children by conducting Yoga classes on campus. Both the local court and the higher court rejected the claim of these parents who pulled their chidlren oput of these Yoga classes.



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    What do you REALLY want to do with the rest of your life?

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    Education and Career Coaching:  Getting from Point A to Point B Finally, figure out what you really want to do with your life! Are you interested in achieving greater success in your profession?
    Are you accomplishing what you set out to do or have you settled for something less?
    Are you dissatisfied with your current education, career or profession?
    Interested in starting a new profession, but not sure where to start?
    Or are you unsure what you want to do?
    A common goal of every person we have had the pleasure to work with is to find their unique areas of brilliance and become successful and inspired individuals – those who will apply what they know and pursue their dreams with passion.
    Your journey to a brilliant future starts now!
    Then call Lee at (714) 329-7299 or lee@foundationsofbrilliance.com to arrrange a private and confidential consultation.

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    Become an Education and Career Consultant

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    The Brooklyn Boys "tawk" About -  Becoming a Foundations of Brilliance Education and Career Coach.      The Foundations of Brilliance training is for those who want to help others find their TRUE educational and/or professional path. You can earn the money you want, full or part time, by helping others determine the best direction to take with their life. AND, as part of the training you will also receive the program.      "What a wonderful program! ... The result is a greater understanding of YOU and the laying of the foundation for choosing the kind of work [and education] that is best suited to YOU, so that your own personal brilliance can shine... What a wonderful gift to give to others, to spare them from the never ending question 'What will I be when I grow up?' and set them on their road to fulfillment and satisfaction." WOW!" - KS
    Listen to the show and then contact Lee at 714 329-7299 or lee.eich3@gmail.com.
    We look forward to a brilliant future,
    Bernard Percy
    Lee Eichenbaum

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    The Career Expert Live - My Reflections Of Turning 40 This Week!

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    Live from Ocean City, MD.  This week, JoeWoo turns the tables and interviews himself!  Odd isn't it?  Well, Joe is turning 40 on Thursday and its a great time to discuss his career so far.  What worked well, and what did not work well in his career.  Joe has had some great wins, and some big failures.  But it's all about taking big action in your career and not sitting on the sidelines.  Tune in for this very special episode and if your daring, call in to the show and sing happy birthday!