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    Is it Time for a Career Change?

    in Jobs

    Are you tired of your job? Burnt out? Don't feel like going to work anymore? It might be time for a career change. Here's how to tell when it's time to move on and how to successfully change your career from About.com Job Search expert Alison Doyle.

    Visit About.com Job Search and connect with Alison for more career advice and tips:

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    Women: Career Change. Sensible or Mistake?

    in Women

    For whatever the reason, some women have had to change careers.  And either they are doing what they hoped they would be doing or they are not.

    We will talk about how after making the decision to change careers, did it turn out to be a sensible decision or was it a mistake and more. 

    Tune in and find out!

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    Considering a Career Change

    in Jobs

    Are you considering a career change? Do you feel like you are unsure of your true vocation? Have you been considering working with a career coach? Do you have just one burning question you have been wanting to ask a vocation or career expert?
    Join me and my special guest Thommi Odom, Career Coach and Psychotherapist, for a lively Q & A discussion about moving in the career direction that is "right" for you.
    Thommi Odom, NCC, PHR, CGC: Professionals and executives show up on time when Thommi Odom is the speaker. They know that she relates to the unique challenges they face daily. Why? Because she has been there during her twenty-year corporate career.  Thommi holds a B.S. in Accounting, an M.B.A in Information Services and an M.S. in Professional Counseling.
    Her credentials are impressive, but the way she combines her experience with practical insights and sparkling humor are what really draws a crowd.
    Now a candidate for a PhD at Mercer, Thommi is in private practice at North Pines Center in Norcross, GA and is an adjunct professor at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Learn More about Thommi at www.ThommiOdom.com

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    Let Your Inner Rebel Rock To Discover Yourself

    in Women

    Join Sharon Sayler, host of Life Interrupted Radio and Susie Steadman, the master of “Letting Your Inner Rebel Rock,” to discover and release your own inner rebel to create the courage and strength you need to make changes in your life so you too can reap the rewards you have only ever imagined before.  Susie will share:

    - Why today is the day to start to change
    - How to stop fear, self doubt and overwhelm from ruling your life
    - Why backing yourself will always be a winning bet
    - Your 5 P's to unleashing your inner rebel and the success you desire

    Learn more about Susie and her inner rebel work at www.innerrebelcareers.com

    Listen in to the show this Friday May 1 at 7PM EDT at http://LifeInterruptedRadio.com/Susie_Steadman


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    A Model Transformation - From Model to Actress to Producer

    in Women

    Who hasn't thought of changing careers? Well, Tracey Birdsall has done it several time. She began as a successful and in-demand model, then transitioned into acting (Loving, Family Ties). Her latest move has been into producing independent film (Dawn of the Crescent Moon). So, exactly how does she do it! Changing careers isn't easy but she's done it successfully and fabulously! 

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    April Show: Your Career Questions Answered

    in Self Help

    SixFigureStart offers career coaching by former Fortune 500 recruiters. Our show is hosted by Caroline Ceniza-Levine, former recruiter in financial services, management consulting, media, technology, and pharmaceuticals. In this episode, Caroline answers questions on getting promoted, job search in your mid-60’s, finding international salary data, breaking into a writing or social media career, and what else to try when you have submitted a resume but haven’t heard back. Resources mentioned in this episode:

    Strategies To Get Noticed For The Next Big Promotion

    10 Low-Cost Options For Customized Leadership Development

    Seven Dangerous Assumptions That Derail The Older Job Seeker

    How To Get Salary Data You Can Really Use

    Seven Things To Do At The Start Of Your Job Search

    Want A New Career But Unsure What? Do This First

    Cold Calling A Potential Business Lead – A 3-Step Guide


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    Bring your concern.

    in Spirituality

    My job as a Seer on here is to give the whole Counsel and Order of God, guide and advise you. I will advise and guide you through your trouble, concerns on relationships, career and life issues. I understand that you will have questions and we will explore each one of them. Lets trust the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truths for you through me. In addition to your consultation if you so desire I will provide you with prayers and pray with you fromthe start. I will also be available for further consultation and prayers of affirmations. You will not be disappointed you will have a trusted adviser who will be with you every step of the way

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    Building The Courage To Live Your Dreams Rather than Those of Others

    in Business

    We've all received great counsel about what others think we should do and the careers others think we should pursue.  But what happens when our goals and dreams conflict with that wisdom?  How do we develop the confidence and certainty to make that career change, change our course in life and start living our life of fulfillment?  Kris will give us insight into how she did this and what we can learn.  Learn from Kris Anderson who went from being the No. 1 ranked sales leader within a Fortune 100 to Taking Control & Breaking the Good Girl Syndrome® and living the life she chose.


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    Married 2 Change with your Host Infini Blu

    in Spirituality

    Part 3 of a 5 part series on reprograming the suconcious mind. This show will be about Gratitude.

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    Soul Talk With Change Agent: Sarah Roman

    in Spirituality

    Change Agent Sarah Roman has created major changes in her life with major trauma being the catalyst to push her in a new direction. This new journey gave her new perspectives and motivation for herself. While embarking on her new journey she has been a mentor, coach and motivational speaker inspiring change in people's lives. 

    Sarah can be found at the following links and we espect to see more from her in the near future. Welcome to the show Sarah!

    instagram.com/ObeseToBombshell  @ObeseToBombshell 




    You can listen to more Soul Talk Shows at: www.soultakradio.org

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    Create Powerful CPR’s for Life!

    in Women


                                Everything, Everything, Everything begins with a CPR! 

                                           “How to Create Powerful CPR’s for Life!”

    Join Nancy Kerner as she shares her Secret to create the outcome you desire in any situation. This is the tool she uses the most when she is mentoring women at her retreats, in her circles and communities. This is the most Powerful Process in the Universe! 

    You will learn how to Invoke, Attract and Allow Your Deepest Desires to Move from a Thought into Creation.

    Nancy will guide you to acknowledge and shift your feelings; focus your thoughts, and gain energy, clarity and confidence when you get stuck and need a life line. Here are some examples of when to ask for a CPR to Jump Start Your Life:

    When your Relationship is transitioning. When you want to bring more love, intimacy, and energy into your current relationship. When you are ready to find a New Partner.
    When You are Looking for a New Home. 
    When You are changing your Job or want a Career Change.
    When Your Body Needs a Healing
    When You Need to Reclaim Your Personal Power
    When You are Discovering the Power of Your Intuition
    When You are searching for Your Sacred Purpose
    When You Desire to Create a New Project
    When You Want to Increase Your Financial Income & Prosperity

    Nancy Kerner is the author of The Power of Sexy Relationships ** Embrace Your Purpose and Live Your Passion